Tracy Beaker shares advice for life. Tracy turns her attentions to siblings. When brothers and sisters fall out or get jealous it can be a nightmare.

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My Name is Tracy Beaker and these are my Survival Files. 0:00:05.240:00:08.76
Your guide to the ups and downs of growing up. 0:00:08.760:00:11.68
Tracy! 0:00:11.680:00:13.00
Tracy!! 0:00:13.000:00:14.16
Life in the Dumping Ground has taught me about "stuff." 0:00:14.160:00:17.64
Tracy Beaker! 0:00:17.640:00:18.96
Scary stuff. 0:00:18.960:00:20.12
SCREAMING 0:00:20.120:00:22.60
Complicated stuff. 0:00:22.600:00:25.08
Stuff that can make you want to scream. 0:00:25.080:00:27.80
If you can cope with stuff that goes down in this place, 0:00:27.800:00:31.32
you can cope with anything. I've spent most of my life here. 0:00:31.320:00:35.16
First when I was a kid, and now it's where I work. 0:00:35.160:00:38.84
I've learned a lot about friends. 0:00:38.840:00:42.20
About enemies. 0:00:42.200:00:44.20
About what life can throw at you. 0:00:47.560:00:49.80
It's not always been pretty. 0:00:52.760:00:55.16
But it's made me who I am today. 0:00:55.160:00:58.00
And now I'm passing on my wisdom to you guys in a video blog. 0:00:58.000:01:02.68
I've lived through all this so you don't have to. 0:01:02.680:01:06.00
This time...brothers and sisters. 0:01:07.680:01:11.60
The friendships and the fall outs. Getting jealous and getting even. 0:01:11.600:01:16.68
It's a minefield. 0:01:16.680:01:18.44
They can be the best of friends. 0:01:23.400:01:25.48
- Roxy!
  - Chantal!
  - Rio...
ALL: Wellard! 0:01:29.000:01:30.24
Also the deadliest of rivals. 0:01:30.240:01:32.64
Game on, bro! 0:01:32.640:01:34.12
But they are always looking out for each other... 0:01:34.120:01:38.08
Brothers and sisters are all of these things. 0:01:46.800:01:50.12
Family ties can be complicated. 0:01:50.120:01:52.28
Having a brother or sister is a connection 0:01:52.280:01:55.16
different to anything else. 0:01:55.160:01:57.12
And being in care can make that bond even stronger... 0:01:57.120:02:00.72
because you've got nobody else. Take Lol and Bouncer. 0:02:00.720:02:04.16
"I just can't get you out of my head, boy your loving..." 0:02:04.160:02:08.60
What a double act! 0:02:08.600:02:10.24
It was a laugh a minute with that pair. 0:02:10.240:02:13.36
Oh, hit me with your handbag! Aagh! 0:02:13.360:02:16.08
They were inseparable. One without the other 0:02:16.080:02:19.04
would be like tea without six sugars, 0:02:19.040:02:21.48
or tuna pizza without the raspberries. Seriously, 0:02:21.480:02:24.76
you should try it. 0:02:24.760:02:26.24
That was good, Bounce. 0:02:29.240:02:30.72
Then one day, the bubble of brotherly love burst. 0:02:32.600:02:35.80
And civil war broke out. 0:02:35.800:02:38.04
It was not pretty. 0:02:39.000:02:40.52
You're not sitting with Lol, then? 0:02:41.840:02:44.08
Mind your own! 0:02:44.080:02:45.92
  - Not made up with Bouncer yet?
- No!
Not until he tells what's going on with Sid! 0:02:48.040:02:51.08
I know how you feel. Roxy never tells me anything. 0:02:51.080:02:54.20
Not how brothers should treat each other. 0:02:54.200:02:56.96
- No, it's not.
  - If you've got something to say, say it!
  - Don't let him get to you.
- Keep out!
  - Don't take it out on her!
- Or what?!
  - Oi! That's enough!
They normally got on so well. 0:03:06.320:03:09.64
- What are you doing?
  - Go away!
- Tetchy!
How come it all had gone so wrong? 0:03:12.800:03:16.24
  - So what's going on?
- Well, Bouncer's in there with Sid.
That's the third time this week. 0:03:19.640:03:21.80
- He says it's about his birthday. He's lying.
  - How d'you know?
