Storyville: Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney exposes abuse of power in the Catholic Church and a cover-up that winds its way from Wisconsin, through Ireland's churches, all the way to the highest office of the Vatican. The film investigates the secret crimes of a charismatic priest who abused over 200 deaf children in a school under his control and documents the first known public protest against clerical sex abuse in the US - a struggle of more than three decades by four deaf young men who set out to expose the priest who had abused them. Their efforts ultimately led to a lawsuit against the former pope, Benedict XVI himself.

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This programme contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing. 0:00:03.360:00:10.68
When I first entered St John's, I loved it. 0:01:45.520:01:48.44
The campus of that school was beautiful. 0:01:50.560:01:52.68
Such magnificent stonework. 0:01:59.480:02:01.52
It was like a castle. 0:02:04.560:02:06.12
I loved that school. 0:02:10.800:02:12.08
Our school had a magnificent statue of Jesus Christ 0:02:15.400:02:18.44
with his hands lovingly placed on the heads of two children. 0:02:18.440:02:21.96
I could see that Jesus loved children. 0:02:23.080:02:25.84
And the children loved Jesus too. 0:02:25.840:02:28.12
My name is Gary Smith. 0:02:30.560:02:32.40
It was four in 1954 and I really liked being at school. 0:02:33.440:02:38.12
I liked being in the dorm. 0:02:38.120:02:40.12
The dorm was cooler than being at home with my parents, 0:02:40.120:02:42.56
because I didn't have any siblings. 0:02:42.560:02:44.68
When I first got to the school, I loved it, 0:02:46.760:02:48.96
because there were so many children 0:02:48.960:02:50.56
around the same age as me who I could play with 0:02:50.560:02:52.64
and they were good people, it was a good group of friends. 0:02:52.640:02:55.88
In 1953, I was four years old. 0:02:57.320:03:00.20
I remember when I got there, I couldn't stop crying. 0:03:00.200:03:03.16
Then, I was looking up at a nun, 0:03:04.520:03:06.24
she was wearing her black-and-white robes. 0:03:06.240:03:08.84
I was looking at the nun and my parents left. 0:03:10.880:03:14.44
Every morning, we'd have mass. 0:03:28.280:03:31.08
A priest would use incense 0:03:31.080:03:33.52
and the smell would fill the room. 0:03:33.520:03:35.80
I felt like we were in heaven. 0:03:38.600:03:40.52
I wanted to be a Catholic, like everyone else. 0:03:46.040:03:49.04
And so, when I was ten, Father Murphy baptised me. 0:03:49.040:03:53.44
Murphy would hug children. 0:03:58.160:04:00.24
All the kids just loved him, they always flocked to him. 0:04:00.240:04:03.72
He would play with the kids and the nuns would stand around 0:04:03.720:04:06.36
just watching and smiling. 0:04:06.360:04:08.20
I wanted Murphy's attention, like all the other kids. 0:04:08.200:04:10.76
I needed him, he was like a second father to me. 0:04:10.760:04:13.68
Father Murphy knew how to sign 0:04:15.680:04:17.64
and he could communicate with all the kids. 0:04:17.640:04:20.40
He was a hearing man who could sign and sign very well. 0:04:22.320:04:26.44
I remember looking at him and thinking, 0:04:26.440:04:29.04
"Wow, that's really impressive." 0:04:29.040:04:31.04
Lawrence Murphy was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 0:04:36.680:04:40.40
and entered the St Francis Seminary in 1943. 0:04:40.400:04:43.76
After he was ordained as a priest in 1950, 0:04:46.280:04:50.28
he moved next door on assignment to St John's School For The Deaf. 0:04:50.280:04:54.76
He had a knack for public speaking and fundraising 0:04:56.600:04:59.20
and, by 1963, he was promoted 0:04:59.200:05:01.44
to director of St John's. 0:05:01.440:05:03.32
After Father Murphy baptised me, 0:05:07.600:05:09.76
I felt proud, I felt better. 0:05:09.760:05:12.64
I was excited and couldn't wait to have my first communion when I was 12. 0:05:12.640:05:16.56
Later on, I got into trouble at school. 0:05:24.760:05:27.92
I was mischievous and the nuns would come and say, 0:05:27.920:05:31.64
"Go to Father's room." 0:05:31.640:05:34.16
And so, I did. 0:05:34.160:05:35.36
In the confessional booth, there was a dividing wall. 0:05:51.640:05:55.08
But there was a little space that you could see his face through. 0:05:57.120:06:01.84
So you could sign back and forth. 0:06:04.520:06:08.00
And he would bless you. 0:06:08.000:06:09.88
I filled out the confession form. 0:06:17.080:06:20.24
The form listed stealing, lying, sex and things like that. 0:06:20.240:06:25.76
I would mark things off and turn it in. 0:06:25.760:06:28.56
Father Murphy looked at it and then asked me really weird questions like, 0:06:30.200:06:34.52
"Have you been with other boys?" 0:06:34.520:06:36.76
He asked me, "Have you been playing with your penis?" 0:06:36.760:06:40.00
And I told him, "No." 0:06:40.000:06:41.72
But he gave me one of his looks. 0:06:42.760:06:44.48
And it scared me. So I admitted that, yeah, I play with myself. 0:06:46.960:06:51.24
He told me to pull down my pants and to do it right there. 0:06:52.400:06:56.44
So I played with myself for a little bit. 0:06:56.440:06:59.44
He watched me intently until I was done. 0:07:01.200:07:04.88
Then, he told me that God forgave me 0:07:04.880:07:06.96
and I felt like my sins had been wiped away. 0:07:06.960:07:10.24
He could have been playing with himself for all I know, 0:07:13.240:07:15.68
but I couldn't see. 0:07:15.680:07:17.20
I remember one afternoon I went to Murphy's office 0:07:25.560:07:29.36
and he closed the door and he told me to take off my pants. 0:07:29.360:07:33.24
And I said, "Take off my pants?" 0:07:34.720:07:37.56
I was shocked. And I thought, "Why would I have to do that?" 0:07:37.560:07:41.76
And I was looking at this man in a black suit, the white-collar, 0:07:41.760:07:45.68
and I thought to myself, "He's a priest and I'm supposed to obey him." 0:07:45.680:07:50.40
So I took my pants down and he molested me. 0:07:50.400:07:54.72
I felt sick and confused. 0:07:57.000:08:01.60
"Why would a priest do that to me? 0:08:01.600:08:03.92
"Is this supposed to be OK? Did I do something wrong?" I didn't know. 0:08:03.920:08:08.24
After it happened, I just left. 0:08:08.240:08:09.96
And I just kept it to myself. 0:08:13.040:08:15.00
I was a monk, I was a very pious monk. 0:08:19.040:08:22.28
I folded my hands, kept my eyes down, did my studies. 0:08:22.280:08:25.12
I lived in the system. 0:08:25.120:08:27.28
Richard Sipe spent 18 years as a Benedictine monk. 0:08:29.120:08:33.60
He was also a therapist counselling his fellow priests. 0:08:33.600:08:37.12
Sex in celibacy became central to my research and understanding. 0:08:37.120:08:44.80
Sipe began what became a 25-year study 0:08:44.800:08:47.64
examining celibacy in the priesthood. 0:08:47.640:08:50.64
My intent was that this would help in the training of priests. 0:08:50.640:08:57.28
I felt that I could make a contribution 0:08:57.280:08:59.92
by being honest about it. 0:08:59.920:09:02.60
The data showed that at any one time, 0:09:04.080:09:06.68
no more than 50% of American Roman Catholic priests were practising celibacy. 0:09:06.680:09:12.40
There were certain levels of experimentation, 0:09:12.400:09:15.32
relationships, involvement 0:09:15.320:09:17.64
and even criminal involvement with children. 0:09:17.640:09:21.28
And the more I got into it, the more and more discouraged I got. 0:09:21.280:09:25.32
They know that celibacy is not practised. 0:09:27.840:09:31.16
By "they", I mean Vatican authorities, 0:09:31.160:09:34.00
I mean bishops, I mean religious superiors. 0:09:34.000:09:37.92
And the higher you go, the more they know. 0:09:37.920:09:40.88
You may not be keeping your celibacy, 0:09:42.080:09:44.72
but as long as it's secret, it's OK. 0:09:44.720:09:47.68
Sipe found that clericalism, 0:09:50.240:09:52.00
setting a priest on a pedestal above ordinary lay people, 0:09:52.000:09:55.20
helped to prop up the secret system. 0:09:55.200:09:57.92
Kids would come forward to their parents and say, 0:09:57.920:10:00.88
"Well, Father did this to me." 0:10:00.880:10:02.60
"Oh, don't you say that! You can't say that about a priest!" 0:10:02.600:10:06.96
Which then allowed priests to express themselves sexually, 0:10:06.960:10:12.44
some from time to time and some in horrendous ways. 0:10:12.440:10:17.28
Sipe recognised the syndrome that police call Noble Cause Corruption - 0:10:18.520:10:23.44
a belief that good intentions purify bad behaviour. 0:10:23.440:10:26.96
For a priest, belief in his own goodness can transform, 0:10:26.960:10:30.80
like turning bread into the body of Christ, 0:10:30.800:10:33.92
a perversion into a holy act. 0:10:33.920:10:36.40
A priest who had an affair with this 12, 13-year-old girl 0:10:37.520:10:41.64
brought to one of their encounters what he said was a consecrated host 0:10:41.640:10:47.36
and he touched it to her vagina and he said, 0:10:47.360:10:51.36
"This is how God loves you." 0:10:51.360:10:53.48
And then, he raped her. 0:10:53.480:10:55.36
It goes from just this broad social acceptance 0:10:56.640:10:59.52
that the priest is perfect, the Pope is perfect, 0:10:59.520:11:01.92
to this kind of perversion of power that can be twisted in this way. 0:11:01.920:11:07.04
The system of the Catholic clergy, 0:11:10.320:11:13.60
for which I have great respect 0:11:13.600:11:15.72
and to which I have given many years of my life, 0:11:15.720:11:18.96
selects, cultivates, protects, 0:11:18.960:11:23.88
defends and produces sexual abusers. 0:11:23.880:11:28.72
I went to bed one night and, before I fell asleep, 0:12:01.960:12:05.44
I could see Murphy creeping into our room, 0:12:05.440:12:08.44
like a ravenous wolf. 0:12:08.440:12:10.36
I could see him sit on a bed 0:12:15.760:12:17.88
in the dim light of the illuminated exit sign. 0:12:17.880:12:21.28
And I saw that he was molesting a boy. 0:12:21.280:12:23.56
I imagined Jesus crying on the cross with a broken heart 0:12:27.240:12:30.48
wondering why Murphy was doing this. 0:12:30.480:12:32.48
Why was Jesus just watching? 0:12:34.640:12:37.00
He would walk in like a cat. 0:12:40.520:12:42.40
Of course we couldn't hear him, but someone would open their eyes 0:12:42.400:12:45.44
and see a dark shadow passing by and they knew it was him. 0:12:45.440:12:49.00
I would see how he would go and pick out certain boys. 0:12:50.240:12:53.88
He knew which boys wouldn't object if he went to them. 0:12:53.880:12:58.08
The boys noticed that Father Murphy would single out students 0:13:00.960:13:04.16
with hearing parents who couldn't sign 0:13:04.160:13:07.32
so that the children couldn't tell their parents 0:13:07.320:13:09.96
