A pub landlord paid £10,000 for wind turbines, which didn't work, can sheriffs Marc and Tony get him his money back? Lawrence and Kev go in search of a horse as they attempt to recover money owed to a horse breeder. And sheriff Pete's got bad news for an aircraft company that hasn't paid its debts.

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  - Meet the sheriffs.
- Let's introduce ourselves.
I'm a high court enforcement officer. We're here to execute a writ.0:00:03.960:00:07.40
They're the men whose job it is to get you your money back.0:00:07.400:00:11.20
It's an arrestable offence to stop me.0:00:11.200:00:12.96
  - If you've been ripped off and don't know where to turn...
  - I'm not waiting any more.
I'm ordered to seize goods to clear this debt, which means clearing this place out.0:00:16.680:00:20.80
..if you've been to court, but still not been paid what you're owed...0:00:20.800:00:24.48
Why don't you tell me who you are? This is an absolute crock!0:00:24.480:00:28.16
..the high court enforcement officers are charged by law0:00:28.160:00:31.76
  - to recover what a court says is rightfully yours.
- I've seized your car, sir.
  - Let us through the door or we'll go through the window.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
  - It's time to call the sheriffs.
- We've just collected 42 grand.
Coming up...0:00:47.000:00:49.12
Pub landlord Graham Short paid £10,000 for wind turbines0:00:49.120:00:54.00
which didn't work.0:00:54.000:00:55.80
They weren't generating enough electricity to power a light bulb.0:00:55.800:00:59.08
Can the sheriffs get him the money he's owed?0:00:59.080:01:03.08
Anastasia Gill was promised £1,0000:01:03.080:01:06.80
for her half share of a breeding horse0:01:06.800:01:09.92
but hasn't received a penny.0:01:09.920:01:11.80
I think he just wanted to ignore me.0:01:11.800:01:15.00
"This silly little blonde will just forget about me."0:01:15.000:01:17.96
That wasn't going to happen.0:01:17.960:01:19.72
The sheriffs saddle up to get her her money back.0:01:19.720:01:23.56
We're here today to seize goods to the value of £1,882 and 63 pence.0:01:23.560:01:29.52
And sheriff Pete's got bad news for an aircraft company0:01:30.320:01:34.08
that hasn't paid up its debts.0:01:34.080:01:35.84
You won't be able to leave. I've just seized this aircraft.0:01:35.840:01:39.60
For regular sheriff partners Marc Newton and Tony Smith,0:01:42.040:01:44.60
it's a very early start this morning0:01:44.600:01:47.76
and Tony, for one, is feeling the lack of sleep.0:01:47.760:01:51.52
  - I'll just put the heating on.
- It's not even cold!
I'm a little bit chilly. I'm getting old, mate.0:01:54.600:01:57.48
I'm getting old. I've had no tea or coffee.0:01:57.480:01:59.92
Stop moaning! You could've come to my room for a cup of tea.0:01:59.920:02:03.76
The sun's not up, but the sheriffs are already on their way to their first job of the day.0:02:03.760:02:09.40
And it's a big one.0:02:09.400:02:11.00
We're off to a residential address in Bidford, Devon.0:02:11.000:02:15.88
We're looking for the amount of £13,5000:02:15.880:02:19.60
from a company called Smart Power Products Ltd.0:02:19.600:02:23.80
I believe that this is the director's address.0:02:23.800:02:28.08
Hopefully, he's got some company assets there0:02:28.080:02:31.24
or he runs the company from there.0:02:31.240:02:33.72
The person they're trying to help is pub landlord Graham Short,0:02:33.720:02:37.80
from Dartmoor in Devon.0:02:37.800:02:40.40
When he paid to install wind turbines on his pub roof,0:02:40.400:02:43.40
Graham thought he would be doing his bit to save the planet, while also saving money.0:02:43.400:02:48.80
Instead, it's cost him thousands,0:02:48.800:02:52.00
left him forced to go to court and relying on the sheriffs for help.0:02:52.000:02:56.64
He's put the nail in the coffin for renewable energy, as far as I'm concerned.0:02:56.640:03:01.08
I am very, very annoyed.0:03:01.080:03:03.92
Well, furious.0:03:03.920:03:06.00
You get to a point when you think, "Why did I even bother to do this?"0:03:06.000:03:09.72
Graham's troubles started when he decided that, given his pub's remote location,0:03:18.600:03:23.00
it needed a back-up power supply.0:03:23.000:03:25.64
Being on the edge of Dartmoor, having notorious power cuts in the winter,0:03:26.600:03:31.80
we needed a back-up system which would keep our gas operation system going0:03:31.800:03:36.16
because as soon as the electric cuts out, the gas cuts out.0:03:36.160:03:39.04
His search for a new energy system0:03:41.000:03:43.60
brought him to self-styled wind turbine expert0:03:43.600:03:46.60
Rupert Sweet-Escott,0:03:46.600:03:48.20
who claimed to have the perfect solution,0:03:48.200:03:50.92
one which was not only green, but would also, he said,0:03:50.920:03:54.20
considerably reduce the running costs of the pub.0:03:54.200:03:57.16
We were advised by Mr Escott of Smart Power Products0:03:57.160:04:01.00
that we could save up to 25-30 percent0:04:01.000:04:04.52
of our electricity bills across the year.0:04:04.520:04:07.40
In this economic climate, you've got to save every penny you can.0:04:07.400:04:10.76
If the wind is blowing and producing free energy0:04:10.760:04:14.24
for me to use to stay open me, that's brilliant.0:04:14.240:04:16.76
Impressed by the figures and by the design of the wind turbine chimneys,0:04:19.000:04:23.00
Graham was eager to go ahead.0:04:23.000:04:25.40
He paid Mr Sweet-Escott £5,000 up front0:04:25.400:04:29.08
to get on with installing them on his pub roof.0:04:29.080:04:33.12
There'll be two towers, looking like chimneys,0:04:33.120:04:36.40
on top of the existing roof.0:04:36.400:04:38.92
He was delighted to have solved his electricity problems0:04:38.920:04:41.88
in such a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.0:04:41.880:04:46.00
He seemed a very knowledgeable person,0:04:46.000:04:48.52
the sort of person that knew what they were talking about0:04:48.520:04:51.12
and could supply you with a product that was going to work.0:04:51.120:04:53.80
I thought I was going to be happy, it's going to be up and running, all singing and dancing and lovely.0:04:53.800:04:59.20
But as months passed, Mr Sweet-Escott failed to start the job,0:04:59.200:05:03.56
blaming a series of problems for the delays.0:05:03.560:05:06.80
Finally, after a whole year, work commenced,0:05:06.800:05:09.48