Cos when he lies he does this weird flapping thing with his arms. 0:03:25.560:03:29.56
Thanks, Sid, I'll think it over. Were you listening? 0:03:29.560:03:32.92
- No! Why, got something to hide?
  - No.
- What were you talking about, then?
  - birthday and stuff.
- What sort of stuff?
  - Stuff! I don't have to explain myself to you.
When you're close, then one starts thinking the other 0:03:46.120:03:49.68
is keeping stuff from him, it's a disaster. 0:03:49.680:03:53.12
Game on, bro! 0:03:53.120:03:54.64
They started falling out over everything. 0:03:54.640:03:58.04
Even a table football game became a matter of life and death. 0:03:58.040:04:03.16
MUSIC: "Carnaval de Paris" by Dario G. 0:04:03.160:04:06.12
- Yes, champion!
  - I wasn't ready.
- What? No way.
- So you're a cheat as well as a liar?
  - Come on!
- Come on, then!
Come on, you boys have to sort this out. 0:04:24.480:04:27.52
The truth is, brothers do get competitive. 0:04:27.520:04:30.40
Even ones that get on well. It's sibling rivalry 0:04:30.400:04:33.40
and it's all part of growing up, apparently. 0:04:33.400:04:36.68
But this time, it was out of hand. 0:04:36.680:04:39.20
I realised that I had to sort them out, 0:04:39.200:04:42.68
before their fighting tore the Dumping Ground apart. 0:04:42.680:04:46.68
We needed a cunning plan. 0:04:46.680:04:48.76
- I made cakes and lemonade.
  - For my birthday?
- Mmm-hmm.
  - Cor, thanks!
  - A subtle, delicate lie...
- In here, yeah?
..and...a great big shove! 0:04:58.520:05:02.40
  - Let us out!
- Not until you two have sorted things out!
- I'll kill you, Tracy!
  - Not from in there!
  - This isn't funny.
- Shout all you like, it won't help!
Finally, the boys were talking. 0:05:13.600:05:16.24
  - You want to know what it's about?
- The truth was out there.
I might be leaving. You happy now? 0:05:20.000:05:23.04
And it just kept coming. 0:05:23.040:05:25.08
You know how I'm 16? Sid said I have to think about moving 0:05:25.080:05:28.64
  - to a halfway house.
- Why didn't you say?
- Cos I was scared.
  - Of what?
- Of hurting you.
We've always been together. I don't know 0:05:34.440:05:37.00
if you can hack it without me. What if I can't hack it without you? 0:05:37.000:05:41.28
So, you're going to go? 0:05:42.920:05:44.32
I don't know. I've got to grow up sometime, haven't I? 0:05:44.320:05:49.56
I'm 16, and I'm sitting in a Wendy house. 0:05:49.560:05:53.00
You should have said something. 0:05:53.000:05:55.32
Look, whatever you decide to do, I'll be right behind you. 0:06:03.680:06:09.00
Thanks, bruv. 0:06:09.000:06:11.00
You know I let you win at football. 0:06:11.000:06:13.76
- So you think you can take me on.
  - When I'm un-blindfolded.
- Rematch!
Phew! One minute Lol and Bouncer were worst enemies. 0:06:18.080:06:21.64
The next they were best mates. 0:06:21.640:06:23.56
That's the way it goes with siblings. It's a rollercoaster. 0:06:23.560:06:27.92
That's especially true when it comes to Johnny and Tee. 0:06:27.920:06:31.48
They are so close, 0:06:31.480:06:33.68
but their relationship isn't without its ups and downs. 0:06:33.680:06:40.68
I hate you! You're weird. I hate that you're my brother! 0:06:40.680:06:45.36
Tee, what's it like having a big brother? 0:06:48.960:06:51.80
Great. There's someone looking out for you, 0:06:51.800:06:54.68
making sure you're OK, checking up on you... 0:06:54.680:06:57.84
It's a big responsibility, constantly looking out for her. 0:06:57.840:07:01.56
Making sure she doesn't get into trouble. 0:07:01.560:07:04.20
But Johnny thinks he knows best. 0:07:04.200:07:06.28
If she doesn't do what she's told, that can be a wind-up... 0:07:06.280:07:10.00
If he's stressed, it does your head in. 0:07:10.000:07:12.60
Tee could do with listening more. 0:07:12.600:07:14.72
And if he's bossy, it totally does your head in! 0:07:14.720:07:17.64
I wouldn't change her. 0:07:17.640:07:19.44
I wouldn't want him to change though...much. 0:07:19.440:07:23.64
So, Johnny can be a bit controlling. But it comes from a good place. 0:07:23.640:07:27.80
He wants the best for his sister, even if he ends up hurt. 0:07:27.800:07:31.24
Like when he persuaded her to be fostered by the Watsons without him. 0:07:31.240:07:35.72
- No way.
