Old wounds are reopened when Lynley investigates the disturbing death of his godson more than a decade after the boy's disappearance. Lynley is drawn into the case, leading him first to Rome and then headlong into the middle of a new murder enquiry in which Lynley himself becomes the prime suspect. Will Havers be able to save his skin?

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Transcript Preview

Christ, the damages only return investors0:00:16.880:00:19.28
to where they'd be if you hadn't made the assurances,0:00:19.280:00:22.36
not if they'd been true. Give an inch on that and we truly are dead.0:00:22.360:00:25.92
- Julia!
  - Think you've had enough?
If a man can't have a drink on his son's birthday...0:00:31.120:00:33.84
Anyway, Justin should be in bed. Tell your mother.0:00:33.840:00:36.48
Hello, Thomas.0:00:42.920:00:44.56
It's Tommy. No-one calls me Thomas.0:00:44.560:00:46.88
Leaving us so soon, Sergeant McCaffrey?0:00:48.600:00:51.92
Who else is going to keep Wimborne safe?0:00:51.920:00:54.72
  - Daddy says Justin should go to bed.
- Darling, would you be an angel?
Hold that for me, Tommy.0:00:58.840:01:01.24
Oh, sure. How do I turn this off?0:01:01.240:01:03.32
Is it off?0:01:03.320:01:04.88
Say goodnight to your godson.0:01:04.880:01:06.48
Good night, Justin, sleep well. Have you had a good birthday?0:01:06.480:01:10.16
- Night, darling. - Night-night, Mummy.0:01:10.160:01:12.88
We shall stay on and party on in your honour.0:01:12.880:01:15.28
- ..Thank you.
  - Come on.
Has anyone seen Justin?0:02:09.880:02:12.24
- Darling? - He's not in his bed, he's gone.0:02:12.240:02:14.60
Where are you? Justin!0:02:16.200:02:18.20
PHONE RINGS0:03:22.080:03:25.04
RINGING TONE0:03:29.680:03:32.40
PHONE CONTINUES RINGING0:03:32.400:03:35.04
It's Justin.0:03:46.360:03:48.32
They've found him.0:03:48.320:03:51.20
DOORBELL BUZZES0:03:54.240:03:56.04
DOOR OPENS >0:03:58.320:03:59.60
Hello. What are you doing here?0:04:01.160:04:03.12
I heard that you'd stopped your sessions with the police therapist.0:04:03.120:04:06.72
She asked me to draw my grief. Hah.0:04:06.720:04:09.36
I don't mind you not getting back to me0:04:09.360:04:11.56
or I don't know when you're coming back,0:04:11.560:04:13.88
but I want to know that you're taking to someone.0:04:13.880:04:16.80
  - I'm doing OK, really.
  - There's no-one, is there?
Look, it's a fine line between concerned friend and intrusive pest.0:04:19.920:04:23.80
Yeah, are there's a finer one between drowning your sorrows0:04:23.800:04:27.12
  - and drinking yourself to death.
  - God!
  - Where are you going?
  - None of your business.
  - Your breath stinks.
  - I'll buy some mints.
Yeah, that'll fix it(!)0:04:33.960:04:36.68
  - Excuse me.
- No, excuse me.
Are you sure the booze is out of your system?0:04:38.880:04:41.52
Why don't you arrest me and find out?0:04:41.520:04:43.72
  - Look, I didn't come here to...
  - Thank you very much.
- Bye, Mum. - Bye, darling.0:05:03.720:05:05.84
- What's going on, Dad? - Nothing.0:05:07.040:05:09.56
Absolutely nothing.0:05:09.560:05:11.20
It hasn't changed at all.0:05:58.040:05:59.84
- Where's the body, Mike?
  - Vivienne.
If it's Justin, I'll know.0:06:38.240:06:40.12
Let's hear what Mike has to say.0:06:40.120:06:42.84
Well, our forensics say the skeleton's the right size0:06:42.840:06:45.92
and it does have a breakage here.0:06:45.920:06:47.76
Lots of children break their arms.0:06:47.760:06:49.76
Yes, yes, I know they do, so we're going to have to take a DNA test from you to be sure.0:06:49.760:06:54.40
Why don't you use Justin's own DNA?0:06:54.400:06:56.48
His hairbrush, his teddies are all still at the house.0:06:56.480:06:59.60
  - OK.
- I can't wait that long.
No, Vivienne...0:07:02.720:07:04.60
Let me be your eyes.0:07:04.600:07:06.24
And then if you still want to see, fine.0:07:06.240:07:08.56
  - Who found him?
- Some kids.
When the river burst its banks,0:07:38.640:07:40.52
the water forced its way up through an old drain.0:07:40.520:07:43.24
He'd been stuffed inside, covered with bricks and earth.0:07:43.240:07:46.84
Cause of death is probably this blow to the head.0:07:47.840:07:50.68
- You'd need a forensic pathologist for this, wouldn't you?
  - Mmm.
  - What?
- Nothing, just good to see you.
Thanks for the card, by the way.0:08:02.800:08:05.08
Sorry I haven't replied.0:08:05.080:08:06.72
Don't be stupid.0:08:06.720:08:08.24
Are you coping?0:08:10.360:08:11.88
OK, all things considered.0:08:14.280:08:17.52
But you miss her?0:08:17.520:08:19.48
What do you think?0:08:19.480:08:21.76
My wife died the day after Conrad was born.0:08:21.760:08:24.44
It does get better. You think it never will, but it really does.0:08:25.960:08:30.16
< Sir.0:08:30.160:08:31.68
I'm sorry.0:08:55.760:08:57.28
HE IMITATES AN AEROPLANE0:09:16.720:09:19.64
..if you hadn't made the assurances!0:09:22.320:09:24.32
Night-night, my darling.0:09:24.320:09:25.80
- Night-night, Mummy.
  - We're going to party on in your honour.
I've tried mutual friends, searched all my old address books...0:09:52.720:09:56.92
Thanks anyway, Conrad. I hope we didn't drag you out of court.0:09:56.920:10:00.12
You didn't have to come down, you know?0:10:03.960:10:06.12
Yes, I did, Dad.0:10:06.120:10:08.72
  - Inspector.
- Conrad.
You can call me Tommy now, you know?0:10:10.960:10:13.04
You searched your old address books for...?0:10:14.560:10:17.08
They're not in contact with Julia.0:10:17.080:10:19.52
Last anyone heard, she was teaching primary school in Rome.0:10:19.520:10:22.72
The embassy are on to it.0:10:22.720:10:24.04
  - What's the news on your old prime suspect, Sullivan?
- Terminal cancer.
If he killed Justin, he's taking it to the grave.0:10:28.560:10:31.76
Deathbed confession? Shall we have a shot at that?0:10:32.920:10:35.84
I'll see if I can find which rock he's hiding under.0:10:35.840:10:38.56
Five's a crowd?0:10:41.880:10:43.76
What's all this about Julia?0:10:53.440:10:56.12
She never came to terms with Justin's disappearance.0:10:56.120:10:59.36
But we had to - for Oliver.0:10:59.360:11:02.68
And she holds that against you?0:11:02.680:11:04.56
Shall we?0:11:04.560:11:06.08
Never went to sleep without Jack.0:11:30.720:11:33.36
Actually, erm... This might be more help.0:11:33.360:11:36.44
  - Thank you.
- OK.
I'll say this for tragedy -0:11:38.960:11:41.40
it clears the mind like an acid bath.0:11:41.400:11:43.52
Before we lost Justin, life was wasted on me.0:11:50.920:11:53.84
I was completely obsessed with making money0:11:53.840:11:56.40
- because I'd married into so much.
  - I remember. And now?
Now, I'm a bum. Bit of charity work, bit of property.0:11:59.520:12:03.44
If the gutters need clearing out, I'll do it myself.0:12:03.440:12:06.64
And when Oliver wants help with his homework,0:12:06.640:12:09.16
it's a pleasure not a chore.0:12:09.160:12:10.64
The embassy got hold of Julia. She says she's not coming.0:12:10.640:12:14.00
She's not coming home for Justin's funeral.0:12:14.000:12:16.80
  - Ciao, bambini!
Ciao! Ciao!0:12:58.000:12:59.52
  - Julia?
- Tommy.