with Mr Sweet-Escott installing his revolutionary turbines himself,0:05:09.480:05:13.80
as shown in these photos.0:05:13.800:05:16.52
Graham paid another £5,000 for the hardware.0:05:16.520:05:21.20
But when the installation was complete,0:05:21.200:05:23.72
the long-awaited wind turbines were far from the mean, green0:05:23.720:05:27.60
electricity-generating machines he'd been promised.0:05:27.600:05:31.12
Basically, they never worked from day one.0:05:31.120:05:34.16
They'd vibrate and the wind would catch between the blades.0:05:34.160:05:37.56
It was similar to a Chinook helicopter going overhead.0:05:37.560:05:40.76
There'd be a strong "thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud..."0:05:40.760:05:46.60
That would be constant all day long. That's all you would hear.0:05:46.600:05:50.40
The main issue was the fact that they just didn't work.0:05:50.400:05:54.48
We had them tested out0:05:54.480:05:56.68
and they weren't even generating enough electricity to power a light bulb.0:05:56.680:06:00.64
Rupert Sweet-Escott tried several times, without success,0:06:02.600:06:05.96
to fix the problems with the turbines.0:06:05.960:06:09.00
Becoming convinced his explanations for why they weren't working were nothing more than hot air,0:06:09.000:06:14.04
Graham had reached the end of his tether.0:06:14.040:06:17.00
He turned up, he'd do something, it still wasn't right.0:06:17.000:06:19.72
He'd turn up and do something else, it still wasn't right.0:06:19.720:06:22.20
So then I contacted him by email0:06:22.200:06:24.96
and said, "Look, enough is enough. I want these things taken down."0:06:24.960:06:29.28
After talking to the Citizens Advice Bureau,0:06:30.080:06:32.64
Graham rejected the turbines as being unfit for purpose0:06:32.640:06:36.80
and demanded a full refund.0:06:36.800:06:39.80
Wind turbines are supposed to generate electricity.0:06:39.800:06:43.20
They didn't generate electricity.0:06:43.200:06:45.00
Not fit for purpose - you get your money back.0:06:45.000:06:48.00
Cut and dried.0:06:48.000:06:49.52
He did acknowledge the fact that they didn't work0:06:49.520:06:52.28
and the fact he did owe me my money back0:06:52.280:06:55.68
and was intending on paying my money back.0:06:55.680:06:58.16
Graham wanted his ill-fated foray into renewal energy0:06:59.160:07:02.76
to come to an end.0:07:02.760:07:04.56
Mr Sweet-Escott agreed to take back his noisy turbines0:07:04.560:07:08.20
and return Graham's full payment.0:07:08.200:07:10.60
However, with the turbines gone, Graham's still waiting for his money.0:07:10.600:07:16.16
All I have left is an empty roof.0:07:16.160:07:19.32
My bit towards renewal energy and a greener environment is gone,0:07:19.320:07:25.64
and I'm £11,000 worse off for it.0:07:25.640:07:29.24
Graham's only option left was to take him to court.0:07:30.240:07:34.24
When the case was heard, Mr Sweet-Escott failed to contest it0:07:34.240:07:38.24
and the court ordered he pay Graham £11,280.0:07:38.240:07:43.16
But since then, he's ignored the court's judgment and still failed to pay up.0:07:43.160:07:49.08
Now it's down to Marc and Tony to pay him a visit0:07:50.080:07:53.32
and ask for the money in person.0:07:53.320:07:56.60
It's still dark when the sheriffs arrive at Mr Sweet-Escott's house.0:07:56.600:08:00.48
They go and knock on the door.0:08:00.480:08:02.84
GATE CREAKS0:08:02.840:08:05.56
That's quite loud.0:08:09.200:08:11.40
  - There you go. That's their dog.
Marc's knocking has woken up a dog, but no-one's answering the door.0:08:29.000:08:32.84
And he's noticed something else0:08:32.840:08:35.88
that suggests they may have had a wasted journey.0:08:35.880:08:39.00
- I'm hoping they're not away. There's mail piled up.
  - Oh, is there?
- Yes.
  - They might have someone come in and let the dog out.
- They could do.
There's a pile of mail on the side that big.0:08:47.400:08:51.40
There's no movement at all.0:08:51.400:08:54.04
I really don't think there's anybody in.0:08:55.440:08:57.56
With no signs of life from inside,0:08:57.560:08:59.92
their only play is to list goods which may belong to Rupert Sweet-Escott0:08:59.920:09:04.16
and leave him a notice of seizure.0:09:04.160:09:06.32
They start with the vehicles parked back down the hill.0:09:06.320:09:09.20
Marc generously nominates Tony for this.0:09:09.200:09:11.76
- Do you want to run down the stairs and...?
  - Run back up?
- Yes!
Go on. You need the training. It's good for you.0:09:16.000:09:18.72
Then suddenly, Marc hears something.0:09:19.680:09:22.44
Oh, here, Tone. There's someone here now.0:09:22.440:09:25.84
Hello. I'm after...0:09:30.600:09:33.04
..erm, Smart Power Products Ltd.0:09:35.200:09:38.00
It's about an outstanding high court writ.0:09:38.000:09:40.76
It's the man they need to speak to - Rupert Sweet-Escott.0:09:40.760:09:44.48
He invites the sheriffs in0:09:44.480:09:46.20
but tells our camera to stay outside.0:09:46.200:09:48.96
Marc gets straight to the point.0:09:48.960:09:51.00
With additional interest, court and sheriffs' fees, the bill has gone up.0:09:51.000:09:56.40
It's about a high court writ that's been issued for £13,500...0:09:56.400:10:01.60
We have to start removing stuff if you can't...0:10:01.600:10:05.00
That's what we're here to do. How much could you do?0:10:05.000:10:07.40
Mr Sweet-Escott offers to pay them £500.0:10:07.400:10:11.60
With over £13,000 outstanding,0:10:11.600:10:14.32
this isn't going to work for Marc and Tony.0:10:14.320:10:17.00
You're going to need to pay at least half.0:10:17.000:10:21.00
We really should collect the full amount.0:10:21.000:10:24.20
We have to execute the writ.0:10:24.200:10:26.60
Because of your circumstances, well, we need to take half.0:10:26.600:10:29.80
We understand it's quite a large amount to pay up in one lump.0:10:29.800:10:33.00
Mr Sweet-Escott maintains he can't afford to pay.0:10:33.000:10:37.36
We need to get at least half of this or we'll have to remove goods.0:10:37.360:10:41.48
Have you got anyone that could help you out?0:10:41.480:10:43.68
With the sheriffs keeping the pressure up,0:10:43.680:10:45.76
Mr Sweet-Escott significantly ups his offer -0:10:45.760:10:49.16
I'll do three grand now. Do you want to do it on the debit card?0:10:52.160:10:55.20
We have to take an inventory of your goods.0:10:55.200:10:57.80
- We won't take nothing, we just have to take an inventory.