what was happening to them. 0:13:09.960:13:11.52
He favoured me. He wanted me. 0:13:14.160:13:16.92
He liked seeing me ejaculate. 0:13:18.360:13:20.64
He got what he wanted and he would leave, that was his thing. 0:13:20.640:13:24.68
He was... 0:13:24.680:13:26.72
sick. 0:13:26.720:13:27.92
I was afraid to tell my mother 0:13:31.800:13:33.32
because I didn't think she would believe me. 0:13:33.320:13:36.52
She'd say, "A priest would never do something like that to children." 0:13:36.520:13:40.44
I kept it a secret. 0:13:40.440:13:42.00
My mother had already been through so much pain. 0:13:43.800:13:46.96
My brother had been electrocuted, 0:13:46.960:13:49.00
my father had hung himself. 0:13:49.000:13:51.92
My mother had been through so much pain and I didn't want to hurt her. 0:13:51.920:13:55.76
It was hard for me to communicate with my father 0:14:01.320:14:04.40
and so, my dad would speak and Father Murphy would interpret. 0:14:04.400:14:09.16
My father never wrote back and forth 0:14:09.160:14:11.64
because I didn't know how to write well, 0:14:11.640:14:14.32
so I depended on Father Murphy and the nuns 0:14:14.320:14:18.52
to communicate with my father. 0:14:18.520:14:20.68
My parents were hearing, so we used home signs, 0:14:21.800:14:24.72
not true American Sign Language. 0:14:24.720:14:26.84
We had some gestures for things like eating and for how the scolded me, 0:14:26.840:14:30.28
but they wouldn't actually sign "Bad", 0:14:30.280:14:32.52
they would wag their finger at me. 0:14:32.520:14:34.76
And there was no TTY, and my parents were far away, 0:14:34.760:14:37.68
so how could we possibly have communicated? 0:14:37.680:14:40.92
Murphy took advantage 0:14:42.880:14:44.16
of children in that situation. 0:14:44.160:14:45.92
My question is, what about the sisters? 0:14:50.760:14:54.64
Where were the nuns who were supposed to be watching the children? 0:14:54.640:14:58.12
The nuns should have been able to hear, 0:15:00.080:15:02.04
but they turned their heads and looked the other way. 0:15:02.040:15:05.12
Murphy wasn't the only one 0:15:08.000:15:09.72
that nuns should have heard creeping through the dorms at night. 0:15:09.720:15:12.92
Murphy enlisted older boys in an organised system of abuse. 0:15:12.920:15:17.48
One of these was Tom Tannehill, 0:15:17.480:15:19.80
a high-school student who had been molested by Murphy. 0:15:19.800:15:23.12
As a dorm supervisor, Tom had used threats of discipline 0:15:23.120:15:26.56
to force victim to perform oral sex on him. 0:15:26.560:15:30.36
Pat Kuehn was only seven when Tom first molested him. 0:15:30.360:15:34.28
He now believes that Tom was breaking him in for Murphy. 0:15:34.280:15:38.44
I was very innocent, naive. 0:15:41.000:15:43.76
After the first time Tom played with me, I got used to it. 0:15:43.760:15:48.16
I felt so excited that he chose me out of all the others. 0:15:49.760:15:53.80
It made me feel special. 0:15:53.800:15:55.44
Bambi was the first movie that I watched with captioning. 0:16:02.240:16:05.56
Which was really exciting. 0:16:07.240:16:08.84
I was sitting towards the back of the audience, on the boys' side, 0:16:10.280:16:14.40
Father Murphy walked up behind me and pushed me in the back of the head. 0:16:14.400:16:18.68
So I looked up and I waived because I thought he was just saying hi. 0:16:18.680:16:23.48
And then, I went back to watching. 0:16:23.480:16:26.28
And he nudged me again, so I acknowledged him. 0:16:26.280:16:30.12
I think about it now 0:16:30.120:16:31.64
and it was probably his penis bumping up against me. 0:16:31.640:16:34.68
He was playing with me. 0:16:34.680:16:36.12
In 1963, Father Murphy went away for a few weeks. 0:16:43.520:16:47.24
During his absence, 0:16:48.320:16:49.52
there was a visiting priest from Chicago named Father Walsh. 0:16:49.520:16:52.84
I could see Father Walsh signing and I was watching him 0:16:54.360:16:58.04
and I thought, "You know what? I'm going to try my best to tell him." 0:16:58.040:17:01.56
I think it was in confession. 0:17:01.560:17:03.68
And so, I told Father Walsh about Father Murphy molesting me. 0:17:03.680:17:07.24
He didn't say anything, but I could see his facial expression change. 0:17:07.240:17:11.80
A week went by and I knew his last day was going to be Friday 0:17:12.960:17:16.48
and Father Murphy had come back. 0:17:16.480:17:19.12
Father Murphy comes walking into my classroom 0:17:19.120:17:21.80
and called Father Walsh. 0:17:21.800:17:24.36
When I saw that, I knew this was it. 0:17:24.360:17:27.64
I got up from my chair 0:17:27.640:17:28.92
and I went and peeked around the coroner from my classroom. 0:17:28.920:17:31.52
I could see Father Walsh and Father Murphy getting into a huge fight down the hallway. 0:17:31.520:17:35.64
I went back and sat at my desk and I didn't say a word about it. 0:17:36.880:17:40.52
Murphy came back and nothing was ever said. 0:17:41.600:17:44.40
The following year, I was hoping Father Walsh would return, 0:17:46.080:17:49.12
but he didn't come back. 0:17:49.120:17:50.96
He didn't come back the second year, he didn't come back the third year, 0:17:50.960:17:55.00
he just never came back. 0:17:55.000:17:56.56
During the summer months, 0:18:05.400:18:07.32
Murphy would take some of the boys up to his cabin, 0:18:07.320:18:10.04
in northern Wisconsin. 0:18:10.040:18:11.44
Murphy would ask the boys to choose 0:18:12.720:18:15.12
which one of them would sleep in the bed with him. 0:18:15.120:18:18.16
Father Murphy asked who was going to sleep with him 0:18:18.160:18:20.52
and all of us pointed at this kid, Joe, and said, "He is." 0:18:20.520:18:23.68
I didn't want to be picked. 0:18:23.680:18:25.28
Poor Joe, I feel bad that we picked him. 0:18:25.280:18:27.56
When Murphy took Gary and the other seniors on a road trip 0:18:30.080:18:33.36
to look at colleges in Washington and New York, 0:18:33.360:18:36.84
he molested Gary almost every night. 0:18:36.840:18:39.76
I was afraid if I said "No", he would be mad. 0:18:39.760:18:42.44
I just didn't know what to do. 0:18:42.440:18:44.32
I got used to it and didn't care. 0:18:44.320:18:46.16
I just wanted to graduate and get out of there and feel better. 0:18:46.160:18:49.64
You know, between the ages of 26 and 31, I was baptised 0:19:00.800:19:05.00
in a very radical way 0:19:05.000:19:06.68
to know that this wasn't an anomaly, 0:19:06.680:19:09.20
that this was a pattern, 0:19:09.200:19:10.96
that there are treatment centres. 0:19:10.960:19:14.00
Before ordination, 0:19:14.000:19:15.48
I had no idea that we had treatment centres around the world 0:19:15.480:19:19.40
for priests to go to when they sexually molested, 0:19:19.400:19:22.32
raped and sodomised kids. 0:19:22.320:19:23.96
I didn't know that. 0:19:23.960:19:25.64
My parents didn't know that. 0:19:25.640:19:27.56
I didn't know that we had 55 molesters in my monastery. 0:19:28.880:19:32.32
I didn't know there were more than 70 molesters 0:19:32.320:19:35.00
operating in the US dioceses. 0:19:35.000:19:37.44
That wasn't public knowledge. 0:19:37.440:19:39.24
Shortly after his ordination, 0:19:40.400:19:41.88
at St John's Abbey, in Collegeville, Minnesota, 0:19:41.880:19:45.04
Patrick Wall was given a special assignment - 0:19:45.040:19:48.84
travelling the country putting out fires for the Church. 0:19:48.840:19:53.24
The sexually abusive priest has to be completely removed, 0:19:53.240:19:56.48
his stuff was removed, and then, there's another guy, 0:19:56.480:19:59.32
basically, another black-and-white who's placed in there, 0:19:59.320:20:02.24
to make sure that the normal things happen - 0:20:02.240:20:04.76
that people are baptised, people are married, people are buried 0:20:04.760:20:07.56
and the normal life of the parish can continue. 0:20:07.560:20:10.80
I thought I was going there to uncover the crime, 0:20:11.920:20:14.64
to heal the wounds, 0:20:14.640:20:16.28
I thought it was pastoral care, 0:20:16.280:20:18.00
you know, comfort the afflicted, what we're ordained for. 0:20:18.000:20:20.84
But the people sending me in obviously had ulterior motives. 0:20:20.840:20:25.92
You know, they would give you authorisation 0:20:27.040:20:29.40
up to 250,000 to settle a case 0:20:29.400:20:31.80
if you could get a confidentiality order. 0:20:31.800:20:34.40
And, in 1995, we had a budget of 7 million 0:20:35.520:20:38.88
to handle the various problems of childhood sexual abuse. 0:20:38.880:20:42.24
And most people don't want to have anything go public. 0:20:44.320:20:46.96
I mean, in the Catholic mindset, you don't sue the Church. 0:20:46.960:20:50.88
They want to know that it's going to stop. 0:20:50.880:20:53.20
When Wall found out that it didn't stop, 0:20:54.280:20:56.68
that offending priests were allowed to stay in ministry, 0:20:56.680:20:59.60
he left the priesthood. 0:20:59.600:21:01.40
That was part of your brief, 0:21:02.720:21:04.20
to report these things to the local authorities? 0:21:04.200:21:07.68
Never. 0:21:07.680:21:09.00
That's the worldwide policy - 0:21:10.000:21:12.12
to snuff out scandal. 0:21:12.120:21:13.84
Bob Bolger was another student who was abused at St John's 0:21:39.880:21:42.72
by Father Murphy. 0:21:42.720:21:45.12
After graduating from college, 0:21:45.120:21:46.76
he began hanging out with Arthur and Gary 0:21:46.760:21:49.60
and found an unexpected way back 0:21:49.600:21:51.72
to memories of St John's. 0:21:51.720:21:53.40
HE PANTS 0:22:08.360:22:11.52
I started getting these revelations, these memories. 0:22:12.720:22:16.76
Finally, I woke up and I was furious 0:22:21.640:22:24.00
and the more we worked on it, the angrier I got. 0:22:24.000:22:27.72
I had kept this quiet for so long 0:22:27.720:22:30.48
and not said anything to anyone. 0:22:30.480:22:32.40
It suddenly hit me just how wrong this was. 0:22:34.120:22:36.92
And Bob was like, "Go to the police station, now, go!" 0:22:37.920:22:42.04
And Gary was thrown off guard. 0:22:42.040:22:44.52
And Bob said, "If you're angry, Gary, then go. 0:22:44.520:22:47.12
"Go to the police station. Now, go!" 0:22:47.120:22:49.84
We went out to the police station and went in. 0:22:52.760:22:55.84
Bob was writing back and forth with the officer 0:22:55.840:22:58.12
because he had good English skills. 0:22:58.120:22:59.96
And then, two police officers told us to stay in a room. 0:23:01.280:23:04.36
And we waited and waited and waited. 0:23:06.320:23:08.56
And I went to open the door and the door was locked. 0:23:09.920:23:13.68
And then, two detectives came into the room and said, "You can go." 0:23:13.680:23:18.40
And we were all excited about being able to leave. 0:23:18.400:23:21.52
And guessing that the detectives had already talked to Murphy. 0:23:21.520:23:25.16
We waited for a week to go by, 0:23:28.920:23:30.52