Ah, you remembered?0:13:06.280:13:08.16
Did my parents send you?0:13:08.160:13:10.16
No, I volunteered.0:13:10.160:13:12.16
Well, if you want to know, it's a relief.0:13:12.160:13:14.40
That's not how your mum sees it.0:13:14.400:13:16.76
Well, I'm not going to break open the champagne.0:13:16.760:13:19.84
I mean, she still had hope.0:13:19.840:13:22.44
Vivienne never was any good with bad news.0:13:23.960:13:27.68
She's had to learn. It'd mean a lot to them if you came back.0:13:27.680:13:31.96
My brother's dead.0:13:31.960:13:33.56
I don't need a ceremony to mourn him.0:13:33.560:13:36.20
I'm sorry, I have to go.0:13:37.080:13:39.48
At least let me buy you a cup of coffee.0:13:39.480:13:41.68
  - Buongiorno.
  - Buongiorno.
  - Un cappuccino, per favore.
  - Due, grazie.
- Prego.
Forget about your parents.0:13:58.000:14:00.44
Forget about the funeral. Just think about Justin.0:14:00.440:14:03.68
He's been waiting years for this.0:14:03.680:14:05.84
  - Where was he?
- In an old drain.
And no-one looked before?0:14:12.360:14:14.12
He was covered with bricks.0:14:14.120:14:16.64
The river overflowed and pushed his body up...0:14:16.640:14:20.92
I asked.0:14:24.560:14:27.48
You really do have to say goodbye, you know?0:14:27.480:14:30.40
You're talking from experience?0:14:30.400:14:32.24
I need to pack.0:14:41.800:14:43.72
Sam and Vivienne said they hadn't seen you in ages.0:14:52.160:14:55.36
  - Because I resented them moving on?
- There's no truth in that?
  - None.
- So?
Actually, I'd rather not.0:15:00.760:15:02.28
I hope you didn't take time off work.0:15:05.800:15:08.12
No, not really. I'm on compassionate leave.0:15:08.120:15:12.16
My wife, erm...0:15:12.160:15:14.44
What was her name?0:15:14.440:15:16.96
It's not so bad. I should be back at work quite soon, I think.0:15:19.480:15:22.92
Was it sudden?0:15:22.920:15:24.16
  - Do you know, I'd...
  - You'd rather not?
Wait a sec.0:15:33.120:15:34.88
  - You all right?
- Yes.
Move! Move!0:16:40.840:16:42.36
Lost him. What's that?0:16:57.400:17:00.56
It fell out of his pocket.0:17:00.560:17:03.24
C'era qualcuno che ha preso...0:17:06.840:17:09.28
Qualcosa dalla casa mia - un inglese, alto.0:17:09.280:17:12.16
Si, la camera la nove, pero non so il nome.0:17:12.160:17:14.72
There's an English man in room nine, but he doesn't know his name.0:17:18.760:17:22.32
Let's go and have a look.0:17:22.320:17:23.68
Hello? Hello!0:17:27.600:17:31.24
Let me have a go.0:17:31.240:17:32.76
Where did you learn that?0:17:34.880:17:36.52
A crime prevention course in Battersea.0:17:36.520:17:39.44
Don't ask.0:17:39.440:17:40.96
  - Oh my God.
- What?
He's from home.0:18:06.120:18:07.72
What did he want in my flat?0:18:07.720:18:10.40
Chi siete? Che cosa fate qua dentro?0:18:12.280:18:15.80
Immediatamente uscite!0:18:15.800:18:17.32
La policia! Ma che cosa credete!0:18:17.320:18:19.68
I'll get his fingerprints off this. I'll run them when we get back.0:18:23.240:18:26.80
You find Justin and someone from home breaks into my apartment.0:18:26.800:18:30.20
How can that be a coincidence?0:18:30.200:18:31.80
  - We'll find out who it was.
- What if he's not on your records?
We need to get you packed and then we'll catch our plane.0:18:34.880:18:38.44
I'm not sure I'm up to the drive down tonight.0:19:00.240:19:02.96
  - Well, I'm driving.
- No, I mean seeing my parents - the whole deal.
OK, well, why don't we go first thing in the morning?0:19:08.360:19:13.08
  - Just moved in?
- It's a friend's place, actually.
Through here.0:19:34.560:19:37.08
THUNDER RUMBLES0:19:37.080:19:39.32
Is this OK?0:19:47.720:19:49.60
  - Do you want to go and grab a drink?
  - Sure. I'll just let Sam know.
HE DIALS HIS PHONE0:20:01.280:20:03.68
- 'Hello.'
  - Sam, it's Tommy.
Yeah, I've got Julia with me.0:20:09.320:20:11.92
We'll be down tomorrow by noon.0:20:11.920:20:13.88
'That's great news, Tommy. Thank you.'0:20:13.880:20:16.16
How did the call to Dad go?0:20:22.880:20:24.40
Oh, fine.0:20:24.400:20:26.16
I said we'd be down by midday.0:20:26.160:20:27.68
God, this place is sad.0:20:30.080:20:31.92
I don't mean "naff", I mean sad.0:20:33.480:20:35.84
Unfortunately, rather tragically, my local has become a gastropub...0:20:35.840:20:40.84
No, not this bar.0:20:40.840:20:43.12
  - It's England.
- You're biased.
- In Rome, they all sing Don Giovanni and read Dante.
  - In Latin.
I don't think so!0:20:52.440:20:54.40
Why did you settle there?0:20:54.400:20:56.96
I don't know.0:20:56.960:20:58.64
What was it that John Lennon said?0:20:59.640:21:02.36
"Life is what happens when you're making other plans."0:21:02.360:21:06.00
  - That was Ringo Starr.
- Ringo never said anything famous.
The thing about Rome is you can be alone without being lonely.0:21:14.120:21:18.00
What if you weren't alone?0:21:18.000:21:19.84
"What if" are the deadliest words in the English language.0:21:19.840:21:23.36
The prognosis can't be that bleak.0:21:23.360:21:25.28
I saw a lot of beautiful women in Rome,0:21:25.280:21:27.32
but you're not that hard on the eye!0:21:27.320:21:29.20
I have plenty of single male friends if you're worried about my sex life.0:21:29.200:21:33.36
I wasn't. What happens when they fall for you?0:21:33.360:21:37.72
Never let things get that far.0:21:37.720:21:40.16
Poor single male friends.0:21:40.160:21:42.04
I'm not waiting to be swept off my feet.0:21:42.040:21:44.24
Now that sounds like famous last words.0:21:44.240:21:47.24
  - Check out the ego on you!
- No, I'm talking from experience.
Before Helen, I would go to friends' weddings0:21:51.320:21:54.44
and I would think, "How lovely, how sweet.0:21:54.440:21:57.40
"Thank God I'm waking up in the morning by myself..."0:21:57.400:22:00.40
or at least the morning after that.0:22:00.400:22:02.48
She changed you and then abandoned you?0:22:02.480:22:04.80
What a bitch.0:22:07.520:22:09.52
PAPER CRACKLES0:22:12.040:22:14.96
So, what do you say?0:22:24.040:22:26.04
I say that's bloody annoying, actually.0:22:29.080:22:31.64
I say it's a sign.0:22:31.640:22:33.84
  - A sign of what?
  - We need another bottle.
It was, erm...very kind of you to come and get me.0:22:50.520:22:54.72
More than kind.0:22:54.720:22:56.24
If looks could kill.0:23:06.800:23:07.88
I think it's because I missed the last residents' meeting.0:23:07.880:23:11.00
I hope you're ashamed of yourself.0:23:11.000:23:13.28
I borrowed this.0:24:30.040:24:31.72
Are you OK?0:24:33.560:24:35.92
But you feel like a traitor.0:24:37.560:24:39.16
MOBILE PHONE RINGS0:24:40.720:24:42.96
Um...that's mine.0:24:42.960:24:44.44
  - It was just a shock for me. No, I can't.
Give me a minute.0:25:04.720:25:06.64
A particularly keen single male friend.0:25:12.840:25:15.48
I thought you didn't let things get that far?0:25:15.480:25:18.40
I didn't want you to hear me being horrid.0:25:20.000:25:22.80
FOOTSTEPS APPROACH0:26:05.760:26:07.56
LOUD CRASH0:26:07.560:26:09.40
Right, get up and put your hands where we can see them!0:26:09.400:26:12.60
What's going on?0:26:12.600:26:14.68
Where's Julia?0:26:14.680:26:16.20
How did she take the news about her brother?0:26:38.760:26:41.16
Yeah, she said it was a relief.0:26:46.480:26:49.04
And what about last night?0:26:49.040:26:51.20
Did she seem upset then?0:26:51.200:26:53.04
It was on her mind...0:26:54.760:26:57.16
- But nothing made you think she was suicidal?