  - We have to take an inventory
to secure the debt.0:11:02.160:11:03.80
I just need you to sign there to say we've listed them.0:11:03.800:11:06.96
"Goods still in property, not removed."0:11:06.960:11:09.24
Marc's tough stance has had the desired effect.0:11:09.240:11:12.80
With night turning to day, they're leaving with money in the bank0:11:12.800:11:16.76
and an offer from Sweet-Escott to settle the rest of the debt in monthly instalments.0:11:16.760:11:21.80
We've got a quarter of the debt.0:11:21.800:11:24.40
He's not happy, but, you know,0:11:24.400:11:27.32
unfortunately, we've got the writ and he needs to pay that.0:11:27.320:11:30.12
I wouldn't be surprised if, in the pile, there's the original court paperwork0:11:30.120:11:34.16
that he's just not opened and done anything with.0:11:34.160:11:37.20
If the defendant doesn't keep making payments, as promised,0:11:37.200:11:40.80
the sheriffs will be back to remove goods to cover the debt.0:11:40.800:11:44.20
It's been a cracking morning's work for the sheriffs.0:11:44.200:11:47.68
More importantly, it means Graham Short will finally get at least some of his money,0:11:47.680:11:52.80
even if he'll have to look elsewhere for an alternative means of back-up power.0:11:52.800:11:57.76
I'm glad the sheriffs have managed to see Mr Sweet-Escott0:11:57.760:12:01.20
and retrieve some of my money, which is a start, I suppose.0:12:01.200:12:04.76
I feel confident that I will get all the money eventually,0:12:04.760:12:08.00
now the ball is rolling and the sheriffs are involved in the matter.0:12:08.000:12:12.40
We will keep on top of it until we do get it all.0:12:12.400:12:16.08
And since the sheriffs visited Mr Sweet-Escott's home,0:12:18.000:12:21.40
he asked to put his side of the story,0:12:21.400:12:23.40
saying the technology was experimental,0:12:23.400:12:25.84
and early on he had offered a refund.0:12:25.840:12:29.36
I accept the full blame and, you know, sorry.0:12:30.400:12:34.48
Hands up, I'm sorry, Graham.0:12:34.480:12:36.48
He did refuse a refund.0:12:36.480:12:39.00
I said, "This product is not ready at this time,"0:12:39.000:12:42.60
which, in my book, basically means that I can take my time, I can get it right.0:12:42.600:12:49.20
This is the name of the game with the development of new products. It takes time.0:12:49.200:12:53.80
Mr Sweet-Escott also explained0:12:55.480:12:57.88
why he hadn't got the court paperwork earlier.0:12:57.880:13:01.40
Nowadays, nobody reads the post. Everyone reads their inbox.0:13:01.400:13:06.40
Er, the post is very 19th...0:13:06.400:13:10.00
..you know, 20th century, isn't it?0:13:10.000:13:13.40
Isn't it?0:13:13.400:13:14.68
- Ready for action.
  - Let's go, then.
Sheriffs enforce over 70,000 high court writs every year,0:13:18.240:13:22.84
and a sheriff never knows what he's going to encounter until he gets there.0:13:22.840:13:28.20
We're going round in circles. You do what you've got to do and I'll do what I've got to do.0:13:30.120:13:34.24
Some are only too happy to pay up, whatever the size of the debt.0:13:34.240:13:38.80
- We'll do it.
  - Yes?
- Yes.
- Okey-dokey.
  - OK.
- We'll leave you in peace.
  - Lovely.
Others are not so happy.0:13:44.040:13:46.88
You're not going to pay a penny? OK. We'll start removing goods, then.0:13:46.880:13:50.76
Only sheriffs can execute high court writs.0:13:50.760:13:53.40
It gives them more powers than county court bailiffs0:13:53.400:13:56.44
to enter properties and seize assets.0:13:56.440:13:59.08
It is a last resort to force entry. Hopefully, they'll see sense and open the door.0:13:59.080:14:03.04
The only way you can prevent further action is to pay in full.0:14:03.040:14:05.96
If no payment is forthcoming, sheriffs can seize goods to auction, to pay off debts.0:14:05.960:14:11.44
We'll have the silver Mazda and the BMW, and we've got the keys to move the blue Micra.0:14:11.440:14:15.44
Removing goods is rare, happening in less than one percent of cases.0:14:15.440:14:21.16
Hitting the open road today is the Northern Sheriff Brigade0:14:26.480:14:30.40
of Pete Spencer, Dave Crabtree and Dave Lockwood,0:14:30.400:14:34.72
en route to a rather unusual assignment.0:14:34.720:14:38.72
We're on our way to Blackpool Airport,0:14:38.720:14:41.40
a company called Aircraft Grouping Ltd.0:14:41.400:14:45.28
They're visiting on behalf of Steve Halliwell,0:14:45.280:14:48.00
who paid private plane syndicate firm, Aircraft Grouping Limited, £6,0000:14:48.000:14:53.80
for a share in ownership of one of their aircraft.0:14:53.800:14:57.80
When the company was unable to fix a fault in the plane,0:14:57.800:15:00.80
Steve told them he was leaving the syndicate and demanded a refund.0:15:00.800:15:05.40
After this request was ignored,0:15:05.400:15:07.80
he took them to court to recover his money.0:15:07.800:15:10.28
The company failed to contest the case0:15:10.280:15:12.60
and a judge ordered them to pay him £6,313.0:15:12.600:15:17.92
But since then, Steve hasn't received a penny.0:15:17.920:15:21.52