  - Think about it.
Ponies, ballet lessons, cable TV... 0:07:37.440:07:41.84
  - And a family.
- You are my family. Johnny, I'm not leaving without you.
But you've got to! Go on, tell her. 0:07:46.800:07:49.40
What about Hannah? She's your best friend, isn't she? 0:07:49.400:07:54.08
Johnny's my brother. 0:07:54.080:07:55.68
Exactly. Don't you want me to get fostered? 0:07:55.680:07:58.52
- Of course I do.
  - Then use your brain!
Why d'you think I've been stuck here? That stupid rule about 0:08:01.320:08:05.36
  - brothers and sisters.
- It's not stupid!
Course it is! Nobody wants to take on two kids. 0:08:07.920:08:11.52
If you go, I might stand a chance. 0:08:11.520:08:13.68
  - Otherwise we'll be stuck here for the rest of our lives.
- I don't care.
Well, maybe I do! 0:08:18.160:08:19.64
All right. 0:08:26.600:08:27.64
It was a hard decision. But Johnny was sure it was 0:08:30.240:08:33.32
the right thing to do. 0:08:33.320:08:34.76
I didn't want her to go. Of course I didn't. 0:08:34.760:08:37.64
But Child Services don't normally split up siblings. 0:08:37.640:08:41.16
And...I was holding Tee back. And I wanted her to have a chance. 0:08:41.160:08:46.04
We thought we'd see each other all the time, anyway. 0:08:46.040:08:49.60
- You are going to visit?
  - All the time, like Lulu does with her sisters.
- You'll call every day?
  - Of course.
But once Tee got to the Watsons', things didn't work out 0:08:56.320:09:00.04
the way Johnny had hoped. 0:09:00.040:09:01.68
  - Tee!
- Hi.
  - How are you?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
- I've been to get my new school uniform.
  - You're moving schools?
  - You never told me.
- It'd be best if I went to the same school as Hannah.
And then Mr Watson dropped the bombshell. 0:09:13.680:09:17.16
- Hey, Johnny. How are you doing?
  - All right.
- Good. Listen, Johnny,
I wonder if you can do me a little favour. 0:09:23.600:09:26.28
I've noticed that Tee spends a lot of time on the phone. 0:09:26.280:09:30.04
  - Yeah?
- I'm just wondering if that's the right thing for her.
  - I promised I'd call every day.
- Hey, of course!
Look, you're a good brother. 0:09:37.840:09:40.24
You're the one who really understands where Tee's coming from. 0:09:40.240:09:44.84
I know your life together's been unsettled. Things have changed. 0:09:44.840:09:50.80
Tee needs to feel secure. 0:09:50.800:09:53.24
  - She deserves a chance to settle down, don't you think?
- Course.
So, if you could just help me out here. Johnny? 0:09:57.560:10:02.40
Maybe try cutting down on the calls, eh? Just for the first...few weeks. 0:10:03.400:10:10.04
OK. 0:10:10.040:10:11.52
OK? Is that cool? 0:10:11.520:10:15.96
Yeah. 0:10:15.960:10:17.44
  - Everything OK?
- Yeah, fine!
That wasn't right. He shouldn't make me promise that. 0:10:30.160:10:33.68
Why didn't you say something to us? 0:10:33.680:10:36.16
Tee seemed to have got her life sorted out. 0:10:36.160:10:38.80
With the big house and the ponies and that. 0:10:38.800:10:41.72
I couldn't mess that up, cos the Watsons seemed to really like her. 0:10:41.720:10:45.80
  - So I kept quiet.
- How did that feel?
I don't know. I felt...alone. 0:10:48.600:10:52.96
Johnny was trying to do what he thought was best for his sister, 0:10:52.960:10:57.04
though it wasn't best for him. He was trying to be a good brother. 0:10:57.040:11:01.28
But he wasn't the only one feeling abandoned. 0:11:01.280:11:06.00
PHONE RINGS 0:11:06.000:11:07.04
- Hello, Elm Tree House?