then another week went by and then another. 0:23:30.520:23:32.68
We didn't hear a thing. It was just sickening. 0:23:32.680:23:36.16
Murphy had told them that it wasn't true and the kids were making it up. 0:23:36.160:23:41.16
That we were just little troublemakers. 0:23:41.160:23:43.00
It started to bother me more and more 0:23:44.160:23:46.44
because I was hearing that he was molesting other kids. 0:23:46.440:23:49.16
I was mad and I wanted to protect these deaf kids. 0:23:49.160:23:52.40
And it was time to do something about it. And we did. 0:23:52.400:23:56.12
We didn't put the reason why on the flyer, 0:24:00.720:24:02.80
we just wanted it to be a warning to people. 0:24:02.800:24:05.24
When the school would hold a fundraiser, 0:24:06.600:24:08.92
they'd go to the cars that were parked at the school 0:24:08.920:24:11.28
and they would put this flyer, 0:24:11.280:24:13.04
you know, don't give money to this man because he abuses these kids. 0:24:13.040:24:17.40
I was shocked and I tried to advise Bob 0:24:17.400:24:21.48
that, you know, this was not really the way to fix this. 0:24:21.480:24:25.32
He was caught up in the era of activism 0:24:28.680:24:31.00
and he was really trying to get deaf people 0:24:31.000:24:33.56
to kind of stand up for themselves. 0:24:33.560:24:35.84
At John Conway's suggestion, they hired a lawyer 0:24:37.840:24:41.20
and began collecting sworn affidavits from Murphy's victims. 0:24:41.200:24:44.72
The idea was to submit these affidavits, 0:24:44.720:24:47.32
which were very graphic and very clear, 0:24:47.320:24:49.80
to Archbishop Cousins and then, we thought the matter would be finished, 0:24:49.800:24:54.40
we thought that the priest would be removed from the school. 0:24:54.400:24:57.40
The Church's response was silence. 0:24:58.560:25:01.24
Determined to make their voices heard, 0:25:02.560:25:04.80
Bob, Arthur and Gary went to the Milwaukee Cathedral 0:25:04.800:25:08.12
and handed out their flyers to passers-by. 0:25:08.120:25:10.24
Suddenly, they were granted a meeting with Archbishop Cousins. 0:25:11.640:25:15.36
The Archbishop was there, Father Murphy was there. 0:25:15.360:25:17.72
In fact, Father Murphy sat right next to me. 0:25:17.720:25:20.88
He would look down, look around, 0:25:20.880:25:23.16
he was not going to make eye contact with us. 0:25:23.160:25:25.64
In the group were two priests. 0:25:27.640:25:30.00
They were described by the Archbishop as members of the Vatican. 0:25:30.000:25:35.00
And the Archbishop thanked us for bringing this matter 0:25:35.000:25:37.52
to the attention of the Archdiocese. 0:25:37.520:25:39.52
He allowed that this problem had existed before, 0:25:39.520:25:42.44
and he mentioned that back as far as 1960, 0:25:42.440:25:45.64
this matter had been addressed. 0:25:45.640:25:47.64
Cousins would deny having said this, 0:25:48.760:25:51.00
but an investigation revealed that, even before 1960, 0:25:51.000:25:54.28
Father Walsh had tried to do something about Murphy. 0:25:54.280:25:58.16
Having heard complaints from Arthur and from other students, 0:25:58.160:26:01.64
Walsh reported the accusations to Cousins' predecessor, 0:26:01.640:26:04.68
Archbishop Meyer. 0:26:04.680:26:06.76
Meyer went to Murphy and he confessed to the abuse, 0:26:06.760:26:09.80
but Murphy was not dismissed. 0:26:09.800:26:12.72
He went away in a short retreat 0:26:12.720:26:14.80
before being invited back 0:26:14.800:26:16.72
to supervise children at St John's. 0:26:16.720:26:19.20
Other deaf people had told Father Walsh 0:26:20.960:26:23.64
and then, Father Walsh told Meyer in 1957. 0:26:23.640:26:26.48
And then, I said something in 1963. 0:26:26.480:26:29.68
It turned out that Walsh had made the same report 0:26:32.320:26:35.48
to the office of the Papal Nuncio, 0:26:35.480:26:37.48
the Vatican Ambassador in Washington DC. 0:26:37.480:26:40.04
So by this meeting, in 1974, 0:26:41.160:26:44.04
the Vatican had known about Murphy for almost 20 years. 0:26:44.040:26:48.56
This was known and it had been dealt with in the past. 0:26:48.560:26:52.64
We immediately said Father Murphy has to be removed from the school. 0:26:52.640:26:57.32
Murphy said, "No, I take care of the budget and the money and everything." 0:26:57.320:27:01.36
And Archbishop Cousins got very angry. 0:27:01.360:27:03.72
He started scolding and arguing with us. 0:27:03.720:27:06.12
I'm thinking, "Wow, I can't believe this. Where was his compassion? 0:27:06.120:27:09.88
"Where was his wanting to listen to this?" 0:27:09.880:27:12.12
So we eventually kind of walked out, the Archbishop's saying to me 0:27:12.120:27:15.80
that he was very upset because he thought he was dealing 0:27:15.800:27:18.92
with a person of good faith. 0:27:18.920:27:20.52
I told him I thought I was dealing with a person of good faith as well. 0:27:21.880:27:25.32
When deposed years later Archbishop Cousins recalled the meeting, 0:27:30.920:27:35.40
he said that, at the time, he did not find the allegations credible. 0:27:35.400:27:39.16
He had conducted an investigation and found no proof. 0:27:39.160:27:43.40
When asked what steps he had taken 0:27:43.400:27:45.44
to determine the veracity of the allegations, 0:27:45.440:27:48.32
Cousins said that he had interviewed Murphy and the school staff. 0:27:48.320:27:51.80
When the lawyer asked if he had interviewed students, 0:27:53.120:27:55.48
Cousins admitted that he hadn't bothered to talk to them. 0:27:55.480:27:59.24
"After all," he said, "The students are deaf." 0:27:59.240:28:02.64
Bob Bolger, Gary and I went to the Milwaukee Courthouse downtown. 0:28:07.120:28:11.16
And we started handing out these flyers. 0:28:11.160:28:14.44
And all the hearing people were shocked. 0:28:14.440:28:17.36
And Bob put the flyer on DA Michael McCann's desk. 0:28:22.080:28:25.48
Nobody talked to us, we said nothing, 0:28:27.320:28:29.40
we just kept handing them out. 0:28:29.400:28:31.56
The DA's office took notice of the flyers 0:28:31.560:28:35.16
and granted the men a meeting with then Assistant DA Bill Gardner. 0:28:35.160:28:39.56
Gardner went out to St John's to question students in the senior boys' dormitory. 0:28:39.560:28:44.80
They met in our dorm, about six of the boys. 0:28:44.800:28:48.76
The meeting only lasted about 15, 20 minutes, 0:28:48.760:28:51.44
cos they all said, "No, no, nothing is going on." 0:28:51.440:28:54.28
And it didn't take long, it was over. 0:28:54.280:28:56.28
I was kind of surprised, 0:28:56.280:28:57.96
cos two of the gentlemen in the dorm 0:28:57.960:28:59.76
loved to argue and debate anything 0:28:59.760:29:02.84
and they were quiet as a church mouse. 0:29:02.840:29:05.44
Gary, Bob and Arthur believed 0:29:05.440:29:07.68
that their charges were not taken seriously 0:29:07.680:29:09.96
because McCann and Gardner were devout Catholics. 0:29:09.960:29:13.96
With no active students willing to come forward, 0:29:13.960:29:16.80
the brief investigation ended. 0:29:16.800:29:18.72
McCann's office said they did not investigate past claims 0:29:18.720:29:21.84
because of the Statute Of Limitations. 0:29:21.840:29:24.52
The DA's office never brought charges against Murphy, 0:29:25.560:29:28.80
but at the school, the matter was not forgotten. 0:29:28.800:29:32.56
One of the gentlemen in the dorm had come by the door to my room, 0:29:32.560:29:36.68
it was about 10.30, 11 at night. 0:29:36.680:29:38.96
And he said, "We want to talk to you about Murphy." 0:29:38.960:29:42.84
You know, that's when they opened up about some of the stuff. 0:29:42.840:29:45.52
So I did call the Archbishop's office and I just said, 0:29:46.960:29:51.36
"I have some stuff on the Father Murphy case 0:29:51.360:29:54.08
"that I think the Archbishop needs to hear." 0:29:54.080:29:57.56
He and I just met alone and I told him, 0:29:57.560:30:00.72
"Father Murphy admitted to me that he is molesting boys," 0:30:00.720:30:03.92
I said, "I have dates and times" 0:30:03.920:30:06.84
and I said, "I'm going to go to the parents." 0:30:06.840:30:09.32
Almost immediately, it was announced 0:30:11.120:30:13.32
that Father Murphy would leave St John's for health reasons. 0:30:13.320:30:18.08
The writer for the Milwaukee Sentinel who covered the story 0:30:18.080:30:20.68
included the allegations against Murphy in her draft. 0:30:20.680:30:23.96
But the newspaper's editor removed any mention of sexual abuse. 0:30:25.120:30:28.88
Terry had just returned to St John's to teach history 0:30:30.640:30:34.20
after graduating from Gallaudet University. 0:30:34.200:30:37.48
With his new Super 8 camera, 0:30:37.480:30:39.48
he filmed Murphy's departure. 0:30:39.480:30:41.68
I remember filming Murphy leaving 0:30:41.680:30:44.04
and knowing that Murphy was a paedophile. 0:30:44.040:30:46.84
The children thought that Murphy was leaving because of health reasons, 0:30:46.840:30:50.36
but I knew he was leaving because he had molested children. 0:30:50.360:30:53.72
The children lined up to shake his hand. 0:31:11.720:31:14.08
And through tears, Murphy said goodbye to each of them. 0:31:15.400:31:19.04
Father Fitzgerald started out as a priest in Boston 0:31:40.800:31:43.56
and priests come to him who have sexually offended, 0:31:43.560:31:46.64
so he knows he needs to do something. 0:31:46.640:31:49.16
He formed an order, the Order of the Paracletes 0:31:49.160:31:51.84
in order to treat paedophile priests. 0:31:51.840:31:55.28
The first Servants of the Paraclete treatment centre 0:31:56.880:31:59.36
was opened in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, in 1947. 0:31:59.360:32:03.40
Father Fitzgerald did not believe in psychology or counselling. 0:32:03.400:32:06.72
He favoured spiritual treatment, 0:32:06.720:32:09.00
hoping that sex offenders and alcoholics 0:32:09.000:32:11.44
would find salvation on their knees, praying for mercy. 0:32:11.440:32:15.24
But on one point Father Fitzgerald was absolutely clear - 0:32:15.240:32:18.96
sexual predators should be defrocked 0:32:18.960:32:21.44
or hidden from the faithful behind monastery walls. 0:32:21.440:32:24.56
He came to the conclusion that priests who sexually abuse children are like vipers - 0:32:24.560:32:29.88
you can never stop them. 0:32:29.880:32:31.84
The only thing you can do is remove them from their target population 0:32:31.840:32:35.68
and make them live a life of prayer and penance. 0:32:35.680:32:38.92
He wrote to the Pope, he constantly wrote to bishops 0:32:38.920:32:42.44
and he said, "Look, this is a terrible problem. 0:32:42.440:32:44.68
"Paedophilia is infesting lots of seminaries, 0:32:44.680:32:48.00
"you've got to do something about it." 0:32:48.000:32:50.20
So, he thought, "Let's get an island! 0:32:50.200:32:53.48