  - No.
Did you have sex with her?0:27:03.160:27:04.76
Come on, you don't have to think about that.0:27:06.840:27:10.84
Yes, I did.0:27:10.840:27:13.44
Then I agree with you.0:27:15.280:27:16.72
Doesn't sound like she was suicidal.0:27:17.880:27:19.84
Which is problematic.0:27:21.280:27:22.80
Door-to-door under way, Detective Superintendent Tate.0:27:22.800:27:26.56
I had no reason to harm her,0:27:26.560:27:29.04
but someone else might have done.0:27:29.040:27:30.92
- Tell me.
  - Justin's killer was never caught.
Ancient history.0:27:35.560:27:38.00
Yesterday, if that's recent enough for you,0:27:38.000:27:40.56
  - Julia had an intruder in her apartment in Rome.
- Great.
Will the Italian police corroborate this?0:27:45.520:27:48.32
Thomas Lynley, I am arresting you0:27:51.280:27:54.28
on suspicion of the murder of Julia Oborne.0:27:54.280:27:58.36
Do you have any questions at this time?0:27:58.360:28:00.84
- Just let me speak to him.
  - After I've interviewed him.
- Five minutes?
What's the urgency?0:29:10.280:29:11.84
You know bloody well he didn't kill her!0:29:11.840:29:14.52
Sorry, Ma'am.0:29:15.120:29:17.08
I would reserve judgment if I were you,0:29:17.080:29:19.64
see how the interview goes.0:29:19.640:29:21.12
I'm just concerned for his welfare.0:29:21.120:29:23.08
And I'm concerned for the young woman I just scraped off the pavement.0:29:23.080:29:26.92
Look, he's my partner0:29:28.600:29:30.32
and six months ago his wife was shot dead in front of him.0:29:30.320:29:33.96
I just want to do right by him... Ma'am.0:29:33.960:29:37.28
SHE SIGHS0:29:37.280:29:40.72
If he cries on your shoulder...0:29:42.400:29:44.36
It's admissible, I know.0:29:44.360:29:46.16
Don't make me regret this.0:29:49.680:29:51.96
DOOR OPENS0:29:59.920:30:01.92
Are you OK?0:30:04.440:30:05.88
Who called you?0:30:07.880:30:09.72
  - Are you OK?
- You mean, "Did I do it"?
No, I mean, are you bloody OK?0:30:12.600:30:14.60
God, I've been asking you that for the last six months!0:30:14.600:30:18.40
I need your help.0:30:20.040:30:22.04
Somebody broke into Julia's apartment.0:30:30.440:30:33.36
- I need you to check for fingerprints on that.
  - This is evidence!
- Tate isn't remotely interested in it.
  - No, I can't!
- Barbara, please!
- Don't say another word, Tommy.
  - Conrad.
- Dad called me.
  - I don't need a lawyer.
- Are you under caution?
  - Yes.
- You need a lawyer.
  - He's right.
My client really doesn't need your advice.0:30:53.480:30:55.84
Conrad, this isn't the arresting officer. This is my friend, DS Havers.0:30:55.840:30:59.60
What the hell happened, Tommy?0:31:10.280:31:13.20
- How's he doing?
  - Not good.
He wants this checked for prints and DNA -0:31:21.000:31:23.24
after hours, but right now, if you get me.0:31:23.240:31:25.56
Why aren't we sharing this with Tate?0:31:25.560:31:28.24
Cos for her, there's only one suspect and she's talking to him.0:31:28.240:31:32.68
Cheers, Stu.0:31:32.680:31:33.92
Julia got a call on her mobile0:31:38.960:31:41.96
at around...2am.0:31:41.960:31:46.16
Ex-boyfriend from Rome.0:31:47.680:31:49.12
It was from a pay-phone opposite your apartment.0:31:50.360:31:53.72
What's more likely is you made the call to introduce a third party,0:31:54.960:31:58.60
- but we're jumping ahead...
  - To unsubstantiated conclusions.
So, you were bringing Miss Oborne home as a favour to her parents?0:32:02.680:32:09.48
  - Yes.
- And that included having sexual intercourse with her?
Julia Oborne was a 29-year-old adult.0:32:15.520:32:17.92
Are you making a point or just a cheap shot?0:32:17.920:32:20.36
Three bottles of red. There a reason you drank so much?0:32:20.360:32:24.44
Nothing specific.0:32:26.960:32:28.68
I think, in different ways, we just wanted to forget.0:32:28.680:32:35.40
- In your case, the loss of your wife?
  - Don't answer that, Tommy.
Your wife was shot dead, right in front of you, wasn't she?0:32:39.360:32:42.96
You know she was.0:32:47.760:32:49.32
I hope the Met are providing counselling for PTS?0:32:49.320:32:53.76
  - They were. They did.
- What happened?
I wasn't getting anything from it.0:32:56.000:32:58.76
- Perhaps you were still too angry?
  - Perhaps.
Did you get angry with Miss Oborne?0:33:01.240:33:03.36
You've asked that 20 different ways.0:33:03.360:33:05.56
My client has already stated his innocence.0:33:05.560:33:08.20
Was it the first time you'd had sex since your wife?0:33:08.200:33:11.24
Detective Superintendent, your desperation is becoming offensive.0:33:11.240:33:15.28
Yes. Yes, it was.0:33:15.280:33:18.16
You waited a long time then?0:33:20.440:33:22.44
As a policeman, I'm sure you know it's hard to tell the difference,0:33:25.000:33:28.76
forensically, between consensual sex and other kinds.0:33:28.760:33:31.96
This is a fishing trip.0:33:31.960:33:33.24
You have no motive and my guess is, no forensics,0:33:33.240:33:36.00
so I insist you release my client immediately.0:33:36.000:33:38.76
Oh, you insist?0:33:38.760:33:40.04
Oh, well,0:33:40.040:33:42.12
in that case...0:33:42.120:33:44.12
Is this personal? Cos he's an earl?0:33:45.640:33:48.12
Just the opposite. I'm treating him like anyone else.0:33:48.120:33:51.40
A resident saw them getting intimate in the corridor.0:33:54.640:33:57.76
Doesn't mean she wanted to go all the way.0:33:57.760:34:00.00
  - No, but she initiated things.
- What about the PM?
They're not done, but no defence wounds, no signs of struggle.0:34:03.040:34:06.40
Not after falling five stories.0:34:06.400:34:08.44
There's needle scarring on her arms.0:34:08.440:34:10.68
Looks like an ex-user.0:34:10.680:34:12.80
Maybe she DID top herself.0:34:12.800:34:14.68
(Thank you, DC Vedder.)0:34:14.680:34:17.72
  - Would you like to share your news with us?
- No, I would not.
So it was nothing suggesting Miss Oborne was pushed from the window?0:34:32.960:34:36.80
Forensics is not complete.0:34:36.800:34:38.64
My client had no reason to hurt this woman,0:34:38.640:34:42.08
but she had every reason to hurt herself.0:34:42.080:34:44.60
As a friend of the victims,0:34:44.600:34:46.08
I know that in her 20s,0:34:46.080:34:47.36
she was frequently treated for heroin abuse.0:34:47.360:34:50.20
What a friend you are.0:34:50.200:34:53.36
Julia was a tragically unstable person0:34:53.360:34:56.24
and while her suicide is a shock, it is not a surprise.0:34:56.240:35:00.08
Charge my client or release him.0:35:02.160:35:04.44
To think your dad's a copper.0:35:04.440:35:07.76
Charge my client...0:35:07.760:35:09.76
..or release him.0:35:11.280:35:12.84
Until our investigations are complete,0:35:23.400:35:26.16
I must request... that you remain in London.0:35:26.160:35:31.32
  - Sam.
- You were supposed to bring her home, not get her drunk and bed her.
That's not what happened.0:35:48.800:35:50.24
You tell her her brother's dead then put your arms round her.0:35:50.240:35:53.56
- Shame on you!
  - Sam, we need to talk.
Sorry, bad time. I've got to identify my daughter's body.0:35:55.440:35:59.16
I am so, so sorry.0:36:00.960:36:03.44
I want you to request a second postmortem, whatever the findings of the first.0:36:03.440:36:08.08
  - Why?
- I want to bring in Stewart Lafferty...