Now Pete and his team are ready to deliver Aircraft Grouping a runway ultimatum -0:15:21.520:15:26.72
pay up or the company's aircraft will be grounded, seized0:15:26.720:15:30.80
and, if necessary, removed to cover the debt.0:15:30.800:15:34.44
I've got a list of about eight planes that are meant to be situated at Blackpool Airport.0:15:36.280:15:42.08
If we have to, we'll clamp the plane, remove the relevant information that we need.0:15:42.080:15:46.80
The plane than becomes scrap value.0:15:46.800:15:49.48
We'll notify the airport authorities that we've seized the plane0:15:49.480:15:53.00
and request that they don't accept any flight plans for the aircraft.0:15:53.000:15:56.72
Pete's no stranger to airport seizures.0:15:58.320:16:01.48
That's one of the planes there.0:16:01.480:16:03.48
When you're planning to seize assets worth hundreds of thousands of pounds,0:16:03.480:16:08.00
you need to have your bases covered.0:16:08.000:16:10.28
There's the notices, as well, for the pilots0:16:10.280:16:12.88
that will go to the cockpits of the planes.0:16:12.880:16:15.72
I've been to an airport before. I know the procedures.0:16:15.720:16:19.40
It's pretty straightforward really.0:16:19.400:16:21.96
Airports might be old hat to Pete,0:16:21.960:16:24.28
but Dave Crabtree's excited about this visit...0:16:24.280:16:28.36
..and eager to get started.0:16:30.680:16:33.00
The sign that says Blackpool Airport gives it away, doesn't it?!0:16:33.000:16:37.08
Arriving at the airport,0:16:37.080:16:39.12
Pete goes to show security the live high court writ0:16:39.120:16:42.20
and explains what they've come to do.0:16:42.200:16:44.76
At this point, we're told to stop filming0:16:44.760:16:47.20
and are refused permission to follow him airside.0:16:47.200:16:50.60
And Dave Crabtree's forgotten something rather important0:16:50.600:16:53.60
that means he can't go in either - a photo driving licence.0:16:53.600:16:57.72
Unfortunately, I haven't brought the correct ID,0:16:57.720:17:01.20
so I can't, if they need to go airside,0:17:01.200:17:05.20
I can't get on a plane.0:17:05.200:17:07.24
Bit disappointing, really, but there you go.0:17:08.240:17:11.48
We continue filming from outside the airport fence,0:17:13.360:17:16.60
as Pete and Dave Lockwood appear on the runway.0:17:16.600:17:20.72
All Dave Crabtree can do is watch,0:17:20.720:17:23.72
as they prepare for some high-level sheriffing.0:17:23.720:17:26.80
It's very frustrating, yes!0:17:26.800:17:29.32
Especially when they're in there and I'm out here and I can't...0:17:29.320:17:33.40
..I can't do nothing.0:17:33.400:17:35.04
With one of Aircraft Grouping's planes about to take off, Pete's arrived in the nick of time.0:17:35.040:17:40.60
He's got some bad news for the pilot.0:17:40.600:17:43.08
You're not going to be able to leave at the moment.0:17:43.080:17:45.48
I've just seized this aircraft. I need the...0:17:45.480:17:48.04
The registration documents can stay with the aircraft, but there's the insurance0:17:48.040:17:52.20
and there's the certificate of... Yes.0:17:52.200:17:56.24
That's been seized on the paperwork, so we...0:17:56.240:18:01.00
There's two guys wanting to go for a lesson0:18:01.000:18:04.20
and Pete has approached them and said they can't take a plane0:18:04.200:18:07.80
because it's been seized till we sort the matter out.0:18:07.800:18:11.16
Let me in!0:18:12.000:18:13.68
The seizure and grounding of the aircraft certainly shows Pete means business.0:18:13.680:18:18.20
At this point, a man emerges from a nearby Portakabin0:18:18.200:18:22.16
and introduces himself as the duty manager of Aircraft Grouping Ltd.0:18:22.160:18:26.92
I've got a high court writ.0:18:26.920:18:28.80
It's from the 19th of the ninth, for that total.0:18:28.800:18:32.12
They moved it to high court, which is where I'm attending from.0:18:32.120:18:35.56
They're looking for £8,054 and 80 pence.0:18:35.560:18:38.60
That's what I've come to collect. How would you like to pay?0:18:38.600:18:42.08
The man invites the sheriffs in to discuss the situation.0:18:42.080:18:46.44
Pete wastes no time in explaining what he's done0:18:46.440:18:49.24
and what it means for the company's planes.0:18:49.240:18:51.60
As you know, as soon as I remove the worthiness certificate, they become scrap value.0:18:51.600:18:57.60
With well over £100,000 of aircraft now seized,0:18:57.600:19:01.52
it's perfect leverage for Pete and a big problem for the manager.0:19:01.520:19:06.32
He asks to make a phone call to let his boss, the owner,0:19:06.320:19:09.60
know his prized fleet of planes are now the property of court.0:19:09.600:19:14.20
20 minutes later, Pete and Dave Lockwood emerge,0:19:15.480:19:19.00
having secured a promise from the owner to pay the full amount owed to Steve Halliwell.0:19:19.000:19:24.24
But until the debt is settled,0:19:24.240:19:26.20
three of Aircraft Grouping's planes will remain seized and grounded,0:19:26.200:19:31.20
with the crucial aircraft documents coming with them as insurance.0:19:31.200:19:35.20
- It should be
  - plane
- sailing from here onwards for Pete.