"You can't stop them, but you can contain them. 0:32:53.480:32:55.72
"Let's get an island in the Caribbean." 0:32:55.720:32:57.76
He sent a priest out, he was looking in Barbados, 0:33:00.000:33:03.68
he was looking in various islands and they went ahead 0:33:03.680:33:07.24
and they actually did begin the process to buy an island. 0:33:07.240:33:11.48
It was the island of Carriacou, off the coast of Grenada, 0:33:11.480:33:14.72
famous for its nutmeg and beautiful beaches. 0:33:14.720:33:18.52
The Church put a 5,000 down payment on Carriacou, 0:33:18.520:33:22.20
but Church superiors overruled the idea of an island for paedophile priests. 0:33:22.200:33:27.56
Then, the Church hierarchy decided to change the policy of the Paracletes. 0:33:27.560:33:31.32
Instead of removing priests from victims, 0:33:31.320:33:33.88
the centres attempted to rehabilitate and recirculate them. 0:33:33.880:33:37.68
From the 50s to the 90s, 0:33:37.680:33:39.28
the Servants of the Paraclete spent 80 million 0:33:39.280:33:41.84
treating more than 2,000 priests 0:33:41.840:33:44.16
in special centres in Italy, France, 0:33:44.160:33:47.04
Great Britain, Africa, South America and the Philippines. 0:33:47.040:33:50.80
Lawrence Murphy retreated to his cabin in Boulder Junction, 0:34:00.120:34:03.92
a small town in northern Wisconsin. 0:34:03.920:34:06.00
He was assigned to a local church, St Anne's. 0:34:08.040:34:11.28
But the parish was not told anything about Murphy's past. 0:34:11.280:34:14.56
Murphy continued to abuse local children. 0:34:16.240:34:18.80
Back in Milwaukee, Gary Smith decided to tell his father 0:34:22.960:34:26.76
about the abuse he suffered as a teenager. 0:34:26.760:34:30.12
John Conway did the interpreting and explained it to my father 0:34:30.120:34:34.40
and he was very upset. 0:34:34.400:34:36.48
And that's when my dad lost his temper 0:34:36.480:34:38.92
and decided to contact a lawyer. 0:34:38.920:34:41.40
They decided to file a lawsuit against the Archdiocese, 0:34:41.400:34:44.52
the school and Father Murphy. 0:34:44.520:34:46.64
Nuns from the school 0:34:47.880:34:49.32
and other supporters of Father Murphy within the deaf community 0:34:49.320:34:52.44
began showing up at Gary's apartment, 0:34:52.440:34:54.56
pressuring him to drop the lawsuit. 0:34:54.560:34:56.56
Then, mysteriously, the matter was settled. 0:34:58.080:35:01.04
Father Murphy agreed to pay 500 for Gary's legal fees 0:35:01.040:35:05.72
and St John's offered Gary the sum of a few thousand dollars for counselling. 0:35:05.720:35:09.88
The deal was struck 0:35:09.880:35:11.16
after a nun called Sister Martha Ann visited Gary, 0:35:11.160:35:14.40
who had no-one to translate for him, 0:35:14.400:35:16.64
and persuaded Gary to sign an unusual document 0:35:16.640:35:19.76
in which he dropped the case and apologised to the Church. 0:35:19.760:35:23.28
He, of course, is deaf and marginality literate. 0:35:23.280:35:26.20
Not all deaf people are illiterate, but English is not their language. 0:35:26.200:35:32.08
They coerced and tricked him into a settlement. 0:35:32.080:35:35.96
Despite Gary's apology, 0:36:06.000:36:08.20
the Church failed to pay the 5,000 for his therapy 0:36:08.200:36:11.56
for 20 years. 0:36:11.560:36:13.36
Father Doyle is an early whistleblower in the scandal. 0:36:20.040:36:25.20
He's working for the Papal Nuncio in Washington, 0:36:25.200:36:28.68
he's beginning to see some of the communication about these cases 0:36:28.680:36:33.00
and is realising that it could be a bigger problem 0:36:33.000:36:36.80
than just a couple bad apples, a bad priest here or there. 0:36:36.800:36:40.36
He initially tries to work within Church channels 0:36:40.360:36:45.52
and he thinks that there's going to be a response. 0:36:45.520:36:48.72
When there isn't, he eventually becomes a public whistleblower. 0:36:48.720:36:53.60
The attitude from the Vatican was, "We don't turn our priests in. 0:36:55.280:36:59.68
"This is our problem, we take care of it, 0:36:59.680:37:01.80
"you don't refer to the civil authorities 0:37:01.800:37:03.88
"when they're committing felony crimes." 0:37:03.880:37:06.00
Now, I don't know what they would have done if it would have been a slew of murders. 0:37:06.000:37:09.40
He has remained in the Church while being both a critic of the Church 0:37:09.400:37:14.04
and an expert witness in lawsuits against the Church. 0:37:14.040:37:18.16
I first became aware of the Murphy case 0:37:18.160:37:20.76
when it became publicly known 0:37:20.760:37:23.40
and I was asked to evaluate some of the information. 0:37:23.400:37:26.36
The Vatican knew that there'd been prior reports about Murphy, 0:37:27.440:37:31.20
there was no conspiracy, 0:37:31.200:37:32.52
but there was something far worse than a conspiracy. 0:37:32.520:37:35.36
The very policy of keeping this absolutely secret, 0:37:35.360:37:39.80
that was the policy. 0:37:39.800:37:41.52
And the first regulations to keep these issues absolutely secret 0:37:41.520:37:45.80
were issued in 1866 by the Vatican. 0:37:45.800:37:48.72
Back in the 1980s, Father Doyle wrote that these cases 0:37:50.120:37:54.36
were going to cost the Church eventually 1 billion. 0:37:54.360:37:59.04
The last estimate is it's over 2 billion. 0:37:59.040:38:02.48
So he was right. 0:38:02.480:38:04.00
'Facing the crisis, 0:38:05.560:38:06.96
'Catholics confront the sex abuse scandal on the very first day...' 0:38:06.960:38:10.60
'NBC News In Depth tonight. Crisis in the Church...' 0:38:10.600:38:13.76
'New details tonight about how the Boston Archdiocese handled the case 0:38:13.760:38:16.92
'of a priest charged now with repeatedly raping a young boy.' 0:38:16.920:38:20.72
'Tonight, another priest...' 0:38:20.720:38:22.20
'John Geoghan, accused by more than 130 of abuse...' 0:38:22.200:38:25.04
'Newly released documents show Boston Church officials knew...' 0:38:25.040:38:28.28
'Cardinal Law knew of Shanley's alleged abusive behaviour, 0:38:28.280:38:31.36
'but never informed legal authorities...' 0:38:31.360:38:33.56
'Last month's life sentence given to Father John Hanlon 0:38:33.560:38:36.04
'for raping a young boy 0:38:36.040:38:37.44
'is the latest chapter in a scandal that is...' 0:38:37.440:38:39.48
'Now, after the Church sex scandal first came to light in Boston, 0:38:39.480:38:42.32
'thousands of victims across the country have gone public...' 0:38:42.320:38:45.04
'This morning, the Pope has broken his silence 0:38:45.040:38:47.52
'about the growing sexual abuse rocking the Catholic Church in the United States.' 0:38:47.520:38:51.08
'Even President Bush weighed in yesterday saying he's confident 0:38:51.080:38:54.48
'the Church will clean up its business and do the right thing.' 0:38:54.480:38:57.40
DEMONSTRATORS: 'Law must go! Law must go!' 0:38:57.400:39:01.40
Identified as a key figure who covered up sex abuse in Boston, 0:39:04.200:39:07.96
Cardinal Law cost the Church tens of millions of dollars in settlements. 0:39:07.960:39:12.56
But instead of being punished by the Vatican, 0:39:12.560:39:15.28
Law was rewarded with a seven-year term 0:39:15.280:39:17.84
at this magnificent basilica in Rome. 0:39:17.840:39:20.36
It sends a pretty blatant message that victims aren't that important, 0:39:20.360:39:23.68
but you've persecuted this poor cardinal. 0:39:23.680:39:26.52
You know, he's suffered enough, now we've got to give him 0:39:26.520:39:28.96
a nice cushy job to protect him. 0:39:28.960:39:31.72
One of the things that Vatican officials had tried to do 0:39:31.720:39:34.48
is portray this as an American thing 0:39:34.480:39:36.92
or, at best, an Anglo-Saxon thing. 0:39:36.920:39:39.52
Oh, the sex abuse scandals, 0:39:39.520:39:41.12
they happen only in the United States, in Canada... 0:39:41.120:39:44.80
And, suddenly, in the year 2010, 0:39:44.800:39:47.48
this great scandal explodes in Europe. 0:39:47.480:39:51.32
It explodes in Ireland, 0:39:51.320:39:53.08
in Germany, 0:39:53.080:39:54.52
in Austria, in Switzerland, 0:39:54.520:39:56.40
in France, in Belgium. 0:39:56.400:39:57.88
Everybody points to this to be from the date 2002, 0:39:59.160:40:03.24
when the Boston Globe said, "Hey, we have a problem here." 0:40:03.240:40:06.36
And they subsequently published 1,200 articles. 0:40:06.360:40:10.04
This is an old, old problem 0:40:10.040:40:13.36
and if you follow this problem to its foundation, 0:40:13.360:40:16.68
it will lead you to the highest corridors of the Vatican. 0:40:16.680:40:20.16
Benedicti Decimi Sexti. 0:40:23.600:40:26.52
Cardinale Ratzinger. 0:40:26.520:40:29.32
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE 0:40:29.320:40:32.44
In 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope, 0:40:37.360:40:41.92
and chose the name Benedict XVI. 0:40:41.920:40:44.40
He was known as a great theologian and intellectual. 0:40:46.400:40:50.36
What many did not realise 0:40:50.360:40:52.00
was that for 25 years, he'd led the Vatican Office familiar 0:40:52.000:40:55.88
with the most severe cases of sex abuse by priests, 0:40:55.880:40:59.24
the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 0:40:59.240:41:03.56
The CDF has a dark history. 0:41:03.560:41:06.20
When it was founded in the 16th century, 0:41:06.200:41:08.72
it was known as the Inquisition. 0:41:08.720:41:11.60
Ratzinger took that job over, 0:41:11.600:41:13.16
he was Archbishop of Munich and Freising, 0:41:13.160:41:15.36
and he was promoted by John Paul II to run 0:41:15.360:41:17.68
the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 0:41:17.680:41:20.44
Think of the Pope in the middle and a whole bunch of offices around him. 0:41:22.040:41:26.60
What you had was multiple offices of the Holy See, who ultimately 0:41:26.600:41:30.96
don't talk to one another, handling these different cases. 0:41:30.960:41:35.04
And so, cases wouldn't get bogged down. 0:41:35.040:41:38.16
But then what happened in 2001, 0:41:40.440:41:43.00
Ratzinger put out this teaching approved by John Paul II that said, 0:41:43.000:41:47.32
"Every sex abuse case that involves a minor, they all come to my desk." 0:41:47.320:41:53.72
From 2001 forward, 0:41:56.000:41:57.72
every single priest sex abuse case went to Ratzinger. 0:41:57.720:42:01.88
Cardinal Ratzinger, now His Holiness Benedict XVI, 0:42:03.080:42:07.04
is the most knowledgeable person in the world 0:42:07.040:42:09.92
regarding priestly sexual abuse of minors, 0:42:09.920:42:13.40
cos he has all the data. 0:42:13.400:42:15.04
Inside the cloistered walls of the Vatican 0:42:18.800:42:21.28
lie voluminous records of worldwide sexual abuse in the priesthood, 0:42:21.280:42:25.60
centralised in the secret archives 0:42:25.600:42:27.72