But what do you expect him to find?0:36:10.720:36:13.04
I don't know. I just want to know we've turned over every stone.0:36:13.040:36:16.96
How could it happen twice, Tommy?0:36:18.480:36:20.88
How could it happen twice?0:36:21.720:36:24.20
Mr Oborne, Superintendent Tate.0:36:28.760:36:30.68
Mrs Oborne? Please.0:36:32.000:36:34.44
Great. You're barely out the door0:36:39.560:36:41.40
and you're helping Tate build a case against you.0:36:41.400:36:44.00
  - Julia wasn't suicidal.
- And if Lafferty proves that, what next?
  - I'm not frightened of the truth.
  - Tate charges you.
  - We find a new suspect.
- You know what happens to coppers inside.
  - A real suspect.
  - What if we don't find one?
We've already got one. We just don't know his name.0:36:55.440:36:58.80
  - Lafferty'll call when he knows anything about the pill box?
  - I told him it wasn't urgent.
Don't you think you should take a breath?0:37:35.520:37:38.04
- Not if I'm going to find out what happened.
  - That's Tate's job. Let her do it.
I owe this to Sam and Vivienne.0:37:42.000:37:44.52
Come on, they know you didn't kill their daughter.0:37:44.520:37:47.68
At worst...0:37:47.680:37:49.28
Yeah? At worst?0:37:51.120:37:53.96
They'll think you exploited her grief.0:37:53.960:37:57.80
Is that what you think?0:38:00.000:38:01.84
I don't think it was your finest hour.0:38:01.840:38:05.24
Where are you going?0:38:10.680:38:12.12
The gents.0:38:13.120:38:14.68
MOBILE PHONE RINGS0:38:53.240:38:56.64
  - Lafferty?
- 'We've got a match.'
Hey, Lafferty.0:39:10.280:39:12.04
How are you, Tommy?0:39:12.040:39:14.16
  - We're sure it's Sullivan's prints?
- 16 points of ridge bifurcation.
- Expected a more salubrious address though.
  - Why?
Bropidox is a targeted therapy.0:39:27.120:39:29.16
Unlike chemo drugs, it just fixes what's broke - but at a price.0:39:29.160:39:33.40
  - So not on the NHS?
- Not even for sale in the UK.
Mail order only from the States. A year's course is 20 grand.0:39:36.480:39:40.80
The Obornes have requested a second PM and I suggested you do it.0:39:40.800:39:44.56
You mean you've told them to request one. Why?0:39:44.560:39:47.88
Because I think Julia was murdered and I want you to prove it.0:39:47.880:39:52.08
- Be careful what you wish for.
  - Don't waste your breath.
Here we go. Sullivan!0:40:04.240:40:07.88
  - The lock looks pretty flimsy.
  - Yeah, so does our warrant.
I'll try and find a building manager.0:40:15.800:40:18.28
Or maybe not.0:40:20.280:40:21.64
Someone's been a busy boy.0:40:33.520:40:36.04
Passwords? Entry codes?0:40:36.040:40:38.80
You said he was a programmer,0:40:41.680:40:43.28
maybe he's been trying to hack into something.0:40:43.280:40:45.96
I'll try that other room.0:40:45.960:40:47.80
  - Sir.
- Yep.
In all these codes, the same two words keep cropping up.0:41:03.320:41:06.40
Rich Maitland.0:41:06.400:41:07.72
So, what, he's hacking in to steal cancer drugs?0:41:27.600:41:30.56
Not quite. Listen.0:41:30.560:41:32.48
"Dear Mr Sullivan, I could never overstate your contribution to my IT unit.0:41:32.480:41:36.72
"I assure you I did not anonymously furnish you with an account at Rich Maitland Pharmaceuticals."0:41:36.720:41:41.84
  - "Wishing you a speedy recovery."
  - So he has a mystery benefactor.
Not too keen on the mystery part of it.0:41:46.360:41:48.52
If Lafferty's right, this is thousands of pounds worth of drugs.0:41:48.520:41:52.44
Sullivan. Careful.0:41:54.840:41:56.88
  - Is this supposed to mean something?
- It means Julia Oborne saved my life.
Now, why would she want to do a thing like that?0:42:05.720:42:09.40
DS Tate, the Obornes have requested that I carry out a second postmortem.0:42:11.360:42:15.64
Off the record, the PM found no restraining injuries,0:42:15.640:42:18.64
nothing suggesting foul play.0:42:18.640:42:20.36
  - Really?
- Then again, she did fall five stories,
so who knows what that covered up?0:42:23.040:42:25.00
  - What about a cause of death?
- Ruptured spleen. From the fall.
I still have to fulfil the Obornes' request.0:42:28.960:42:33.60
What's Lynley playing at?0:42:33.600:42:36.36
- Why does he, of all people, want a second PM?
  - Lynley?
You really think I don't know you've worked together 100 times?0:42:42.560:42:46.16
You think I'm fooled by this "Parents want a second postmortem" crap?0:42:46.160:42:49.96
I really don't know what you're talking about.0:42:49.960:42:52.52
  - I do know that the Obornes have a legal right to a second...
- Fine.
But whatever you turn up, it's full disclosure - understood?0:42:57.160:43:01.00
Absolutely. Full disclosure.0:43:01.000:43:03.40
She threw herself off a building?0:43:05.200:43:07.08
No, she was found dead at the bottom of one.0:43:07.080:43:09.52
- Make sense if she did throw herself off.
  - How's that?
Same reason she gave me 20 grand's worth of cancer treatments. Guilt.0:43:12.360:43:16.68
Guilt about what?0:43:18.840:43:20.08
- I hope the bitch remembered me in her will.
  - Sir!
Guilt about what?0:43:24.840:43:26.60
Her brother.0:43:26.600:43:28.72
She knew I was innocent and that delivery note proves it.0:43:28.720:43:31.80
It was left in with the last consignment.0:43:31.800:43:34.16
A billing address, but no name.0:43:34.160:43:37.40
So that's why you were0:43:37.400:43:38.88
trying to break into the drug company's customer records?0:43:38.880:43:43.04
When did you get back from Rome?0:43:43.040:43:45.28
Think logically.0:43:46.960:43:48.52
When the pills run out,0:43:48.520:43:49.80
I go back to pissing blood and watching my skin fall off.0:43:49.800:43:53.12
Why would I want to kill the very person saving me from that fate?0:43:53.120:43:56.80
When did you get back?0:43:56.800:43:58.72
11:30 this morning. Want to see my boarding pass?0:43:58.720:44:02.04
If Sullivan's innocent, what was he doing at Julia's apartment?0:44:12.480:44:16.04
He wanted to find out who his benefactor was.0:44:16.040:44:18.76
There must be an explanation. Sam?0:44:18.760:44:20.92
Where would Julia get that kind of money?0:44:20.920:44:23.80
Teaching primary school?0:44:23.800:44:25.32
She inherited something when her grandfather died.0:44:25.320:44:28.60
In the fall-out from Justin, Sullivan lost his job,0:44:28.600:44:31.40
beaten up repeatedly, nearly died when someone burned down his home.0:44:31.400:44:35.08
  - In that context...
- And he did get away with murder.
In that context, Julia's generosity feels like...compensation.0:44:38.160:44:42.92
That's a leap.0:44:42.920:44:45.12
I know.0:44:45.120:44:46.68
At the very least, it could shed some light on her suicide.0:44:46.680:44:49.92
You said you didn't think it was suicide?0:44:51.520:44:54.36
I didn't.0:44:54.360:44:56.44
  - And now you're off the hook, you're having second thoughts?
- No.
Perhaps your head's clearing.0:45:00.080:45:01.96
How much did you have to drink again? How much did she have?0:45:01.960:45:05.68
£20,000 worth of cancer drugs are what's giving me second thoughts.0:45:05.680:45:10.40
And if Julia killed herself,0:45:10.400:45:12.72
it...it wasn't because she'd drunk too much.0:45:12.720:45:16.32
We have to consider the possibility that Julia took Justin.0:45:16.320:45:19.84
  - Where was she the night that Justin went missing?
- In her studio.
  - Any witnesses to that?
- Yes.
Now Julia killed herself because she murdered her own brother?0:45:34.560:45:38.72
Christ, Tommy!0:45:39.720:45:40.84
If you call that a theory, perhaps you should never go back to work.0:45:40.840:45:44.92
- I thought that Sam would be the scary one.
  - Yeah, me too.
Do you get the feeling that Julia helping Sullivan0:45:53.400:45:56.12
wasn't the surprise to him it was to her?0:45:56.120:45:58.28
He's just lost his daughter.0:45:58.280:45:59.84
I accused that daughter of murder and he didn't say a word.0:45:59.840:46:03.00
Mike. Lynley.0:46:03.000:46:05.60
Oh, no - more than OK, thank you.0:46:05.600:46:07.24
I'd like to get hold of that video footage of Justin's birthday party if possible.0:46:07.240:46:11.88
I defended a guy last year with a case hinged on CCTV.0:46:19.320:46:22.60
- Still have some enhancement software on here.