We've left the registration documents in the planes0:19:38.760:19:41.20
and removed the maintenance documents, insurance documents0:19:41.200:19:45.68
and the worthiness-of-flying documents, as well, which we'll send down to the office.0:19:45.680:19:50.28
I think, ideally, what he's saying is,0:19:50.280:19:52.40
it'll be paid within the next five days in full,0:19:52.400:19:55.20
so that's what he's looking to do.0:19:55.200:19:58.24
It's been a first-class piece of work from Pete.0:19:58.240:20:01.60
With the aircraft paperwork now in his hands,0:20:01.600:20:04.28
he'll either get Steve Halliwell his money or he'll get the planes themselves,0:20:04.280:20:08.88
with a view to selling them to pay off the debt, if necessary.0:20:08.880:20:12.72
Chocks away.0:20:12.720:20:15.32
It's early in the morning0:20:21.800:20:23.76
and Lawrence Grix and Kev McNally are heading out into the sticks0:20:23.760:20:28.04
for their first job of the day.0:20:28.040:20:30.44
Quarter to seven in the morning, erm,0:20:31.400:20:34.40
and we're just coming into a little place called Bramley, in Hampshire.0:20:34.400:20:38.80
It's a residential address, quite a nice one by all accounts,0:20:38.800:20:42.24
and we're looking for a David Johnson.0:20:42.240:20:44.28
We've got Mr David Johnson trading as Premier Youngstock.0:20:44.280:20:48.20
He's some kind of horse dealer, I believe.0:20:48.200:20:51.56
The latest person the sheriffs are trying to help0:20:51.560:20:54.08
is aspiring horse-breeder Anastasia Gill from Surrey.0:20:54.080:20:59.36
Anastasia trained as a lawyer0:21:00.360:21:02.40
before deciding to follow her dream of turning a life-long hobby into a career.0:21:02.400:21:07.76
I've loved horses all my life and have ridden since I was a child.0:21:07.760:21:11.68
I don't sell every horse I create because I fall in love with them.0:21:11.680:21:15.32
You sometimes have to separate the passion and the job.0:21:15.320:21:20.72
It's hard.0:21:20.720:21:22.32
When Anastasia purchased a horse jointly with a fellow breeder called David Johnson,0:21:23.320:21:28.52
it was meant to be the first stage of a new and lucrative partnership.0:21:28.520:21:33.16
But instead, she was left out of pocket0:21:33.160:21:35.48
and relying on the sheriffs for justice.0:21:35.480:21:39.12
Anastasia got to know David Johnson when she kept a number of her own horses at his stables.0:21:46.400:21:52.04
This working relationship grew over several years,0:21:52.040:21:54.76
to the point where they decided to buy a horse together and share its breeding rights.0:21:54.760:22:00.00
Today, she's preparing to ride a friend's horse at a local stables.0:22:00.000:22:04.00
But two years ago, Anastasia and Mr Johnson's search for a breeding horse0:22:04.000:22:08.72
took them to a stable in Germany,0:22:08.720:22:10.92
where they saw a mare that was perfect.0:22:10.920:22:13.00
We found Ruby and decided that she was the one,0:22:13.000:22:16.80
had a handshake and, er,0:22:16.800:22:18.68
about two, three weeks later, she's in the UK0:22:18.680:22:21.40
and we have ourselves a project.0:22:21.400:22:24.36
Together, they paid 6,000 euros - approximately £5,000 -0:22:25.120:22:29.36
for a horse called Ruby,0:22:29.360:22:31.64
and agreed they would have alternating breeding years with her.0:22:31.640:22:35.36
It was a simple arrangement0:22:35.360:22:37.48
which Anastasia hoped would prove very successful in the years ahead.0:22:37.480:22:42.00
And everything was going swimmingly0:22:42.000:22:43.96
until a minor dispute about one of the other horses David Johnson was keeping for her0:22:43.960:22:48.64
caused a rift between the two of them.0:22:48.640:22:51.60
It was to do with money.0:22:51.600:22:53.20
It was a very minor situation.0:22:53.200:22:56.00
Erm... It should've been a disagreement,0:22:56.000:22:58.64
which turned into a full-blown argument.0:22:58.640:23:00.68
I'd never seen this side of him before.0:23:00.680:23:04.00
I thought, "This is Jekyll and Hyde. I don't know this man. I can't trust this man."0:23:04.000:23:09.28
With relations between them having broken down,0:23:09.280:23:12.40
Anastasia decided their business partnership would have to come to an end.0:23:12.400:23:17.44
I removed all my horses from his property within a fortnight.0:23:17.440:23:21.20
However, I couldn't remove Ruby because it was his breeding year0:23:21.200:23:25.84
and I didn't have the right to.0:23:25.840:23:27.64
So she became a problem0:23:27.640:23:30.00
and I decided I didn't want to be part of this0:23:30.000:23:33.08
and I wanted the mare sold.0:23:33.080:23:35.32
Anastasia visited David Johnson to resolve the situation.0:23:37.000:23:41.60
He told her he wanted to keep Ruby and would buy her out of the joint ownership.0:23:41.600:23:46.60
He agreed to pay £1,000 for her share of the horse.0:23:46.600:23:49.80
I wasn't going to leave without having him sign a contract,0:23:49.800:23:53.40
so that was written up.0:23:53.400:23:55.24
Luckily, there and then, signed,0:23:55.240:23:57.76
and I left feeling quite confident that we were both going to be happy.0:23:57.760:24:02.72
But as months passed, no payment came through.0:24:03.960:24:07.28
After her numerous phone calls and emails to Mr Johnson went ignored,0:24:07.280:24:11.80
Anastasia decided to go back to his yard and confront him.0:24:11.800:24:16.28
However, David Johnson proved in a rather forgetful mood.0:24:16.280:24:21.44
He pretended to not know me and to not have ever seen me before0:24:21.440:24:25.40
and told me I was trespassing on the land and that he would call the police.0:24:25.400:24:29.48
Anastasia had no way of even finding out if Mr Johnson still had the horse,0:24:29.480:24:35.00
which, since he'd not paid her, she still jointly owned.0:24:35.000:24:39.28
I don't know if he's even still got her,0:24:39.280:24:41.40
he could have sold her for all I know0:24:41.400:24:43.72
because I am not allowed to go and check up on her.0:24:43.720:24:47.08
Anastasia realised taking legal action against Mr Johnson0:24:48.600:24:52.32
was the only avenue she had left.0:24:52.320:24:55.60
It ends up winding you up and you get stressed and angry about things.0:24:55.600:25:00.28
I think he just wanted to ignore me, you know,0:25:00.280:25:03.28
"Silly little blonde will just forget about me or give up on me."0:25:03.280:25:08.20
That wasn't going to happen.0:25:08.200:25:09.68
When the case went to court, Mr Johnson failed to contest it0:25:09.680:25:14.00
and a judge ordered him to pay Anastasia £1,150.0:25:14.000:25:19.60
But since then, he's ignored the court's ruling0:25:19.600:25:22.60
and failed to settle the debt.0:25:22.600:25:24.92
Anastasia's last hope of seeing her money0:25:27.000:25:30.00
now rests with the well-honed persuasive powers0:25:30.000:25:32.92
of Lawrence and Kev.0:25:32.920:25:35.20
It's a residential address.0:25:35.200:25:36.92
Hopefully, at this time of day, we'll catch him in0:25:36.920:25:39.80
and maybe he'll have a car, or something like that, that we can seize to force payment.0:25:39.800:25:45.60
Lawrence is ready to use all his negotiation skills0:25:45.600:25:48.76
to convince Mr Johnson he needs to pay up.0:25:48.760:25:52.36
I reckon it's that one on the end. That looks more like a...0:25:52.360:25:56.48
  - No, it's this geezer, isn't it?
- It might be.
Locating the house, they park up and head in.0:25:59.320:26:02.20
And early signs are looking good.0:26:02.200:26:04.36
The windows are all open.0:26:04.360:26:06.40
- That light did just come on, didn't it? Or was it on already?
  - I couldn't see from where I was.