of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 0:42:27.720:42:31.04
It is the century-old history of the Catholic Church. 0:42:31.040:42:36.20
We have documents from councils in Spain in the 4th century 0:42:36.200:42:42.48
after Christ, in which there is written something about 0:42:42.480:42:48.12
sex abuse with children. 0:42:48.120:42:50.84
So it is 1,700 years that the church is dealing about this. 0:42:50.840:42:56.16
This is the guilt of the Vatican. 0:42:59.760:43:02.76
They could already understand that this scandal was not just 0:43:02.760:43:07.84
an American scandal, and that a paedophile is not a sinner, 0:43:07.840:43:13.48
but he's a criminal. 0:43:13.480:43:14.96
He is a criminal who plans his activity, who is very 0:43:14.960:43:19.80
attentive to organise situations in which he can abuse children. 0:43:19.800:43:25.88
# Well, it's one for the money And it's two for the show 0:43:25.880:43:28.72
# Three to get ready Now, go, cat, go 0:43:28.720:43:31.08
# But don't you Stand on my blue suede shoes 0:43:31.080:43:34.20
# Uh-huh 0:43:34.200:43:35.68
# You can do anything But lay off of my blue suede shoes. # 0:43:35.680:43:39.84
For most people, Tony Walsh was the priest from Ballyfermot 0:43:39.840:43:42.64
who did an Elvis impersonation, 0:43:42.640:43:44.24
He was part of the Singing Priests group. 0:43:44.240:43:46.32
And he was very good, he was a really, really popular priest. 0:43:46.320:43:49.64
What most people didn't know was that Tony Walsh 0:43:49.640:43:52.72
was Ireland's most notorious paedophile. 0:43:52.720:43:55.56
In 2010, a government investigation revealed that Walsh, 0:43:58.080:44:01.60
by his own count, had committed over 200 acts of abuse. 0:44:01.600:44:05.80
That investigation, known as the Murphy Report, also uncovered the 0:44:05.800:44:09.44
fact that the archdiocese of Dublin had known about Walsh's activity 0:44:09.440:44:13.60
for nearly 20 years, yet did nothing to inform parents or police. 0:44:13.600:44:18.44
In Ireland, Catholicism is kind of like a blood type. 0:44:23.000:44:26.32
It's the status quo, it's what's always been done, 0:44:26.320:44:29.00
you don't question it, you blindly go along with it. 0:44:29.000:44:31.80
The Catholic Church was part of who we are and what we are. 0:44:31.800:44:34.96
The priest, he is the carrier of the sacrament. 0:44:37.480:44:40.52
You know, it's almost like he's the...he's got the Holy Grail. 0:44:40.520:44:43.48
I remember interviewing a woman once and she said, 0:44:43.480:44:45.92
"We used to get down on our knees 0:44:45.920:44:47.32
"when he passed by and bless ourselves." 0:44:47.320:44:49.08
"He carried the host." That's how people saw them 0:44:49.080:44:51.76
and that's because they were almost Godlike. 0:44:51.760:44:54.60
The government investigation into the Singing Priest uncovered 0:44:57.560:45:01.28
church documents that revealed a new dimension 0:45:01.280:45:03.96
to the worldwide sex abuse scandal. 0:45:03.960:45:06.00
It was the role played by bishops 0:45:06.000:45:08.00
and the Vatican in allowing the abuse to continue. 0:45:08.000:45:11.08
Year after year, 0:45:13.280:45:14.48
parents reported Walsh's abuse to the Dublin archdiocese, 0:45:14.480:45:18.28
but the church did not punish the priest, 0:45:18.280:45:20.56
reach out to the victims or alert local parents. 0:45:20.560:45:25.00
As revelations continued in the Walsh case, 0:45:25.000:45:27.72
parents and survivors scanned the Murphy Report to learn 0:45:27.720:45:30.60
the extent of the crimes and the cover-up. 0:45:30.600:45:33.68
Documents showed that the church kept allowing Walsh 0:45:33.680:45:36.88
to care for children, even after a secret stint in a clinic 0:45:36.880:45:41.08
run by the Servants of the Paraclete. 0:45:41.080:45:44.44
VOICE DISTORTED: The clinic allowed Father Walsh 0:45:44.440:45:46.72
to roam the streets of the nearby large city, 0:45:46.720:45:49.32
after admitting to abusing 100 kids, unsupervised. 0:45:49.320:45:53.68
He was allowed to dress in clerical attire 0:45:53.680:45:55.88
and said Masses in the local churches. 0:45:55.880:45:58.80
Father Walsh visited a house 0:45:58.800:46:00.48
and paid a lot of attention to the 11-year-old son. 0:46:00.480:46:03.48
He agreed to babysit for the children 0:46:03.480:46:05.96
- and God knows what happened to the kids that week.
  - Yeah.
I mean, that's a clinic allowing him to do something like that. 0:46:09.200:46:12.84
- That is ridiculous. And they're not being held accountable.
  - It's...
Father Walsh was immediately removed from the clinic. 0:46:17.360:46:20.28
I think it's about time 0:46:20.280:46:21.48
when a paedophile gets thrown out of a clinic. 0:46:21.480:46:24.40
Through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. 0:46:24.400:46:26.96
And we ask these and all our prayers, 0:46:26.960:46:29.76
through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Amen. 0:46:29.760:46:33.44
Even after a decade of abuse, 0:46:33.440:46:35.64
the faithful heard nothing about Walsh from the Archbishop of Dublin. 0:46:35.640:46:40.44
- Why didn't you go yourself, Bishop?
  - Go where?
- Go to the victims yourself.
- Erm...
  - And encourage them to go to the police.
I suppose perhaps I should have, perhaps I should have done 0:46:48.160:46:51.48
but, erm, I've so much to do. 0:46:51.480:46:55.84
In secret, Archbishop Connell did launch an investigation, 0:46:57.960:47:01.80
but according to the laws of Roman Catholicism, 0:47:01.800:47:04.92
known as Canon law, Connell followed orders from the Vatican to keep 0:47:04.920:47:09.08
any details of Walsh's crimes hidden behind the walls of the church. 0:47:09.080:47:14.24
Everybody involved in that process, 0:47:14.240:47:16.48
the accuser, the accused and the witnesses, 0:47:16.480:47:19.16
are all obliged to take an oath of absolute secrecy, 0:47:19.160:47:23.32
that they will never reveal for the rest of their life 0:47:23.320:47:25.84
any of the information that they learned in the process. 0:47:25.840:47:30.40
Following the dictates of the Vatican, 0:47:30.400:47:32.64
13 years after the first sign of Walsh's abuse, 0:47:32.640:47:36.20
Archbishop Connell finally convened a secret church trial. 0:47:36.200:47:40.48
They appoint three judges, Canon lawyers, to listen to evidence, 0:47:40.480:47:44.72
which is overwhelmingly evidence against this guy, and they 0:47:44.720:47:47.88
recommend in 1992 that he should be dismissed from the priesthood. 0:47:47.880:47:51.84
And he's always pleaded not guilty. 0:47:51.840:47:53.72
Even though he's admitted to 100 cases of abuse, 0:47:53.720:47:56.32
he's pleaded not guilty. 0:47:56.320:47:57.76
He appeals that to Rome. 0:47:57.760:48:00.04
For eight months, the Vatican dithers 0:48:00.040:48:02.04
and decides what to do with him, 0:48:02.040:48:03.64
and in that eight months he abuses another child. 0:48:03.640:48:06.24
Abuses a child at his grandfather's funeral. 0:48:06.240:48:09.32
The Vatican is fundamentally responsible 0:48:09.320:48:11.96
for this guy being abused. 0:48:11.960:48:13.60
The Vatican come back and decide, 0:48:14.760:48:16.64
"Well, we won't dismiss him from the priesthood, 0:48:16.640:48:19.08
"Put him in a monastery for 10 years." 0:48:19.080:48:21.00
The bishop is tearing his hair out. 0:48:21.000:48:22.52
"What do you mean, put him in a monastery for 10 years?! 0:48:22.520:48:24.84
"No monastery will take him!" 0:48:24.840:48:26.24
And so, Des Connell pleads with the Vatican, and he personally 0:48:26.240:48:30.04
went to see Cardinal Ratzinger to write his dismissal order. 0:48:30.040:48:32.96
The Vatican did nothing. 0:48:35.400:48:37.64
But angry parents forced the police to act. 0:48:37.640:48:41.36
Walsh was convicted of sexual assault in 1995. 0:48:41.360:48:44.68
Only then, after tolerating Walsh's abuse of hundreds of children, 0:48:45.840:48:50.36
did the Vatican finally dismiss Father Walsh 0:48:50.360:48:53.28
from the priestly state. 0:48:53.280:48:56.48
Two priests who were judges on the Tony Walsh case 0:48:56.480:49:00.44
swore an oath of secrecy. 0:49:00.440:49:02.12
Where are they now? They're two bishops. 0:49:02.120:49:05.24
For priests, secrecy can have its rewards. 0:49:19.160:49:22.36
But for the faithful in Ireland, the cover-up may be an unforgivable sin. 0:49:23.360:49:27.76
We were 95% practising Catholics. 0:49:30.280:49:33.84
I spoke to a priest only yesterday, he says, 0:49:33.840:49:36.32
"4% come to church in Dublin." 0:49:36.320:49:38.88
But that's not to say that they've lost their faith. 0:49:38.880:49:42.12
They certainly lost faith in the hierarchy. 0:49:42.120:49:45.36
In 2010, Pope Benedict sought to bring the flock back to the church 0:49:48.880:49:52.60
by writing an unprecedented letter to the Irish faithful. 0:49:52.600:49:57.68
To us bishops he says, 0:49:58.840:50:00.44
"We must admit that grave errors of judgment were made, 0:50:00.440:50:04.76
"and failures of leadership occurred which have seriously 0:50:04.760:50:09.32
"undermined our credibility and effectiveness." 0:50:09.320:50:12.24
What he does is, he blames the Irish bishops for their misplaced concern 0:50:12.240:50:16.12
for the reputation of the church in the avoidance of scandal, 0:50:16.120:50:19.72
for not following Canon law. 0:50:19.720:50:21.44
He never once acknowledged the role of the Vatican in all of this. 0:50:21.440:50:24.96
I spoke to one bishop who was so angry. 0:50:24.960:50:27.24
He said, "How dare he blame us? 0:50:27.240:50:30.28
"Show me where we didn't follow Canon law! 0:50:30.280:50:32.92
"Canon law was the problem!" 0:50:32.920:50:35.36
That prompted a few people to come out of the woodwork, if you like. 0:50:35.360:50:40.40
An anonymous source leaked a mysterious document. 0:50:42.680:50:47.12
It was a smoking gun. 0:50:47.120:50:49.16
A 1997 letter from the Vatican 0:50:49.160:50:51.32
that overruled attempts by Irish bishops 0:50:51.320:50:54.28
to report sex abuse to the police. 0:50:54.280:50:56.72
Why didn't any of them just stand up publicly and come out and say, 0:50:58.800:51:01.64
"The Vatican has instructed us not to report crimes to the police"? 0:51:01.640:51:04.84
Because they are totally loyal to the Vatican. 0:51:04.840:51:07.48
In 2011, the release of yet another government investigation 0:51:09.240:51:13.12
was the final blow which shattered relations 0:51:13.120:51:15.96
between the Vatican and Ireland. 0:51:15.960:51:18.08
The report excavates the dysfunction, the disconnection, 0:51:18.080:51:22.88
the elitism that dominates the culture of the Vatican today. 0:51:22.880:51:28.00
The rape and the torture of children were downplayed 0:51:28.000:51:31.84
or managed to uphold instead the primacy of the institution 0:51:31.840:51:36.76