  - Hi, Tracy.
- Tee! How's it going?
I'm great. We've been ice-skating, swimming, 0:11:11.200:11:14.36
- and tonight we're going bowling.
  - Aw, sounds good.
- Yeah.
- So, how's Johnny?
  - OK...he misses you.
- Why doesn't he answer his phone?
  - Doesn't he?
- I've been calling and he won't pick up.
  - Really?
This didn't sound right. 0:11:30.680:11:32.44
- Hey, Johnny. What are you doing?
  - Game.
- I've got a better one.
We're going bowling tonight. 0:11:36.840:11:39.16
- Can I just stay here?
  - No you can't.
- Er, give me that back!
29 missed calls from Tee? What's going on? 0:11:43.960:11:47.68
I'm just giving her some space. 0:11:47.680:11:49.88
  - Well, I don't think she wants space.
- Well, maybe I do.
  - Johnny, you've got to stop punishing yourself.
- I'm not.
  - Then why don't you call Tee?
- Because...Mr Watson asked me not to.
  - He did what?!
- And he's right! She's better off without me.
I had to get Johnny and Tee talking, but Johnny refused to speak to Tee. 0:12:07.040:12:11.68
If only they could bump into each other. 0:12:11.680:12:14.36
Say, at a bowling alley? We needed a coincidence. 0:12:14.360:12:17.56
So I arranged one. 0:12:17.560:12:19.04
Come on, this is our lane! 0:12:23.480:12:25.72
..two fingers left over for balance. 0:12:25.720:12:28.16
  - Tracy! Did you know about this?
- Coincidence.
  - Tee!
- Tee! Hi, honey! You all right?
  - I don't believe this!
- What are you doing here?
Just go and talk to her. 0:12:42.520:12:44.40
I told you. She's better off without me. 0:12:44.400:12:47.68
Come on! Let's get bowling! 0:12:47.680:12:49.68
- Wait. Where's Johnny?
  - I don't know! He was here a minute ago.
- Where are you going?
  - To find Johnny.
- Can't you just forget about him?
- No, he's my brother.
  - He isn't acting like it.
  - Hannah.
- It's true! Tell them about last night.
- It was nothing.
  - Nothing? You cried all night.
- Tee, why?
  - Cos Johnny didn't call her.
  - Yeah? And why's that?
- Cos he doesn't care about you. Not like I do.
Yes, he does. Tell them! 0:13:24.440:13:27.56
Andrew, tell Tee the truth. 0:13:29.400:13:31.72
Tee. Johnny didn't call you because... 0:13:34.320:13:38.72
I told him not to. 0:13:38.720:13:40.08
Why would you do that? 0:13:40.080:13:42.04
Because we care about you very much. 0:13:42.040:13:45.84
And we wanted you to settle down with us. 0:13:45.840:13:48.36
We just thought you needed some stability. 0:13:48.360:13:51.48
Everybody thinks they know what I need! 0:13:51.480:13:53.96
- Why does no-one ever ask me?
  - Tee!
Splitting up Johnny and Tee was a rubbish idea. 0:13:58.520:14:02.00
Sure, they got on each other's nerves and squabble. 0:14:02.000:14:05.36
But nobody comes between them, and nobody keeps them apart. 0:14:05.360:14:09.12
Not for long. 0:14:09.120:14:10.32
So what have we learnt so far about brothers and sisters 0:14:12.280:14:16.16
to put into my Survival Files? 0:14:16.160:14:18.12
If YOU'VE got brothers and sisters you'll know that, 0:14:18.120:14:21.44
like it or not, brothers and sisters aren't like friends. 0:14:21.440:14:25.92
The connection is a special one. 0:14:25.920:14:29.04
And because brothers and sisters know each other so well, 0:14:29.040:14:32.76
things can get complicated. 0:14:32.760:14:34.60
Whether it's World War Three on the table football pitch 0:14:34.600:14:38.16
between Lol and Bouncer, 0:14:38.160:14:39.96
or Tee and Johnny trying to do what's best. 0:14:39.960:14:43.04
One minute, brothers and sisters can be inseparable buddies. 0:14:43.040:14:47.00
Next, they're at each other's throats. 0:14:47.000:14:49.68
Then before you know it, they're mates again. 0:14:49.680:14:52.80
Sometimes it's hard to keep up. 0:14:52.800:14:54.92
Bouncer and Lol. Tee and Johnny. We've seen major sibling shockwaves. 0:14:58.360:15:04.00
But one family fall-out shook the Dumping Ground to its foundations. 0:15:04.000:15:08.40
Nobody saw it coming. 0:15:08.400:15:09.80
I remember the day the three Wellard kids arrived. 0:15:15.440:15:18.96
Chantal, Rio and Roxy were scarily close. 0:15:18.960:15:22.24
Well, they were scary in every way. 0:15:22.240:15:24.88
If you take on my sister, you take on me too. 0:15:24.880:15:27.52
- And me.