They're in. There's a light come on.0:26:18.480:26:20.60
The TV's on standby and the windows are all open.0:26:20.600:26:24.32
Lawrence and Kev can see activity inside,0:26:24.320:26:27.56
but no-one seems to want to talk to them.0:26:27.560:26:30.92
Nobody up at the windows, no?0:26:30.920:26:33.80
No, nothing as yet.0:26:33.800:26:36.04
- Oh, here we go.
  - There's movement.
Somebody's just gone into the kitchen.0:26:39.160:26:42.08
And a dog.0:26:42.080:26:44.32
Oh, no. It's your turn to get bitten.0:26:44.320:26:47.88
There's someone here.0:26:47.880:26:50.16
Someone comes to the door,0:26:50.160:26:52.20
but with our cameras in full view they're not keen on showing their faces.0:26:52.200:26:56.60
Lawrence has the unusual task of conducting a conversation across a closed front door.0:26:56.600:27:02.56
Hello. I'm looking for a David Johnson.0:27:02.560:27:06.20
I'll show you some ID, sir.0:27:06.200:27:08.16
I'm an enforcement officer. I'm here to execute a high court writ.0:27:08.160:27:12.48
We're here today to...0:27:12.480:27:15.80
..to seize goods to the value of £1,882.630:27:15.800:27:21.60
or collect payment in full.0:27:21.600:27:23.36
To Lawrence's surprise, Mr Johnson suggests Lawrence takes the horse to settle the debt.0:27:23.360:27:29.00
Unfortunately, sir, it's gone beyond that.0:27:29.000:27:31.28
We're here to seize your goods, not hers.0:27:31.280:27:33.64
If she's got a horse with you,0:27:33.640:27:36.44
we can't take that because it belongs to her.0:27:36.440:27:39.16
We're here to seize your goods or collect payment in full.0:27:39.160:27:42.12
We've got your car blocked in.0:27:42.120:27:44.24
We're looking to take the car and trailer at this point in time if we don't collect payment in full.0:27:44.240:27:49.80
Seeming to want to show his lack of concern at the sheriffs' presence,0:27:49.800:27:53.56
Mr Johnson then suggests0:27:53.560:27:55.60
Lawrence and Kev help themselves to his car.0:27:55.600:27:59.80
But as enticing an offer as this is, Lawrence would rather get hard cash0:27:59.800:28:04.60
than go through the hassle of removing an old Volvo.0:28:04.600:28:07.80
What I can say to you is, the money's held for 14 days. It's not dispersed.0:28:07.800:28:12.40
So if there's something that you or your solicitor has got to do, with regards to the claimant...0:28:12.400:28:18.00
Finally, ready to discuss the issue face-to-face,0:28:18.000:28:21.00
Mr Johnson invites Lawrence and Kev inside,0:28:21.000:28:23.80
although the invite doesn't extend to our camera.0:28:23.800:28:28.48
Once inside, Mr Johnson comes out with something totally unexpected.0:28:28.480:28:33.28
He admits he should've paid the debt earlier0:28:33.280:28:36.48
and says he's more than happy to settle it here and now - no fuss, no bother.0:28:36.480:28:41.60
Lawrence is only too pleased to accept.0:28:42.680:28:45.68
Kev jumps at the chance of fetching the card machine.0:28:47.200:28:50.72
A quick card transaction later, a photo for the files,0:28:51.520:28:54.88
and it's job done for Lawrence and Kev -0:28:54.880:28:58.16
a paid-in-full in less than 12 minutes.0:28:58.160:29:01.32
  - See how easy this job is!
Love those starts to the morning. Bosh! Get in!0:29:04.520:29:07.84
Lawrence is understandably delighted.0:29:07.840:29:11.16
Literally, we just went in there and, er,0:29:11.160:29:15.40
he pulled out a card and paid us.0:29:15.400:29:17.60
Absolutely simple as.0:29:17.600:29:19.64
Very, very rarely do you get them as simple as that.0:29:19.640:29:24.68
Whatever Mr Johnson's reasons, it's a great start to the day for Lawrence0:29:24.680:29:29.36
and an even better one for Anastasia,0:29:29.360:29:31.48
who finally has the money she was rightfully owed.0:29:31.480:29:34.96
Her nightmare with the mare is over.0:29:34.960:29:37.84
The news is that all my money - plus interest - has been recovered, which is fantastic news.0:29:37.840:29:43.32
It was more about the principle than the money, if I'm honest with you.0:29:43.320:29:47.36
I wanted to know that the horse was OK0:29:47.360:29:49.56
and I have since found a person who knows both of us0:29:49.560:29:54.60
to report to me that the mare is fine.0:29:54.600:29:56.84
Everyone should know that the sheriffs exist and do this job fantastically well.0:29:56.840:30:01.40
David Johnson told us that...0:30:02.400:30:03.84
However, he said that when subsequently scanned by a vet,0:30:11.320:30:15.20
Ruby hadn't been in foal at that time,0:30:15.200:30:18.00
hence, he hadn't paid Anastasia.0:30:18.000:30:20.64
..but reiterated he paid in full0:30:25.800:30:28.60
when the sheriffs visited.0:30:28.600:30:30.60
The issue of who owns what0:30:37.440:30:39.28
- is one that sheriffs have to deal with all the time.
  - It's not in his name.
It doesn't matter who they're registered to, it's who owns them. Why are they on your forecourt, then?0:30:43.600:30:48.76
They can only seize what belongs to whoever's named on the writ.0:30:48.760:30:52.96
Unsurprisingly, debtors aren't the most co-operative people0:30:52.960:30:56.16
when it comes to helping establish ownership.0:30:56.160:30:58.92
- They're still assets, belonging to the company.
  - There isn't any assets.
With that in mind, sheriffs Darryl Oreton and Mark Povey are in the Midlands,0:31:03.880:31:09.40
on their way to their latest enforcement.0:31:09.400:31:12.56
This is an employment tribunal.0:31:12.560:31:16.12
A gentleman's been unfairly dismissed0:31:16.120:31:19.72
and he's taken the company to court.0:31:19.720:31:22.40
Darryl's going in with a positive approach,0:31:22.400:31:25.16
but this is a far-from-straightforward case, with no guarantee of success.0:31:25.160:31:29.60
The company in question,0:31:29.600:31:31.80
Level 1 Lincoln Ltd, is a security company,0:31:31.800:31:35.40
providing doormen and security staff to venues and events.0:31:35.400:31:40.00
Given the world they operate in, Darryl doesn't know what to expect when he gets there.0:31:40.000:31:44.80
It may just be minimal, minimal assets of no value.0:31:44.800:31:48.40
Until we get there, we're not going to realise that.0:31:48.400:31:52.24
Keen to find out exactly what is there,0:31:59.400:32:02.32
they park up and head in.0:32:02.320:32:05.04
DOOR BUZZES0:32:05.040:32:07.60
That's for your own security.0:32:07.600:32:10.04
- Hello there.