its power, its standing and its reputation. 0:51:36.760:51:41.56
This calculated, 0:51:41.560:51:42.64
withering position being the polar opposite of the radicalism, 0:51:42.640:51:46.04
the humility and the compassion upon which the Roman Church was founded. 0:51:46.040:51:52.00
BELLS CHIME 0:51:57.200:52:00.16
Even as Irish churches lay empty, 0:52:13.640:52:15.96
Rome received tens of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world 0:52:15.960:52:19.08
who had come to see the beatification of Pope John Paul II. 0:52:19.080:52:24.08
PRAYER IN LATIN 0:52:24.080:52:27.40
As the prayers continued late into the night, 0:52:39.760:52:42.68
victims of sex abuse couldn't help wondering 0:52:42.680:52:45.92
why Benedict was in such a rush 0:52:45.920:52:48.04
to move John Paul's soul on the path to sainthood. 0:52:48.040:52:51.56
Maciel Maciel Degollado was one of the world's most charismatic 0:53:04.160:53:08.48
fundraisers for the Catholic Church. 0:53:08.480:53:11.24
In 1941, he founded the Legion Of Christ, 0:53:11.240:53:14.52
a group of young zealots who raised phenomenal amounts of money 0:53:14.520:53:18.04
and opened universities and seminaries all over the world. 0:53:18.040:53:22.20
Maciel controlled an annual operating budget of 650 million, 0:53:22.200:53:26.44
and counted amongst his friends the world's richest man, Carlos Slim, 0:53:26.440:53:30.72
Jeb Bush, Sandy Weill, former chairman of Citigroup, 0:53:30.720:53:34.76
and former CIA director William Casey. 0:53:34.760:53:38.00
Maciel was also a particular favourite of Pope John Paul II 0:53:38.000:53:42.60
who exalted him as a holy man and visionary. 0:53:42.600:53:45.68
Maciel was as connected as you could get in Rome 0:53:45.680:53:49.16
and he got that way by giving money to people. 0:53:49.160:53:51.52
He was held in great favour by John Paul II. 0:53:51.520:53:54.12
For a number of reasons. The money was certainly one of them. 0:53:54.120:53:56.72
And second, he was bowing and scraping 0:53:56.720:53:59.00
and worshipping the Pope and the Pope apparently liked it. 0:53:59.000:54:02.84
But, as the song goes, though Maciel looks like an angel 0:54:04.080:54:08.08
and talked like an angel, he was a devil in disguise. 0:54:08.080:54:11.68
Behind closed doors, Maciel led a secret life. 0:54:18.920:54:22.40
He was a morphine addict 0:54:22.400:54:23.80
and a ruthless sex criminal who abused dozens of his legionaries. 0:54:23.800:54:27.60
He would visit the monasteries every few days 0:54:27.600:54:30.28
and insist on being masturbated 0:54:30.280:54:32.16
or on having sex with one of the boys. 0:54:32.160:54:34.20
Often posing as an agent of the CIA, 0:54:35.240:54:37.24
he had at least two secret mistresses and four children. 0:54:37.240:54:41.48
He abused some of them too. 0:54:41.480:54:44.04
Yet even when stories in the press started to emerge about Maciel, 0:54:44.040:54:48.08
John Paul did not investigate him, he celebrated him. 0:54:48.080:54:52.28
In 1997, when Renner and I did the investigative piece 0:54:52.280:54:56.00
for the Hartford Courant, 0:54:56.000:54:57.88
the response we got from the Vatican was nothing. 0:54:57.880:55:02.84
To say that John Paul was not given the information is preposterous. 0:55:02.840:55:06.76
He is the Pope. People around him have this kind of information. 0:55:06.760:55:10.12
One key cardinal, Angelo Sodano, stayed close to Maciel 0:55:10.120:55:14.60
even as Maciel funnelled millions of dollars into the Vatican. 0:55:14.600:55:19.68
Sodano would be Maciel's protector right to the end. 0:55:19.680:55:24.64
The Maciel case is really a school case 0:55:24.640:55:28.28
in order to understand how the machine works within the Vatican. 0:55:28.280:55:32.84
Marco Politi is one of Italy's most knowledgeable Vatican-watchers. 0:55:34.040:55:38.68
He has also spent a considerable amount of time 0:55:38.680:55:41.84
with Joseph Ratzinger. 0:55:41.840:55:43.52
From the outside, Ratzinger is often perceived as a stiff personality, 0:55:43.520:55:48.56
cold, merciless with the dissenters in the Church. 0:55:48.560:55:53.72
If you see him from the inside, in the inner circle, 0:55:53.720:55:57.60
it's a very warm personality, sensitive. 0:55:57.600:56:00.88
So he has always been very shocked 0:56:00.880:56:03.00
when he has heard about sex abuse scandals. 0:56:03.000:56:07.36
For him it is a horrible sin. 0:56:08.360:56:10.32
His first reaction is the horror that a priest could do 0:56:29.120:56:32.36
something like this. That's telling. 0:56:32.360:56:34.68
It wasn't, "These poor victims!" That was not his first reaction. 0:56:34.680:56:38.44
His first reaction is, 0:56:38.440:56:40.16
"It's despoiled the priesthood! The sacred institution!" 0:56:40.160:56:43.20
Yet, when he was a cardinal, 0:56:43.200:56:45.92
it was his job to examine every one of these sex abuse cases. 0:56:45.920:56:50.36
Ratzinger would have liked to open an investigation 0:56:50.360:56:54.04
but he was stopped by the Secretary Of State, Cardinal Sodano. 0:56:54.040:57:00.36
Sodano's ability to protect Maciel put Ratzinger in a difficult 0:57:00.360:57:04.08
position as more and more victims of Maciel came forward. 0:57:04.080:57:07.72
What you find in Ratzinger at that point is a man who is troubled 0:57:07.720:57:12.32
by justice that had not gone forward 0:57:12.320:57:15.12
and yet at the same time was trying to balance his loyalty to the Pope, 0:57:15.120:57:19.36
who clearly did not want Maciel prosecuted. 0:57:19.360:57:22.20
Cardinal Ratzinger waits till the moment when John Paul II is dying. 0:57:30.240:57:38.16
The same day that John Paul II dies, 0:57:38.160:57:42.60
the Prosecutor General of the Congregation Of Faith flies 0:57:42.600:57:47.40
to New York and he stays in New York and in Mexico City for eight days 0:57:47.400:57:53.08
and he gets all the material to show that Maciel was a sex criminal. 0:57:53.080:58:00.12
So it is interesting, for at least 15 years, the Vatican didn't move 0:58:00.120:58:06.44
a finger to investigate and only in the moment 0:58:06.440:58:10.52
when all the Vatican is stopped because the Pope is dead 0:58:10.520:58:15.24
Cardinal Ratzinger succeeds to get the evidence. 0:58:15.240:58:19.20
Cardinal Ratzinger's investigation confirmed his suspicion 0:58:19.200:58:22.80
of Maciel's crimes but still he did not act. 0:58:22.800:58:26.88
When Benedict became Pope in 2005, did Benedict order his trial? 0:58:26.880:58:33.76
Did Benedict punish him in any way? No. 0:58:33.760:58:37.28
Not even a Pope is all-powerful because he lives in a structure - 0:58:38.360:58:43.36
the Roman Curia which is almost 2,000 years old - 0:58:43.360:58:48.20
and the structure always wants to defend itself. 0:58:48.200:58:54.28
He searched the truth about Maciel but he didn't get the courage 0:58:54.280:59:00.08
to condemn him immediately, publicly and to defrock him. 0:59:00.080:59:04.76
In 1997, facing a disease that would ultimately take his life, 0:59:16.360:59:21.28
Bob Bolger made this video to memorialise Father Murphy's crimes. 0:59:21.280:59:25.16
He set out on a road trip with his friends from St John's, Arthur 0:59:49.160:59:52.88
and Gary, to see if they could finally hold Murphy to account. 0:59:52.880:59:57.00
Murphy was living at the cabin in Boulder Junction 0:59:59.161:00:02.24
with a deaf housekeeper who'd studied and worked at St John's. 1:00:02.241:00:06.32
Bob gave me the camera and I videotaped it. 1:00:12.401:00:15.36
And then Murphy came out. And they met. 1:00:17.641:00:21.76
And Bob got in his face and really let him have it. 1:00:23.681:00:26.44
He told him, "You need to walk yourself right now 1:00:26.441:00:28.84
"to the police station. 1:00:28.841:00:30.04
"Walk yourself to jail." 1:00:30.041:00:32.04
Don't bother me. Don't bother me. Go on. 1:00:58.521:01:04.52
Then Grace got involved and was saying, "Forget it, forgive him!" 1:01:11.681:01:15.56
And Bolger is like, "You don't understand, Grace, 1:01:35.201:01:37.40
"stay out of it." After that, we got in the car and we left. 1:01:37.401:01:41.28
When I told my wife what I had experienced with Murphy, 1:01:54.521:01:57.04
her heart broke for me. 1:01:57.041:01:58.52
When I finally told her I thought, 1:02:01.801:02:04.52
"Shit, I should never have told my wife!" 1:02:04.521:02:07.80
I thought I had made a mistake. 1:02:07.801:02:10.28
I shouldn't have said anything, I should've kept it to myself. 1:02:10.281:02:13.28
But it was too late. 1:02:13.281:02:15.28
We grappled with it and my wife ultimately took me 1:02:15.281:02:19.20
to a psychologist. 1:02:19.201:02:21.40
So when I finally blew, just let it all out, 1:02:22.841:02:27.56
I decided to write what turned out to be a seven-page letter to Murphy. 1:02:27.561:02:30.96
I had to unleash every angry emotion that I had ever felt 1:02:30.961:02:34.16
and I just regurgitated it onto paper to Murphy. 1:02:34.161:02:37.80
I sent that letter off to him 1:03:30.121:03:31.56
and I got no reply so I wrote a second letter to Murphy. 1:03:31.561:03:35.56
Still no reply. 1:03:35.561:03:36.92
Weakland inherited Murphy in 1976 1:03:43.721:03:47.40
and all through the '70s and through the '80s and up until that letter 1:03:47.401:03:51.48
Archbishop Weakland 1:03:51.481:03:52.52
does absolutely nothing with him. Not a thing. 1:03:52.521:03:55.56
He keeps gathering information on Murphy 1:03:55.561:03:58.72
because victims keep coming to the archdioceses about him. 1:03:58.721:04:01.76
"What's happening with him? What are you doing with him?" 1:04:01.761:04:04.48
He does psychological and criminological assessments of Murphy 1:04:04.481:04:08.00
where they determine he has assaulted probably 200 children. 1:04:08.001:04:11.40
The therapist's handwritten notes on her interviews with Murphy 1:04:12.481:04:16.20
not only determined that he was untreatable, 1:04:16.201:04:19.28
they also revealed his complex justifications for his crimes. 1:04:19.281:04:23.68
Father Thomas Brundage called priest paedophilia 1:05:08.921:05:13.56
"a form of homicide", 1:05:13.561:05:17.16
in that it takes away children's innocence. 1:05:17.161:05:21.24
Would you agree or disagree with that observation? 1:05:21.241:05:25.08
If you had asked me that in 1979, 1:05:25.081:05:27.12
I would not have agreed but if you 1:05:27.121:05:29.24
ask me that now in the year 2008, I would say in almost every case, yes. 1:05:29.241:05:36.16
What do you do about Father Murphy? 1:05:38.001:05:40.04
It was a question which repeated itself over and over again. 1:05:40.041:05:43.24
The statutes of limitation had expired 1:05:43.241:05:46.88
so criminal charges in the courts were out of the question. 1:05:46.881:05:52.16
Statute of limitations in the Church courts, 1:05:52.161:05:55.44