  - Beyond the call.
Think I know why Sam and Julia0:46:26.880:46:28.80
absented themselves from their own party.0:46:28.800:46:31.80
  - Think you've had enough?
If a man can't have a drink on his son's birthday...0:46:37.520:46:40.28
  - Sam's getting hammered.
  - And Julia doesn't like it.
Exhibit number two.0:46:43.720:46:45.76
This is Julia just after putting Justin to bed.0:46:45.760:46:48.76
I had to zoom in and clean it up,0:46:48.760:46:51.24
but it was worth it.0:46:51.240:46:53.00
Julia corners Dad for a private chat.0:46:54.840:46:57.20
What's he saying?0:46:57.200:46:58.84
  - I think we can guess it's not "great party".
- We can more than guess.
Temper, temper.0:47:02.800:47:05.52
So Julia leaves and Dad follows.0:47:05.520:47:08.36
She starts the fight. He's going to finish it.0:47:08.360:47:11.08
  - But what was the fight about?
  - Talk to Sam.
He never mentioned the row in '95. He'll play it down now.0:47:13.280:47:16.92
But there's someone else who might know.0:47:19.680:47:22.16
I had a fling with the Obornes' ex-nanny, Christine Faraday.0:47:30.200:47:34.08
  - She was sacked - accused of breaking Justin's arm.
- Wrongly.
Christine loved that kid, and for a few weeks, I loved her.0:47:37.360:47:40.48
She didn't have a bad bone in her body.0:47:40.480:47:42.52
  - Christine must've been a suspect in the abduction?
- She had an alibi.
Me and half the village pub. She was in there drowning her sorrows0:47:46.360:47:49.88
- for missing Justin's party.
  - What light can she shed on this?
She got a call from Julia that evening.0:47:53.160:47:55.72
Once I'd eliminated Christine, it didn't seem significant.0:47:55.720:47:59.52
That could soundtrack the argument we've just watched.0:47:59.520:48:03.32
Excuse me, we've just left London. What about Tate?0:48:08.480:48:11.76
Tate can go and do the other thing.0:48:11.760:48:14.08
What is it?0:48:27.680:48:28.84
Detective Superintendent Tate.0:48:30.800:48:33.08
I didn't hear you creep in there.0:48:33.080:48:34.92
What are you seeing?0:48:34.920:48:36.16
  - Nothing.
- Nothing?
So far I'm with your pathologist all the way.0:48:40.000:48:43.24
Oh. I told you a second PM was unnecessary.0:48:43.240:48:46.88
I presume there were photos taken at the crime scene?0:48:46.880:48:50.68
I think, yeah, maybe someone took some with their phone(!)0:48:50.680:48:54.08
What does Lynley know that I don't?0:48:57.960:49:02.12
I'll see those photos now, if that's OK.0:49:05.000:49:08.36
As beautiful as ever.0:49:37.400:49:40.24
Christine, I have some terrible news.0:49:43.000:49:45.36
I'm so sorry.0:49:54.360:49:55.68
Hello, Christine.0:49:58.520:50:01.20
We need to have a couple of words if you don't mind.0:50:13.520:50:16.20
The evening Justin went missing,0:50:35.200:50:37.64
you were in the pub with Conrad and you got a call from Julia.0:50:37.640:50:41.04
  - Yes?
- So what did she say?
It wasn't fair that I'd missed such a great party.0:50:44.360:50:47.12
Nothing more pressing than that? Come on.0:50:47.120:50:49.76
That family have been through enough.0:50:49.760:50:52.04
You say they accused you of breaking their child's arm!0:50:52.040:50:55.00
Are you saying I lied?0:50:55.000:50:56.28
If it was me, I'd want to set the record straight.0:50:56.280:50:59.16
Christine. Your loyalty is to Julia and Justin, not their parents.0:51:18.800:51:22.92
Julia told me she knew who broke Justin's arm.0:51:22.920:51:25.76
She knew because Justin had told her himself.0:51:25.760:51:29.24
Justin had messed up some papers in his study and Sam was drunk again.0:51:30.520:51:34.72
That sounds like a flashpoint, not the real cause.0:51:34.720:51:37.48
Well, that's all she told me.0:51:37.480:51:39.36
MOBILE PHONE RINGS0:51:39.360:51:40.88
  - Can you turn that off, please?
  - Sorry.
  - Lafferty.
  - OK, the spleen is breached,
so I'm thinking post-mortem, if only by a minute or so.0:51:47.480:51:52.24
How did she die?0:51:52.240:51:54.20
My best guess is asphyxiation.0:51:55.240:51:58.04
'I've found what looks like0:51:58.040:51:59.88
'a fragment of a rubber glove between her teeth.'0:51:59.880:52:04.32
I'm having it tested for DNA.0:52:04.320:52:07.68
But the thing is, if I sit on this,0:52:07.680:52:10.48
I'm violating full disclosure and if I don't...0:52:10.480:52:14.56
'it's murder again and you'll be arrested,'0:52:14.560:52:16.96
  - so we're...
Yeah, OK, thanks. Cheers for that.0:52:18.640:52:24.84
Heading out?0:52:24.840:52:26.68
You should be a detective.0:52:26.680:52:28.60
I can arrange transport.0:52:28.600:52:31.16
I'm good. Thanks.0:52:32.680:52:34.24
Sam's the one person Julia would've covered for.0:52:39.720:52:42.40
Always a daddy's girl.0:52:42.400:52:43.92
Would he repay her by killing her?0:52:43.920:52:45.76
If she was threatening to tell Vivienne,0:52:45.760:52:48.04
threatening their new life in London with Oliver.0:52:48.040:52:50.80
From here to London in the middle of night is two hours?0:52:50.800:52:53.80
Tops. So he could've got down to your flat and been back by dawn.0:52:53.800:52:57.32
We're not even thinking if he's capable0:52:57.320:52:59.56
- of murdering his own two children!
  - Maybe just one.
Notice he didn't want his DNA matched with Justin's?0:53:02.440:53:05.52
What do you reckon?0:53:29.560:53:31.44
I'm glad we live in London.0:53:31.440:53:33.52
Spoken like your father's son.0:53:33.520:53:35.92
You said when we got here, you'd tell me what's going on.0:53:47.560:53:52.68
I'm going away on a long trip,0:53:52.680:53:55.92
but I need to tell you a bit of family history first.0:53:55.920:53:59.20
What's this long trip? Are you trying to tell me something?0:54:03.400:54:07.64
Lies really can kill you, Oliver. They killed your brother and sister.0:54:10.800:54:16.28
So you have to know the truth, however much it hurts.0:54:17.280:54:20.56
What are we doing here? Why's Mum in London?0:54:20.560:54:22.92
Am I talking to the walls? Shut up and listen!0:54:22.920:54:25.40
When I married your mother,0:54:33.840:54:35.68
I decided that there was no way I would turn into one of those0:54:35.680:54:39.52
freeloading house-husbands who get up at 11 to fix lunch.0:54:39.520:54:43.36
No - I was going to earn my own pile, thank you very much.0:54:43.360:54:48.64
The day after the honeymoon, I set up my own business,0:54:48.640:54:52.32
Oborne Investments.0:54:52.320:54:54.20
  - Good for you, Dad.
- No.
No, it wasn't.0:54:57.800:54:59.84
It was a disaster, it was the root of all this.0:54:59.840:55:03.36
Hey, come here.0:55:04.880:55:07.68
(Come here.)0:55:08.880:55:10.24
It's all about... self-knowledge, Oliver.0:55:13.000:55:16.76
Knowing thyself.0:55:20.640:55:22.48
Down the hatch.0:55:25.240:55:26.52
Tommy, Sam's taken Oliver.0:55:39.840:55:42.20
  - Dad! Dad!
- Oliver! Oliver!
He's going to kill himself!0:55:56.720:55:58.24
  - Get him out of here.
- No!
- Can't even shoot myself now.
  - There are worse things to be bad at.
Got to hand it to you, Tommy. You saw it before I did.0:56:19.640:56:22.72
The sweep, the symmetry.0:56:22.720:56:24.48
The contours of tragedy.0:56:24.480:56:26.48
Right now, I'm not seeing the contours at all.0:56:26.480:56:29.16
Well, your theory... that Vivienne scoffed at.0:56:29.160:56:33.24
  - She did take Justin?