  - Hello.
- Enforcement officers.
  - OK.
- Is it you I need to speak to?
  - What's it about?
- I've got a high court writ to execute against Level 1
on behalf of Mr A Cubbitson.0:32:26.200:32:29.40
- Mr who, sorry?
  - It's an employment tribunal case.
- Oh, right.
We've got a high court writ, as I said.0:32:33.400:32:35.40
I'm here to collect £8,900.0:32:35.400:32:39.40
At this point, we're asked to stop filming.0:32:39.400:32:42.76
The office staff, in the meantime, get in touch with boss Darren Maul,0:32:45.200:32:49.80
who agrees to come down.0:32:49.800:32:51.60
15 minutes later Mr Maul arrives in his BMW,0:32:54.200:32:58.80
ready for a one-on-one face-off with Darryl.0:32:58.800:33:02.44
Alright there, sir?0:33:03.400:33:05.44
The Clash of the Titans continues behind closed doors.0:33:06.400:33:11.44
There's my ID. Enforcement officer.0:33:14.040:33:17.20
We've got a high court writ against yourselves, Level 1,0:33:17.200:33:20.52
on behalf of Mr A Cubbitson.0:33:20.520:33:22.12
It's an employment tribunal, isn't it?0:33:22.120:33:25.20
They've sent us out for full payment or to seize goods to the value of.0:33:25.200:33:29.20
Mr Maul says that the office came furnished0:33:29.200:33:31.84
and everything inside belongs not to the company but to the landlord,0:33:31.840:33:36.16
which happens to be him.0:33:36.160:33:39.44
  - Darryl asks for proof.
- I can't just take your word for that.
If you get me a receipt for that table and those six chairs, obviously we'd leave it.0:33:43.000:33:47.60
Legally, it will go0:33:47.600:33:49.40
unless you have got proof there to show us.0:33:49.400:33:53.96
You've got an hour to provide it.0:33:53.960:33:55.60
If it's not provided, third-party contractors are on standby for removal.0:33:55.600:33:59.56
When it gets to high court, that's the way we work it.0:33:59.560:34:02.04
Moments later, Darryl comes outside to fill us in.0:34:02.040:34:06.20
He's refusing to pay,0:34:06.200:34:08.00
saying everything is owned by him, nothing to do with the company.0:34:08.000:34:11.80
I'm going to ring the office now and find out what they want to do.0:34:11.800:34:16.04
He's saying, you know, "If you want to get your vans down and do a removal,0:34:16.040:34:20.60
"then go for it."0:34:20.600:34:22.40
I just want to know how far I can really push this.0:34:22.400:34:25.84
Darryl and the office agree they must follow procedure0:34:26.800:34:30.40
and issue a notice of seizure0:34:30.400:34:32.20
as the first step in this enforcement.0:34:32.200:34:34.60
What assets are in the office will be the court's on paper,0:34:34.600:34:38.32
but they'll stay on the premises for now.0:34:38.320:34:40.88
Darryl suspects what assets there are0:34:40.880:34:43.28
might not be worth the value of the debt anyway.0:34:43.280:34:46.72
Darryl informs Mr Maul of the decision.0:34:46.720:34:50.32
These are our contact details, either email or post.0:34:51.320:34:55.12
Obviously, if we don't get the proof, we're going to be back. There's going to be more charges on.0:34:55.120:34:59.44
It's a disappointing end for Darryl,0:34:59.440:35:01.72
but there's still a chance they can get a result down the line.0:35:01.720:35:05.20
The office are prepared to give him chance to provide proof of ownership for all the goods in there.0:35:05.200:35:10.64
Although I believe they are owned by the company...0:35:11.600:35:14.40
He's got five days. He's not going to pay it.0:35:14.400:35:17.40
I'm sure we'll be back.0:35:17.400:35:19.12
As Darryl predicted, despite the seizure notice,0:35:20.400:35:24.28
no money was paid.0:35:24.280:35:26.00
So 13 weeks later it was time for Round Two,0:35:26.000:35:30.36
as he and Mark went back to Level 1 Lincoln Ltd0:35:30.360:35:33.64
to remove the goods they'd listed.0:35:33.640:35:36.36
It's a case of deja vu for both the sheriffs and our camera.0:35:37.320:35:41.52
I need to speak someone.0:35:41.520:35:44.48
Mr Maul isn't there and we're asked to leave.0:35:46.800:35:50.72
Nothing's been resolved from when we came out last time.0:35:53.200:35:56.16
We gave you five days to provide evidence.0:35:56.160:35:58.52
Darryl's given the news that all sheriffs dread -0:35:58.520:36:02.52
an invoice document proves all the goods do indeed belong, on paper, to Mr Maul personally.0:36:02.520:36:09.00
Even worse, he's told the company that they're after has stopped trading0:36:09.000:36:13.80
and a new one set up, with Darren Maul as its director,0:36:13.800:36:16.88
which is now based in the same office.0:36:16.880:36:19.60
So, what are we saying this is now? Group?0:36:19.600:36:22.40
When was that changed?0:36:22.400:36:24.64
They were looking for Level 1 Lincoln Ltd.0:36:24.640:36:27.48
They found Level One Group Lincoln Ltd, a different company.0:36:27.480:36:33.40
Unfortunately, this enforcement is now dead in the water0:36:33.400:36:37.20
because as Level One Group Lincoln is a different company,0:36:37.200:36:40.68
it has no connection to Level One Lincoln's debts.0:36:40.680:36:44.40
It's exactly the outcome Darryl didn't want.0:36:44.400:36:47.52
All the documentation there is Level 1 Group,0:36:47.520:36:51.20
which no-one bothered to tell us0:36:51.200:36:53.40
till we'd been in there for 45 minutes!0:36:53.400:36:57.04
We're after Level 1 Lincoln Ltd,0:36:58.000:37:01.04
so this ain't going nowhere.0:37:01.040:37:03.64
Companies being wound up0:37:03.640:37:05.52
while new companies are set up in the same premises with almost identical names0:37:05.520:37:10.00
is something the sheriffs encounter all too frequently.0:37:10.000:37:13.52
Millions of pounds of debts every year are written off0:37:13.520:37:16.56
as companies cease trading, go into liquidation or are dissolved,0:37:16.560:37:20.36
with Level One Lincoln being another such case.0:37:20.360:37:23.60
For the sheriffs, it's frustrating,0:37:23.600:37:25.80
but however much they want to get their client's money, they must always obey the law.0:37:25.800:37:31.12
Today, sheriffs Lawrence and Kev are heading north to Bedfordshire0:37:37.880:37:41.92
for a showdown with one of the largest adversaries they've ever faced.0:37:41.920:37:46.00
We're heading for Luton Airport0:37:46.000:37:48.16
because we've got a writ against easyJet Airline Company Ltd,0:37:48.160:37:52.24
a subsidiary of easyJet PLC.0:37:52.240:37:54.56
They're attending on behalf of someone owed £1,283 by easyJet.0:37:57.040:38:03.36
Small change for a company that made nearly £250 million profit last year,0:38:03.360:38:08.88
but also a debt that hasn't been paid, as ordered.0:38:08.880:38:12.00
Now Lawrence and Kev are going to remind them...0:38:12.000:38:16.24
..in person.0:38:17.600:38:19.64
The address we've got is Hanger 89, Luton Airport.0:38:20.600:38:24.00
It is the registered address of the company,0:38:24.000:38:26.28
so hopefully, it won't just be an aircraft hangar, there will be offices there.0:38:26.280:38:31.24
They're determined to get the person's money today0:38:32.320:38:34.88
and will be seizing any assets they can find as leverage,0:38:34.880:38:37.92
whether it's office goods or an airliner.0:38:37.920:38:41.68
But the first challenge is finding where they need to go.0:38:41.680:38:46.16
- I'm here.