according to Church law, Canon law, had expired long before the others. 1:05:55.441:06:00.12
Then it became evident that it might be possible to still submit the 1:06:01.401:06:06.00
Murphy case on the basis of the way in which he used the confessional. 1:06:06.001:06:11.12
That was one where the statute of limitation never expires. 1:06:11.121:06:14.36
I submitted that to Cardinal Ratzinger's office. 1:06:15.881:06:19.64
Finally, I think after a year, we got an answer back saying, 1:06:19.641:06:23.08
"Yes, we can open the case." 1:06:23.081:06:25.24
Weakland had a private conversation with Cardinal Ratzinger. 1:06:27.841:06:32.52
Weakland also had a formal meeting to 1:06:32.521:06:34.60
plead his case at the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith. 1:06:34.601:06:39.12
The deaf community in Milwaukee wanted to dismiss Father Murphy 1:06:39.121:06:43.88
from religious life, so my heart went out to them. 1:06:43.881:06:47.48
It went out to the kids in particular 1:06:47.481:06:50.60
because they had not been believed by anybody. 1:06:50.601:06:54.60
This meeting was held in the last week of May. 1:06:55.761:06:58.76
In the middle of the summer, towards August, we got a letter 1:06:58.761:07:02.88
that this case would not go forward because Father Murphy was quite ill. 1:07:02.881:07:07.40
I felt awful having to go back and to say there was nothing more 1:07:11.241:07:15.12
I could do, I felt awful about that. 1:07:15.121:07:17.96
Weakland actually made an effort to do what any 1:07:19.481:07:25.36
ordinary citizen would do - get the guy out and protect others. 1:07:25.361:07:31.20
However, he did it without sacrificing his standing 1:07:31.201:07:38.56
in the clerical culture and with the Vatican. 1:07:38.561:07:41.44
He had his own sexual activity that he had to hide and keep secret 1:07:43.281:07:51.00
and that distorts the whole picture. 1:07:51.001:07:54.08
Weakland's activity was a homosexual affair that he had had with 1:07:54.081:07:58.64
a graduate student who ultimately blackmailed him 1:07:58.641:08:01.44
and the Church for 450,000. 1:08:01.441:08:03.92
Weakland's fall from grace 1:08:05.641:08:07.16
had nothing to do with sexual abuse really, 1:08:07.161:08:09.60
I mean, it was a consensual relationship 1:08:09.601:08:12.52
with somebody who was 35. 1:08:12.521:08:14.40
The big problem was the payoff, the paying for silence. 1:08:14.401:08:17.12
That was the real scandal. 1:08:17.121:08:19.48
This scandal distracted people from a key element of the Murphy story. 1:08:19.481:08:24.40
Rome may have refused to move against Murphy 1:08:24.401:08:26.92
because of a letter 1:08:26.921:08:28.04
that Father Murphy had written to Cardinal Ratzinger. 1:08:28.041:08:31.20
"I have repented of any of my past transgressions 1:08:34.601:08:38.00
"and have been living peaceably in northern Wisconsin for 24 years. 1:08:38.001:08:42.40
"I simply want to live out the time that I have left 1:08:42.401:08:45.00
"in the dignity of my priesthood." 1:08:45.001:08:48.68
It's not just, "I'm an old man. I'm an old PRIEST. I'm an old priest. 1:08:50.081:08:56.08
"Don't throw me away because I have this special mark. 1:08:56.081:08:59.64
"I am another Christ." 1:08:59.641:09:03.40
See, there is a heresy that the Church teaches. 1:09:03.401:09:06.88
When a man is ordained a priest, he is changed ontologically. 1:09:08.601:09:14.48
He is made a different brand of human being. A little less than the angels. 1:09:14.481:09:21.24
These are people set apart. 1:09:22.521:09:24.08
They are called, they are chosen by God, they want to protect 1:09:24.081:09:27.32
the sacramentality, the supernatural element and so that is 1:09:27.321:09:30.72
why they were very, very careful to do anything to the priest. 1:09:30.721:09:34.96
A priest can take bread and wine 1:09:34.961:09:37.92
and make Jesus Christ present on this altar. 1:09:37.921:09:41.72
He has power over heaven and hell, somebody comes to you in confession 1:09:43.361:09:48.64
and you say, "I won't absolve you" - he'll be damned. 1:09:48.641:09:54.12
The church court informed me 1:09:56.481:09:58.36
that Murphy couldn't go to his church hearing, 1:09:58.361:10:01.08
because he was too ill. 1:10:01.081:10:03.12
And Murphy wouldn't live much longer. 1:10:03.121:10:05.32
But Murphy went to play the slots. 1:10:07.481:10:09.60
And then he collapsed and was taken to the hospital. 1:10:11.401:10:14.36
Murphy passed away and he was buried in his priestly vestments, 1:10:18.641:10:23.80
in a Catholic cemetery. 1:10:23.801:10:25.52
LOUDSPEAKERS, IN ITALIAN: 'God helps throughout history. 1:10:48.841:10:51.84
'While contemplating the mystery we give thanks to God. 1:10:51.841:10:57.36
'We thank the Father.' 1:10:57.361:11:00.24
There are many people inside the Vatican 1:11:01.321:11:04.00
who still don't see how serious a matter this is. 1:11:04.001:11:07.60
And the code of Omerta, the code of silence, 1:11:07.601:11:10.72
keeps people from speaking out. 1:11:10.721:11:13.00
It's part of the whole psyche and mentality 1:11:17.281:11:20.44
and ethos of the hierarchy. 1:11:20.441:11:22.48
This idea that there are enemies out to destroy the church, 1:11:22.481:11:26.20
and do whatever you can to keep ammunition away from them. 1:11:26.201:11:30.28
For centuries the Vatican has been accustomed 1:11:30.281:11:34.56
to show to the world always that it is perfect. 1:11:34.561:11:38.76
So, you understand that the Vatican is terrorised that in Italy 1:11:38.761:11:43.48
you could have, also, thousands of sex abuse cases which, 1:11:43.481:11:48.56
up till now, have been hidden. 1:11:48.561:11:51.08
IN ITALIAN: 1:12:01.201:12:05.28
IN ITALIAN: 1:13:14.321:13:19.20
Throughout Italy, 1:13:33.121:13:34.88
news of victims is often drowned out by more powerful voices. 1:13:34.881:13:38.76
The signal from Vatican Radio is so strong that Romans can often 1:13:38.761:13:42.96
hear Sunday mass on their electric doorbells. 1:13:42.961:13:46.12
But when it comes to stories about sex abuse, 1:13:46.121:13:48.88
there is a deafening silence on Italy's national networks. 1:13:48.881:13:52.92
I think, for Catholic journalists, it has been a very difficult time. 1:13:52.921:13:55.84
I still hear some of the old Monsignori in the Vatican, 1:13:55.841:13:58.64
saying, "Oh, boys have always done this, 1:13:58.641:14:02.24
"in all-male environments, it's normal." 1:14:02.241:14:05.12
And, I mean, "This wasn't abuse, these kids, 1:14:05.121:14:08.00
"they were interested, and it's rites of passage." 1:14:08.001:14:11.00
Even in 2011. 1:14:11.001:14:12.76
One bishop made the statement, "Little boys heal. 1:14:12.761:14:16.44
"They will get over it." 1:14:16.441:14:18.20
In reference to a priest 1:14:18.201:14:19.92
who had marauded a number of young boys, 1:14:19.921:14:22.00
10, 12, 13-year-old boys. 1:14:22.001:14:24.04
Anally raping them, and things like that. You don't heal from that. 1:14:24.041:14:27.92
And most instances, your life is never the same. It's ruined. 1:14:27.921:14:31.84
I realised that the Vatican was in control of every priest 1:14:37.521:14:41.52
and every nun, every bishop and every cardinal, 1:14:41.521:14:44.24
and they were all under oath, they couldn't talk about it. 1:14:44.241:14:47.44
I couldn't stand seeing the church tell everyone to keep quiet, 1:14:47.441:14:50.48
and not talk about it. 1:14:50.481:14:52.48
Terry, having written to Cardinal Sodano, 1:14:54.841:14:58.80
on that, I felt we could build a case. 1:14:58.801:15:01.72
Jeff said, "Your letter to the Vatican was very powerful, 1:15:03.081:15:06.12
"and I'd be honoured to represent you." 1:15:06.121:15:09.88
I immediately agreed, and signed the paperwork. 1:15:10.921:15:14.24
When they left, I said to my wife, 1:15:14.241:15:16.24
"Jeff is going to help me sue the Vatican. 1:15:16.241:15:19.32
"He's going to get things in motion." 1:15:19.321:15:22.80
I love Jeff for that. 1:15:22.801:15:24.80
Jeff Anderson & Associates filed a lawsuit 1:15:24.801:15:27.36
against the Vatican on Terry's behalf. 1:15:27.361:15:29.76
The suit named Pope Benedict, the current Vatican Secretary of State, 1:15:29.761:15:33.40
Cardinal Bertone, and the former Secretary of State, Cardinal Sodano. 1:15:33.401:15:38.36
What we implore the Vatican to do in this lawsuit, 1:15:38.361:15:41.12
and what we need them to do, is to act. 1:15:41.121:15:43.52
That is, to disclose the secrets, 1:15:43.521:15:46.28
the evidence of the crimes that they have, 1:15:46.281:15:48.96
the identities of the offenders, 1:15:48.961:15:51.04
and the bishops, archbishops and cardinals 1:15:51.041:15:53.76
that have been complicit in those crimes, worldwide. 1:15:53.761:15:57.00
As a result of Terry's lawsuit, 1:15:59.041:16:01.04
documents were uncovered revealing the role of Rome 1:16:01.041:16:04.04
in the worldwide sex abuse scandal 1:16:04.041:16:06.44
that caught the attention of the New York Times. 1:16:06.441:16:09.28
These documents seemed to turn the whole story 1:16:09.281:16:12.32
that we'd been writing all these years, on its head. 1:16:12.321:16:16.28
Up until then, what we thought was that American bishops were at fault. 1:16:16.281:16:20.64
With these documents, for the first time, 1:16:20.641:16:23.16
we saw communication between American bishops 1:16:23.161:16:25.68
and in particular the office run by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, 1:16:25.681:16:29.08
in which the American bishops are pleading 1:16:29.081:16:31.44
with officials in the Vatican, repeatedly, 1:16:31.441:16:34.32
saying, "Help us get this priest out of the priesthood. 1:16:34.321:16:38.32
"The victims are asking us to defrock him." 1:16:38.321:16:41.60
And the response from the Vatican is to have compassion for the priest, 1:16:41.601:16:46.44
and almost no thought at all about the victims. 1:16:46.441:16:48.60
And you see that in these documents. 1:16:48.601:16:50.80
I was completely unprepared for the reaction. 1:16:50.801:16:54.24
I had no idea how big the story was. 1:16:54.241:16:57.12
I got hate mail, I got hate phone calls that were anti-Semitic. 1:16:57.121:17:01.56
The New York Times, and me personally, 1:17:01.561:17:04.64
we were accused of being anti-Catholic. 1:17:04.641:17:07.92
This is being driven by Jeffrey Anderson, 1:17:07.921:17:10.48
teaming up with the New York Times, going back half a century. 1:17:10.481:17:13.92
The alleged abuse took place in the 1950s. 1:17:13.921:17:17.16
The Vatican didn't find out about the case until 1996. 1:17:17.161:17:22.00
Ratzinger goes ahead and orders an investigation, 1:17:22.001:17:25.20
and during that two-year period while they are investigating, 1:17:25.201:17:28.12