- But...
..I drove her to it.0:56:40.760:56:42.40
Something terrible must have happened.0:56:44.360:56:46.84
If only she'd spoken to me. She didn't have to kill herself.0:56:46.840:56:51.80
  - Oh, Sam, slow down.
- The darkness spread like a stain,
but it started with me.0:56:56.640:56:59.32
Is that a poetic way of saying it was you who broke Justin's arm?0:56:59.320:57:02.80
It was an accident, but...0:57:02.800:57:06.96
I'd had a skinful...0:57:06.960:57:08.28
You never had any accidents like that with Julia though, did you?0:57:08.280:57:11.92
That's close enough.0:57:11.920:57:13.80
Because Julia...0:57:13.800:57:15.52
Unlike Justin, Julia was your child, hey?0:57:15.520:57:18.72
Gave myself away with the DNA sample, right? Even that was my fault.0:57:20.240:57:23.84
I was so angry when Vivienne stopped funding me, I just stayed up in London sulking.0:57:23.840:57:28.36
  - Would you give the self-pity a rest?
- You think that's what this is?
If you were going to shoot yourself, you'd have done it by now.0:57:32.240:57:35.44
People have always underestimated me, Tommy.0:57:35.440:57:38.56
I've got some bad news for you, Sam.0:57:51.560:57:54.24
It's not all your fault.0:57:54.240:57:56.44
The symmetry goes even darker than I thought.0:57:58.680:58:01.72
What are you talking about?0:58:03.240:58:04.84
Julia didn't commit suicide because she felt guilty about Justin. She was murdered.0:58:04.840:58:10.12
- How?
  - I'm not going to tell you any more until you give me that gun.
You're bluffing.0:58:19.800:58:21.08
It was about eight when I found her in her studio.0:58:55.200:58:59.64
She tried softly-softly, bless her.0:59:06.880:59:09.44
"Daddy, I know you're only drinking because business is bad..."0:59:11.120:59:15.04
You've got to own up to what you did to Justin. Re-instate Christine.0:59:15.040:59:19.88
I don't know what you're talking about.0:59:19.880:59:23.48
If you so much as clip his ear,0:59:23.480:59:27.56
I swear you'll see neither of us ever again.0:59:27.560:59:30.04
- You're drunk.
  - Don't start.
- And you resented every second of Justin's party!
Please don't hurt him.0:59:38.680:59:40.16
Hurt him?0:59:41.160:59:43.32
I know it's the drink, Daddy. I know it's not you.0:59:43.320:59:47.48
You need help.0:59:50.160:59:51.68
Even if he's not yours, it's not his fault.0:59:54.120:59:57.36
I'll never forget the fear in her eyes.1:00:04.481:00:06.96
It's because she'd seen the man who broke her brother's arm,1:00:08.841:00:12.16
and her mind was made up.1:00:12.161:00:14.12
But I didn't kill her...1:00:19.841:00:22.00
I swear.1:00:23.921:00:25.56
  - Where's Oliver?!
- Oliver's fine. Did you sleep last night?
  - What?
- How much sleep did you get last night?
  - Barely any, why?
  - Was Sam was with you?
- Of course, why?
  - Great. Go easy on him.
- I think he's literally "mad with grief".
  - And I'm not?
Viv, you're stronger than he is.1:00:49.721:00:51.60
  - I'm still going to kill him.
  - Of course.
And once you've done that...1:00:53.841:00:55.64
..I think he needs you very much.1:00:57.001:00:59.84
You think Julia planned to leave her brother with someone?1:01:14.281:01:17.44
  - Someone nearby, who she trusted.
  - Someone Justin knew.
No, no.1:01:22.921:01:25.08
Christine loved that kid,1:01:25.081:01:27.16
and anyway, she was here with me when he was found to be missing.1:01:27.161:01:30.44
- Look, surely whoever Julia met that night is probably her killer?
  - Agreed.
Well, then that can't be Christine.1:01:35.121:01:37.52
Yeah, I mean, how does a slim-built woman1:01:37.521:01:39.92
get Julia out of the window without waking you up?1:01:39.921:01:42.76
Just wait a bloody minute.1:01:42.761:01:44.32
We don't know that Julia was murdered yet, do we?1:01:44.321:01:47.76
  - I mean, it's not definite?
  - No, it's not.
Good... cos that's my story if I'm asked.1:01:54.041:01:59.16
I'm sticking to it.1:01:59.161:02:01.64
Look, I've put you in a spot, I know I have.1:02:15.281:02:18.88
What exactly is your evidence that Julia was murdered?1:02:18.881:02:22.44
A glove fragment,1:02:22.441:02:23.60
and other pathology inconsistent with death from a fall.1:02:23.601:02:26.68
Have you shared any of this with Detective Superintendent Tate?1:02:26.681:02:30.16
Not yet.1:02:30.161:02:32.04
So as long as she thinks it's suicide, you're in the clear?1:02:32.041:02:35.88
I can't conduct an investigation from inside a prison cell.1:02:35.881:02:39.28
How long are you thinking of holding out on her?1:02:40.801:02:43.88
As long as it takes.1:02:43.881:02:45.44
If you're worried about being implicated...1:02:47.201:02:50.40
I'm worried about you, Tommy.1:02:50.401:02:52.24
You obviously know what you're doing so, hey...1:02:52.241:02:56.20
I asked Stewart Lafferty to view Justin's remains tomorrow morning. That OK?1:02:59.641:03:04.28
Yeah, sure. That's OK,1:03:06.201:03:07.64
but next time, I'd like to be asked, not told.1:03:07.641:03:12.56
No argument with the cause of death being the skull fracture.1:03:26.801:03:30.52
Any idea of a weapon?1:03:30.521:03:32.04
What's interesting are these bilateral injuries, here.1:03:34.401:03:38.16
What are the chances of striking both legs in the same place?1:03:38.161:03:41.64
Exactly, so I'm thinking...car bumper.1:03:41.641:03:44.52
Justin wasn't even four feet tall.1:03:44.521:03:46.48
A bumper would've struck him waist-height.1:03:46.481:03:49.08
Not if the driver floored the brakes.1:03:49.081:03:51.68
If you're travelling fast enough, your front end nosedives.1:03:51.681:03:55.20
I've seen six-inch furrows in pre-stressed asphalt.1:03:55.201:03:58.32
So it was an accident?1:03:58.321:04:00.36
Well, the skull fracture1:04:00.361:04:02.08
is certainly consistent with secondary impact,1:04:02.081:04:05.60
which chimes with what looks like...1:04:05.601:04:10.24
white paint fragments in the hair.1:04:10.241:04:14.48
Which because it hasn't rotted, suggests a metallic base.1:04:16.481:04:20.92
So we're looking for someone, probably a local, who drove a white car?1:04:20.921:04:25.48
When we get the paint analysed, I'll do better than that.1:04:25.481:04:29.00
Wait a minute, Conrad. When you went out with Christine...1:04:29.001:04:32.84
she drove a white car.1:04:32.841:04:34.56
Old, white Fiesta.1:04:36.641:04:38.32
I told her not to drive.1:04:43.961:04:46.36
What are you talking about?1:04:47.681:04:49.40
I'm sorry.1:04:51.641:04:53.40
I'll drive, you're well over.1:04:55.361:04:57.12
  - And you're not?
- Everything's relative.
Look, I appreciate the offer.1:04:59.521:05:01.56
Was that really Julia on the phone?1:05:01.561:05:03.60
That's a guilty look.1:05:06.481:05:08.60
She couldn't have got to the Obornes' by seven.1:05:09.081:05:11.80
That's what you told yourself.1:05:11.801:05:13.60
- I'm sorry, Dad.
  - That's what you told yourself?
It's what I believed!1:05:16.401:05:18.20
You covered up for your girlfriend!1:05:18.201:05:20.28
- I was young and stupid, but if I'd...
  - It wasn't your decision to make!
I spent two years on that case, and it nearly killed me!1:05:25.321:05:29.28
Christ, I said I was sorry, didn't I? It was 12 years ago.1:05:29.281:05:33.12
So Julia called you.1:05:48.201:05:50.40
Sam was drinking again and in a dangerous, a violent mood.1:05:50.401:05:54.88
I mean, what if he broke Justin's neck this time?1:05:54.881:05:57.72
She calls you at the pub1:05:57.721:06:00.04
  - and says she's bringing her brother over...
- And I said no.