  - Are we?
- What hangar are we after?
- Hangar 89.
  - 89? We're at nine.
- We're miles away.
See the two bits sticking out - the pointy bit and the flat bit?0:38:54.120:38:57.68
There was easyJet planes out the back of there.0:38:57.680:39:01.40
- There's a jet.
  - Right! Right!
- Why right?
- Just turn right.
  - I think you're wrong.
Oh, yes. Gotcha.0:39:11.000:39:13.00
Finally, they find an easyJet sign and an office.0:39:13.960:39:18.48
Where am I going to park?0:39:18.480:39:21.36
I'll make my own space here.0:39:21.360:39:23.88
Morning. We're looking for easyJet Airline Company Ltd, Hangar 89.0:39:26.600:39:32.20
But the staff inside tell them this isn't the right place.0:39:32.200:39:35.96
Instead, they've stumbled upon the easyJet Cabin Crew Training Centre.0:39:35.960:39:40.40
Luckily, the receptionist is able to point Lawrence and Kev in the right direction.0:39:40.400:39:46.60
- Do you know where you're going now?
  - Yes.
- Are you sure?
I'm going the way I thought in the first place.0:39:50.040:39:53.40
I told you to turn left out of that junction!0:39:53.400:39:56.08
Lawrence looks to make up for Kev's mistakes.0:39:56.080:39:59.56
She said go right up to the terminal building0:40:00.560:40:02.96
and you've got the orange sign with easyJet on the roof.0:40:02.960:40:05.64
- Ha! You can't miss that, can you?
  - Do you mean that?!
- In here.
With the imposing easyJet HQ located,0:40:10.120:40:13.20
Kev uses the intercom to let security know they've arrived.0:40:13.200:40:16.80
What do I say here?0:40:16.800:40:19.00
Just say we're enforcement officers. We...0:40:19.000:40:21.80
  - "Hello?"
- Hi there. We're high court enforcement officers.
We need to see someone from easyJet.0:40:25.000:40:28.04
It's checkin time at easyJet.0:40:32.160:40:35.60
Hi there. My name's Mr Grix. I'm an enforcement officer.0:40:35.600:40:39.16
I've got a high court writ to execute against easyJet Airline Company Ltd.0:40:39.160:40:42.80
  - Oh, OK.
- I need to speak to somebody who can deal with, er, with that.
A public relations officer appears at reception to speak to Lawrence.0:40:47.880:40:52.16
  - Hi, gents. Can I help you at all?
  - Hi there.
- Hello.
  - Would you mind turning that off?
  - We're asked to leave,
as she explains someone from accounts is coming down to discuss the debt with them.0:40:59.160:41:03.60
We continue filming from outside, as Lawrence and Kev crank up the pressure.0:41:03.600:41:08.28
We're ordered today to seize goods and potentially remove them to sell at auction.0:41:08.280:41:13.00
- We did seize an aircraft last week somewhere else.
  - A jet.
But today, Lawrence and Kev's presence alone is enough0:41:17.480:41:21.60
and easyJet's planes can sleep easy.0:41:21.600:41:25.00
Three quarters of an hour later, we pick up the action with Lawrence0:41:25.000:41:28.76
who, having collected the full amount owed,0:41:28.760:41:31.00
is a very satisfied sheriff.0:41:31.000:41:33.56
Unsurprising, it was paid in full.0:41:33.560:41:36.56
They did a bank transfer.0:41:37.520:41:40.24
We asked them to bring a screen-grab down,0:41:40.240:41:42.40
I checked the bank account and it was in0:41:42.400:41:45.00
before the guy even reappeared with the screen print, so..0:41:45.000:41:49.44
..all done, yes.0:41:50.400:41:52.04
EasyJet told us...0:41:52.040:41:54.04
Since Pete visited Blackpool Airport and grounded three planes0:42:03.400:42:06.80
belonging to Aircraft Grouping Ltd,0:42:06.800:42:09.08
the debtor contacted the Sheriffs0:42:09.080:42:11.12
and offered to pay off the £6,000 debt owed to Steve Halliwell0:42:11.120:42:16.16
in two payments over two months.0:42:16.160:42:18.60
However, Steve rejected this offer, wanting his money sooner and in full.0:42:18.600:42:24.04
If Aircraft Grouping Ltd don't agree to this,0:42:24.040:42:27.00
the Sheriffs will re-attend0:42:27.000:42:29.08
with a view to removing the aircraft.0:42:29.080:42:31.44
Earlier, we saw sheriffs Marc and Tony0:42:32.600:42:35.60
visit the home of Smart Power director Rupert Sweet-Escott.0:42:35.600:42:39.80
On the day, he paid the sheriffs £3,0000:42:39.800:42:43.44
towards the £11,280 he owed Graham Short0:42:43.440:42:47.40
for his ineffective wind turbines.0:42:47.400:42:49.96
Since then, he's been back in touch with the sheriffs0:42:49.960:42:52.52
and agreed to pay the remainder of the balance in full.0:42:52.520:42:56.08
Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd0:42:57.040:43:00.08