Father Murphy dies. 1:17:28.121:17:29.44
Now what exactly was Ratzinger supposed to do? 1:17:29.441:17:31.96
Where is the wrongdoing? 1:17:31.961:17:33.12
It appeared to me that Mr Donohue didn't even read the story. 1:17:33.121:17:37.20
The victims, and their advocates, met with Archbishop Cousins in 1974. 1:17:37.201:17:43.96
And there were representatives of the Vatican in that meeting. 1:17:45.561:17:49.72
They were introduced to two men who said 1:17:49.721:17:52.68
they were from the Papal Nuncio's office. 1:17:52.681:17:55.20
There was a way that the Vatican was informed 1:17:55.201:17:58.04
of that case, as early as 1974. 1:17:58.041:18:01.00
IN ITALIAN: 1:18:01.001:18:04.84
Deny, minimise, and blame. 1:18:10.801:18:13.60
And so they now blame the media, 1:18:13.601:18:17.08
they now blame the lawyers, 1:18:17.081:18:20.68
they now even blame the survivors. 1:18:20.681:18:24.08
In 2011, Jeff Anderson & Associates 1:18:24.081:18:26.72
attempted to serve legal papers from Terry's lawsuit, to the Vatican. 1:18:26.721:18:30.92
The FedEx package was returned, with the Vatican's comment marked, 1:18:30.921:18:35.48
"undesired and unwanted". 1:18:35.481:18:37.44
Forcing Anderson's next attempt 1:18:37.441:18:39.24
to be made through the US State Department. 1:18:39.241:18:41.28
The church claims to be, and is recognised as, a state. 1:18:41.281:18:45.96
States have immunities, states have their own law. 1:18:45.961:18:49.08
They are severely disordered, and that's why they abuse. 1:18:49.081:18:53.24
Geoffrey Robertson is a human rights lawyer, 1:18:53.241:18:55.36
and the author of the book The Case of the Pope. 1:18:55.361:18:58.60
He seeks to hold the Pope accountable 1:18:58.601:19:00.44
for crimes against humanity, 1:19:00.441:19:02.24
and to demolish the diplomatic immunity of the Vatican. 1:19:02.241:19:05.72
The Vatican is not really a state. 1:19:05.721:19:08.24
It's a tiny little religious enclave in Rome. 1:19:08.241:19:12.04
It doesn't have a people. There are no Vaticanians. 1:19:12.041:19:14.72
No-one gets born in the Vatican, except by accident. 1:19:14.721:19:19.04
It's a group of celibate religious figures. 1:19:19.041:19:22.88
It's got no army, no soccer team, 1:19:22.881:19:25.44
none of the attributes of statehood. 1:19:25.441:19:28.36
Yet it has this power because of an historical anomaly. 1:19:28.361:19:31.80
In 1929, Mussolini made an alliance 1:19:31.801:19:35.56
with the man who became Pope Pious XI. 1:19:35.561:19:39.44
The church supported Mussolini's one-party, fascist state, 1:19:39.441:19:45.44
in return for being given the attribute of statehood. 1:19:45.441:19:50.92
It is the creation of a state 1:19:50.921:19:53.20
for the Catholic Church, by fascists. 1:19:53.201:19:56.40
This fence is the border of the country 1:19:58.321:20:00.96
that is known as the Vatican. 1:20:00.961:20:02.96
178 countries now acknowledge the Vatican as a state. 1:20:02.961:20:07.04
Politicians like to go and meet the Pope. 1:20:07.041:20:11.20
They like to have the blessing of the Pope, 1:20:11.201:20:14.28
to encourage their voters. 1:20:14.281:20:16.32
But the Pope poses a problem. 1:20:17.481:20:19.88
According to Canon Law, 1:20:19.881:20:21.88
the Pontiff cannot be judged by any civil or religious authority. 1:20:21.881:20:25.68
He is beyond the law. 1:20:25.681:20:27.80
It will be, I think, an important task, 1:20:27.801:20:31.56
to work out how to bring the Pope beneath the law, 1:20:31.561:20:35.08
by arguing either that the Vatican is not a real state 1:20:35.081:20:39.24
or that the degree of his negligence 1:20:39.241:20:42.04
over the child abuse scandal 1:20:42.041:20:44.04
does involve him in a crime against humanity. 1:20:44.041:20:47.24
This is a global church 1:20:52.121:20:53.76
that is growing most rapidly in the developing world. 1:20:53.761:20:57.36
In these cultures, the idea of someone coming forward 1:20:57.361:21:01.88
and saying a priest has done something wrong, 1:21:01.881:21:05.72
it doesn't happen. 1:21:05.721:21:07.76
There is such a stigma to this problem, 1:21:07.761:21:10.40
so much shame and embarrassment, but we know it goes on there. 1:21:10.401:21:15.04
Because it's a human problem. 1:21:15.041:21:16.80
And there have started to be cases, in Latin America, 1:21:16.801:21:19.80
in the Philippines, even some in Africa and India, very slowly. 1:21:19.801:21:23.96
They are about where the American church was in the 1960s and 1970s. 1:21:23.961:21:28.28
There is going to be a delayed reaction in that part of the world. 1:21:28.281:21:32.36
In America, one of the church's most public defenders 1:21:35.481:21:38.60
has been Timothy Dolan, who was recently promoted to Cardinal. 1:21:38.601:21:42.32
In 2009, Dolan was the Archbishop of Milwaukee, 1:21:43.921:21:47.76
where he endured legal settlements to abuse victims 1:21:47.761:21:50.84
that cost the church more than 26 million. 1:21:50.841:21:53.84
When you think of what happened, 1:21:53.841:21:55.76
both that a man who proposes to act in the name of God 1:21:55.761:21:59.00
would abuse an innocent young person, 1:21:59.001:22:01.00
and that some bishops would have, in a way, countenanced that, 1:22:01.001:22:04.80
by reassigning abusers, that's nothing less than hideous. 1:22:04.801:22:08.04
Nothing less than nauseating. 1:22:08.041:22:10.00
The second story, morally, is the church's reaction to that, 1:22:10.001:22:13.76
which I think has been good. 1:22:13.761:22:15.48
Many would disagree. 1:22:16.521:22:18.52
The fact is that abuse cases 1:22:18.521:22:20.36
continue to surface all over the country. 1:22:20.361:22:23.16
While in Milwaukee, Dolan met with victims, 1:22:24.761:22:27.60
but also took bold steps to protect the church from their claims. 1:22:27.601:22:31.44
Survivors note that Dolan moved assets 1:22:33.041:22:35.76
from living victims to dead souls, 1:22:35.761:22:38.16
by transferring 55 million of church money to a cemetery trust. 1:22:38.161:22:42.60
Then in 2011, the Archdiocese declared bankruptcy. 1:22:43.801:22:47.92
But in 2012, 570 victims of sex abuse, 1:22:50.161:22:53.20
including Arthur and Gary, 1:22:53.201:22:55.44
were granted the right to a trial against the Church 1:22:55.441:22:59.64
in Milwaukee's bankruptcy court. 1:22:59.641:23:02.24
Their goal was to uncover more documents regarding sex abuse 1:23:02.241:23:05.92
and to obtain cash settlements for survivors. 1:23:05.921:23:08.60
This is the largest organisation in the world. 1:23:10.881:23:14.52
You have rivers of cash, Sunday after Sunday, 1:23:14.521:23:18.20
that flow into these collection plates. 1:23:18.201:23:20.40
There is great concern within the hierarchy 1:23:20.401:23:23.28
about the impact of the financial losses. 1:23:23.281:23:26.04
Eight diocese have taken bankruptcy protection 1:23:26.041:23:29.48
to negotiate mass settlements, 1:23:29.481:23:31.76
Boston lost more than 50% of it's parishes. 1:23:31.761:23:34.80
IN ITALIAN: 1:23:38.681:23:41.96
Benedict XVI would like to heal the situation, to heal the victims. 1:23:59.281:24:04.12
On the other hand, he is in a sort of stalemate 1:24:05.521:24:08.64
because the organisations of the victims 1:24:08.641:24:11.60
want full transparency about the past. 1:24:11.601:24:16.12
They don't want only that the priests are defrocked. 1:24:16.121:24:19.56
They want full transparency about the past. 1:24:19.561:24:23.48
And I don't think that Benedict XVI is able to resolve this problem. 1:24:23.481:24:28.88
The ongoing revelations have provoked survivors to demand 1:24:31.321:24:34.48
a complete accounting of all cases of paedophile priests. 1:24:34.481:24:38.04
Open the archives. 1:24:39.401:24:41.60
The church is a perfect society. 1:24:49.161:24:51.32
And its witness is as perfect society to the rest of the world. 1:24:51.321:24:55.64
If we could get that out of our minds... 1:24:55.641:24:57.84
Maybe we could take the pedestal away from the priest, 1:25:00.161:25:03.52
take the pedestal away from the cardinals, take the pedestal away 1:25:03.521:25:06.92
from the whole church, and be willing to say, 1:25:06.921:25:09.84
"This is us, world. This is us. This is who we are. 1:25:09.841:25:13.84
"We are a church of imperfect people." 1:25:13.841:25:17.00
Jesus wasn't afraid of humanity, and we shouldn't be either. 1:25:18.201:25:21.08
When I'm asked in court, often times, 1:25:24.281:25:26.40
"How many times have you testified on behalf of the church?" 1:25:26.401:25:29.40
And my response usually is, "Always." 1:25:29.401:25:31.60
And they'll say, "Really?!" "Yeah, really." 1:25:31.601:25:33.56
The people, they are the church. 1:25:33.561:25:35.72
The victims, their mothers, fathers, friends, 1:25:35.721:25:38.00
those are the church. 1:25:38.001:25:40.28
They're the people of God, 1:25:40.281:25:41.80
as is found very clearly in the Gospel stories of Christ. 1:25:41.801:25:45.48
They are the people of God, they're the church. 1:25:45.481:25:49.04
Hi, my name is Gary Smith. Hello. I thank you all for coming here today. 1:25:52.721:25:57.24
One of our heroes. 1:25:58.801:26:00.36
Thank you all for coming here and supporting us here today. 1:26:03.401:26:06.68
Thank you. I love you. 1:26:06.681:26:07.92
I'm so glad that all of us are here and willing to share, 1:26:17.961:26:21.12
and I thank the whole team of lawyers that have been here, 1:26:21.121:26:24.36
supporting all of us. 1:26:24.361:26:25.68
I really went into hiding for about 35 years. 1:26:25.681:26:28.64
And now I'm here, and I feel really good. 1:26:28.641:26:31.92
The future of the children is what's important. 1:26:31.921:26:34.96
And I decided to come and support everyone, all the victims. 1:26:34.961:26:37.36
That filing of that bankruptcy did not stop us. 1:26:40.641:26:45.00
And will not stop us. 1:26:45.001:26:47.24
The idea of a group of deaf men, 1:26:49.561:26:51.56
leafleting the cars outside of a cathedral, 1:26:51.561:26:57.24
with a wanted poster of a priest, 1:26:57.241:27:00.56
at a time when nobody suspected priests of wrongdoing, not 1:27:00.561:27:07.12
to mention sexual abuse, 1:27:07.121:27:09.36
and trying to shout and to warn, 1:27:09.361:27:14.20
that just bowled me over. 1:27:14.201:27:18.08
They were really the first victims who realised 1:27:18.081:27:20.92
that they had to make public what was taking place. And they did that. 1:27:20.921:27:24.92
And to think that a quarter of a century later, 1:27:24.921:27:29.08
this case is bringing about change, 1:27:29.081:27:31.32
that is a moment of resurrection. 1:27:31.321:27:34.00
Coming out of this silence, of this deaf community, 1:27:34.001:27:36.92
is this unbelievably loud and deafening cry for justice. 1:27:36.921:27:41.56
Subtitles by Red Bee Media 1:28:14.961:28:18.04