How stupid would I be to mess with the Obornes?1:06:03.521:06:07.44
After all the lies they told about me breaking Justin's arm.1:06:07.441:06:10.88
Not stupid, just principled. You put Justin first.1:06:10.881:06:13.76
But it meant driving over the limit and somewhere on the way here you had an accident.1:06:13.761:06:18.16
And Justin was killed, but Julia was OK.1:06:18.161:06:20.40
  - She'd talked you into it, so she covered up for you?
- Where is all this coming from?
  - You drove a white Fiesta then, right?
- So what?
So, white car paint was found on Justin's corpse.1:06:28.041:06:30.96
Well, it wasn't from my car.1:06:30.961:06:32.68
Once I got behind the wheel,1:06:32.681:06:34.32
I realised what a mistake it was and I walked home.1:06:34.321:06:37.36
  - Come on, that's miles away!
- I cut through the fields.
  - So you did go home in response to Julia's call?
She wasn't here.1:06:44.401:06:45.92
MOBILE PHONE RINGS1:06:45.921:06:48.28
Where were you night before last?1:06:50.081:06:52.64
On the night shift. Why?1:06:52.641:06:55.32
Are you asking me for an alibi?1:06:59.881:07:02.20
You think...1:07:05.401:07:07.32
..Julia was murdered?1:07:08.841:07:10.56
Would that be a complete surprise?1:07:10.561:07:12.48
Or would it make some chilling kind of sense?1:07:12.481:07:15.28
Am I under arrest?1:07:16.921:07:18.48
- I'd be surprised if Justin was hit by Christine's car...
  - Cos of the paint?
The sealant. Teflon fluorocarbon...1:07:26.921:07:29.96
'Standard issue now, but back in the early '90s, the preserve of luxury cars and emergency vehicles.'1:07:29.961:07:35.36
Not fourth-hand Fiestas?1:07:35.361:07:36.96
Traces of rust argue against the luxury cars...1:07:36.961:07:40.40
'and the injuries are wrong for an ambulance, so...'1:07:40.401:07:43.92
- I'm thinking village bobby?
  - Really?
- OK...
  - You pulled the plug on that mighty fast.
All we can do is worry her, and we did that.1:07:53.681:07:56.04
Lafferty says Justin might've been hit by a marked police car.1:07:56.041:08:00.36
What makes him think that?1:08:00.361:08:02.08
The paint sealant.1:08:02.081:08:03.64
Conrad saw her drive away pissed!1:08:03.641:08:06.68
She could've got out, I mean she COULD have walked home.1:08:06.681:08:10.20
Whose case is this?1:08:10.201:08:11.80
  - I don't want you to making the same mistake twice.
- What mistake?
You've no proof, Mike, just like with Sullivan.1:08:15.281:08:18.24
  - That's a low blow.
  - It's only the truth.
You're lecturing ME about past mistakes?1:08:20.761:08:23.36
  - I'm counselling you to keep your powder dry.
- What about you, Tommy?
You get your wife killed1:08:27.321:08:28.68
- and you're still dragging people into your mess!
  - Ah!
Well, on the plus side, we're at a nurse's house.1:08:38.641:08:42.16
Officers get first look when squad cars are bumped, right?1:08:51.521:08:54.76
But McCaffrey's a detective. He wouldn't have had squad car.1:08:54.761:08:57.96
He was in uniform 'till the early '90s.1:08:57.961:09:01.20
I'll check his vehicle history. You should get that hand checked.1:09:01.201:09:04.76
Come in.1:09:06.521:09:07.92
Hello? Hello!1:09:19.001:09:22.00
Oh, look, sorry - I've bled on you.1:09:34.881:09:38.00
Yeah, like that's never happened to me before(!)1:09:38.001:09:41.56
It's funny, I'm the one who's knocked my wing mirror off my car1:09:43.241:09:46.76
and yet you're the one whose hands are shaking.1:09:46.761:09:49.48
Does Mike McCaffrey scare you?1:09:51.161:09:53.64
Do I scare you?1:09:55.161:09:56.68
Nobody scares me.1:09:56.681:09:58.28
That's not entirely true now, is it?1:09:58.281:10:00.48
Do you really think Julia was murdered?1:10:02.001:10:04.28
What is it, Christine?1:10:07.641:10:09.40
OK, McCaffrey moved out of uniform1:10:44.601:10:46.72
and bought his decommissioned Sierra, and sold it on in July '95.1:10:46.721:10:50.28
A month after Justin was killed.1:10:50.281:10:52.12
The buyer was local. Daniel Forsyth, Cleve Farm.1:10:52.121:10:54.96
  - Odds are it's been sold again.
  - Not according to DVLA.
Let's check it out.1:10:58.481:11:00.16
PHONE RINGING1:11:05.841:11:09.48
Hello? Who is this?1:11:14.521:11:17.80
Obviously "full disclosure"1:12:07.561:12:09.36
means something totally different to you than it does to me.1:12:09.361:12:13.08
You think there's a lab in London that I don't do business with?1:12:13.081:12:16.88
Once we got the results back, I fully intended to bring you in.1:12:16.881:12:21.20
Bring me in?1:12:21.201:12:23.64
You're too kind.1:12:23.641:12:25.76
And what if Lynley's DNA is on that glove?1:12:25.761:12:28.88
- But it isn't, is it?
  - We don't know yet...
..and the fragment itself is evidence of murder.1:12:32.641:12:35.28
Evidence you wouldn't have if not for me.1:12:35.281:12:37.48
This isn't finders keepers,1:12:37.481:12:39.60
it's a murder investigation.1:12:39.601:12:42.88
MY murder investigation.1:12:42.881:12:45.80
Where is Lynley?1:12:48.401:12:50.00
Any paint left your side?1:13:11.001:13:12.56
Doesn't look like it.1:13:12.561:13:14.40
Shame. We're probably looking at our murder weapon.1:13:14.401:13:17.48
MOBILE PHONE RINGS1:13:17.481:13:20.72
It's McCaffrey. Mike?1:13:20.721:13:22.64
A guy out walking his dog has found a body near Christine Faraday's.1:13:22.641:13:26.20
We'll meet you at her cottage. We've got to go.1:13:26.201:13:28.72
Looks like a sexual assault gone bad.1:13:58.921:14:01.24
Well, they left her knickers on. That's one prudish sex killer.1:14:03.121:14:06.64
It looks like she's been strangled with a belt.1:14:06.641:14:09.48
Yeah, it could be a buckle mark.1:14:09.481:14:11.20
This could have nothing to do with the Oborne case.1:14:11.201:14:13.92
You know, I'll take conspiracy over coincidence any day.1:14:13.921:14:17.64
Look, sorry - I bled on you...1:14:24.481:14:26.80
Yeah, like that's never happened to me before(!)1:14:26.801:14:30.08
  - What?
Yep... Yes, ma'am, erm...1:14:36.881:14:41.92
He's talking to Tate. I'll be arrested in a minute.1:14:41.921:14:44.64
  - What?
- You get back to London.
Tell her everything. The car, Julia, everything.1:14:46.361:14:49.24
Well, this is bloody embarrassing, Tommy.1:14:53.361:14:55.84
What is?1:14:55.841:14:57.76
I've got to take you in.1:14:57.761:14:59.68
Tate found out you were down here. She's got Lafferty in custody.1:14:59.681:15:03.52
  - Lafferty?
- Yeah, I said you were playing with fire.
Where's Sergeant Havers?1:15:10.681:15:13.28
Oh, I don't know. Must have gone.1:15:13.281:15:15.88
  - Maybe she didn't want to get arrested as well.
  - Don't patronise me.
Oh, come on, Mike!1:15:20.201:15:22.16
I'm not taking any chances, Tommy.1:15:22.161:15:24.96
- What chances like trust and friendship?
  - Right!
Like you trusted me?1:15:27.721:15:29.96
One thing I don't get.1:15:37.801:15:41.16
Julia - how did you get her to keep quiet for so long?1:15:41.161:15:44.00
What did you have on her?1:15:44.001:15:46.44
I don't know what you're talking about.1:15:46.441:15:49.16
That's all right, your old car will be eloquent enough on your behalf.1:15:49.161:15:53.12
The party, that's it! I remember thinking how you were putting away the champagne for a man on duty...1:15:54.121:15:59.60
Leaving us so soon, Sergeant McCaffrey?1:15:59.601:16:02.40
Who else is going to keep Wimborne safe?1:16:02.401:16:05.12
Save your breath for Tate. You're gonna need it.1:16:05.121:16:08.20
Why didn't you just come clean, just say "Sorry, I messed up".1:16:08.201:16:11.88
You'd be out of the force, but you're not the most ambitious man.1:16:11.881:16:15.64
You don't know me.1:16:15.641:16:17.64
You kill me, you know that?1:16:19.241:16:21.40
You really think just because you play down the earl thing,1:16:21.401:16:25.12
that you're one of us, a regular copper, one of the boys.1:16:25.121:16:28.76
Well, I'm sorry, "Tommy",1:16:28.761:16:30.16
that's just about the funniest thing I've ever heard.1:16:30.161:16:33.40
This is a hobby for you! You're a tourist!1:16:33.401:16:37.68
You've no idea what it's like to BE your job,1:16:37.681:16:40.52
and to know that if you lose it,1:16:40.521:16:43.04
that's it, you're dead - in the gutter, no way back.1:16:43.041:16:47.48
What does this have to do with squashing a five-year-old's body down a drain?1:16:47.481:16:51.88
There must've been a thought - "Christ, how's it come to this?" No?1:16:51.881:16:55.56
Maybe I really don't know you at all.1:16:57.081:16:59.32
One more word and I'll throw you out of the car and say you jumped.1:16:59.321:17:04.68
Sounds familiar to me.1:17:04.681:17:06.20
Mike, we need to have a conversation about the death of Julia Oborne.1:17:45.641:17:50.28
Yes, Ma'am. I'd like to make a statement, if that's OK.1:17:50.281:17:53.92
Tell Conrad.1:17:58.561:18:00.36
What's going on?1:18:05.121:18:07.20
The DNA from the glove.1:18:07.201:18:08.44
Tate found out, ran it against the officers' database.1:18:08.441:18:11.48
Hoping to find a match with me.1:18:11.481:18:13.24
- The closest by far - Mike McCaffrey.
  - Closest?
It's a weak sample, it's like a phone number with missing digits.1:18:18.281:18:22.28
Barbara, where are you? Yes, I'm a free man again.1:18:22.281:18:25.04
Listen, I need you to bear some bad news for me.1:18:25.041:18:28.36
Sam told me Julia and Lynley were staying the night in London.1:18:28.361:18:32.92
With the shock of her brother being found,1:18:32.921:18:36.08
I had a bad feeling.1:18:36.081:18:38.64
I saw them sitting up at the bar getting hammered1:18:38.641:18:41.76
and I knew I had to act.1:18:41.761:18:43.20
So...Dad's confessed?1:18:43.721:18:47.88
Yeah, well he wanted to make a statement. That's all I know.1:18:47.881:18:51.88
Oh my God!1:18:53.001:18:54.36
You know, I'd be happy to drive you to the station if that's what you want.1:18:58.161:19:02.88
Right. Well, that's a kind offer. I'll just get my coat.1:19:04.801:19:10.16
- Looks like she's been strangled with a belt.
  - Yeah, it could be a buckle mark.
Was it really a kind offer, Barbara,1:19:34.681:19:37.36
or do you have an ulterior motive?1:19:37.361:19:39.76
Turn round and put your hands against the wall.1:19:41.881:19:44.88
So as soon as they left, I followed them up to Lynley's penthouse.1:19:56.401:20:00.60
  - That's wrong again.
- What?
We didn't sit at the bar and I don't have a penthouse.1:20:02.601:20:05.48
Is it possible the DNA on that glove wasn't his?1:20:05.481:20:08.00
Possible, but unlikely.1:20:08.001:20:09.52
I mean, if it's not his, it's a close relative's.1:20:09.521:20:12.52
Life is binary -1:20:15.641:20:18.04
sunny day, rainy day,1:20:18.041:20:21.64
there's no good or evil or free will,1:20:21.641:20:23.92
we just react to the hand we're given.1:20:23.921:20:25.96
As rationalisations for triple murder go, that's a bit flowery.1:20:25.961:20:31.20
Listen, I'm not justifying myself to anyone,1:20:31.201:20:33.96
but my first step on the road to hell was an act of blinding altruism.1:20:33.961:20:37.76
Julia's call for help? You drove?1:20:40.161:20:43.40
I was drunk,1:20:44.921:20:47.04
but Christine was paralytic...1:20:47.041:20:49.28
Look, I appreciate the offer...1:20:49.281:20:51.60
Was that really Julia on the phone?1:20:51.601:20:53.60
That's a guilty look.1:20:56.601:20:58.16
How "ex" is your ex, Christine?1:20:59.681:21:02.12
Oh, grow up.1:21:02.121:21:03.96
Don't they have any real women at law school?1:21:03.961:21:07.48
Come on, I'll drive.1:21:17.241:21:18.92
The girl was off her face.1:21:35.641:21:37.08
Offering to drive was the responsible thing to do.1:21:37.081:21:40.00
Oh, you're a model citizen, Conrad.1:21:40.001:21:42.32
You should've told Julia where to go.1:21:43.801:21:46.00
He hit her! God only knows what he'll do to Justin!1:21:46.001:21:48.88
Not your problem. You don't owe these people anything.1:21:48.881:21:51.88
Maybe I can think about something other than myself.1:21:51.881:21:55.48
Is that a dig?1:21:55.481:21:56.76
I'm nobody's mug, that's for sure.1:21:56.761:21:59.56
  - Nor am I!
- It's practically stamped on your forehead.
Here we go, Justin,1:22:04.681:22:06.84
Christine's house.1:22:06.841:22:08.36
You stay here, don't move.1:22:13.441:22:15.40
She brings Justin through your front door, you're party to abduction.1:22:25.641:22:29.56
So why are you driving, genius?1:22:29.561:22:31.48
Well, because I feel bad in advance about dumping you.1:22:31.481:22:34.84
- There, I said it.
  - You piece of shit...
ENGINE REVS1:22:41.321:22:43.08
Julia was convinced Sam was going to hurt Justin...1:22:45.041:22:48.32
- ..but instead,
  - I
- ended up killing him.
Who says God hasn't got a sense of humour, eh?1:22:55.801:22:59.20
Oh my God, oh my God!1:23:01.361:23:04.12
Oh my God!1:23:04.121:23:06.12
Talk to her, I've been drinking!1:23:06.121:23:07.96
It's goodbye, law school - hello, prison.1:23:07.961:23:10.52
- My dad will kill me!
  - Conrad, he's dead!
- Nothing can change that.
  - I shouldn't have let you drive...
Oh my God, oh my God!1:23:15.721:23:17.24
Oh my God!1:23:17.241:23:18.92
Oh my God!1:23:18.921:23:20.56
Does anyone else know you took Justin?1:23:22.241:23:24.52
He was a sweet kid,1:23:37.041:23:39.64
he wouldn't want this to ruin our lives.1:23:39.641:23:42.12
Go home, Julia.1:24:06.801:24:08.96
All you have to do is go home.1:24:08.961:24:12.56
They protected you and you killed them for it.1:24:17.761:24:20.80
Soon as Tommy said he'd fetch Julia from Rome, I had a bad feeling...1:24:20.801:24:25.12
..and I was right.1:24:27.001:24:28.60
How did you coax Julia into meeting you?1:24:32.681:24:35.16
Didn't have to,1:24:35.161:24:38.00
she wanted my blood.1:24:38.001:24:39.76
You liar. You told me you buried Justin in the orchard,1:24:44.361:24:47.32
not in some drain covered with bricks.1:24:47.321:24:49.48
Still reading your thoughts, Barbara.1:25:34.481:25:37.44
"Keep him calm, keep him talking, then grab the knife when he gets distracted."1:25:37.441:25:43.04
Put a foot wrong, I'm going for your eyeballs,1:25:48.081:25:50.84
not your skin.1:25:50.841:25:52.44
  - You all right, Barbara?
- I'm fine!
Call for back up!1:26:23.521:26:25.04
I can't believe you were going to let your dad take the rap.1:27:03.081:27:06.16
I always liked you, Tommy. I could've killed you too!1:27:06.161:27:10.32
Is this what it was like with Julia?1:27:12.921:27:14.76
Did she beg? Did she look you in your eyes and beg? Did she?1:27:14.761:27:17.88
How does it feel then, hey?1:27:17.881:27:19.48
Sir! Sir!1:27:19.481:27:22.12
The keys, in there.1:27:22.121:27:23.96
  - All right?
- Yeah.
Welcome back, you.1:27:52.481:27:53.68
I probably shouldn't say this,1:27:58.881:28:01.64
but do you fancy a drink?1:28:01.641:28:04.08
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