  - We're a team.
- That's the way it's always been.
But then one day cracks started to appear between the terrible trio. 0:15:34.760:15:39.24
It all started with a delivery. 0:15:42.200:15:44.96
- There's a parcel for Chantal.
  - Who rules?
- Roxy rules.
  - Who'd send a Wellard a present?
- Bog off, Beaker.
So, who had sent a present to Chantal? 0:15:58.040:16:01.48
Roxy was desperate to find out. 0:16:01.480:16:03.88
Open me! Open me! 0:16:03.880:16:08.84
With the Wellards, the brother-sister thing was so strong 0:16:14.360:16:18.04
that there wasn't room for anyone else in their world. 0:16:18.040:16:21.44
"Dear Chantal, Have a lovely birthday. See you soon. Love, Dad." 0:16:21.440:16:26.64
Not even for parents. 0:16:26.640:16:28.88
And Roxy wanted to make sure it stayed that way. 0:16:28.880:16:32.20
So she hid the package. 0:16:32.200:16:33.76
But nothing stays secret in the Dumping Ground for long. 0:16:33.760:16:37.32
What was in your parcel? The Cheats Annual? The Bumper Book of Cheats? 0:16:37.320:16:41.76
  - What parcel?
- It came in the post for you. I gave it to Roxy.
There is one golden rule of being a Wellard. 0:16:49.120:16:52.68
Wellards look after Wellards, no matter who gets hurt, 0:16:52.680:16:56.12
as long as it isn't a Wellard. 0:16:56.120:16:58.16
Wellards do not do the dirty on each other. 0:16:58.160:17:01.12
They don't nick other Wellards' stuff. 0:17:01.120:17:04.00
  - Why did you steal the present my dad sent me?
- I...
Is this why you gave me a hard time? 0:17:07.880:17:10.00
- You're the one planning to meet your dad without telling us.
  - No, I'm not!
"See you soon. Lots of love, Dad." 0:17:14.560:17:17.56
I thought we could trust each other. I was wrong. 0:17:17.560:17:21.08
You're wrong if you think I'm ever going to speak to you again. 0:17:21.080:17:24.92
You don't say anything to her either! 0:17:24.920:17:27.24
You shouldn't have done it, Roxy. 0:17:27.240:17:29.84
Who'd have thought it? 0:17:29.840:17:31.96
The three-headed monster turned out to be human. 0:17:31.960:17:35.28
Three separate humans, in fact. 0:17:35.280:17:37.52
But it wouldn't last. The Wellards had no time for fighting. 0:17:37.520:17:41.48
They were busy trying to achieve world domination. 0:17:41.480:17:44.88
You know you've got it all wrong. Just cos my dad sends me a present 0:17:44.880:17:49.92
- doesn't mean I'm interested in him.
  - Honest?
- Honest.
I gave him the boot, just like your dad. 0:17:53.440:17:56.28
And just like I would with my dad. If I knew who he was. 0:17:56.280:18:00.72
  - I'm sorry.
  - Me, too.
- Me, three.
The problem was Roxy's jealousy. 0:18:07.080:18:09.20
That can happen with brothers and sisters. 0:18:09.200:18:11.92
If one gets the idea someone else is favourite... 0:18:11.920:18:15.00
watch out. 0:18:15.000:18:16.04
Once, Justine Littlewood had a bad case of sisterly jealousy. 0:18:20.920:18:25.00
She never was good at sharing, but this was spectacular even for her. 0:18:25.000:18:29.40
We, your dad and me... we're going to have a baby. 0:18:30.880:18:35.36
Yep. She managed to become jealous before her brother was even born. 0:18:38.840:18:43.60
Typical Justine, eh! 0:18:43.600:18:46.32
She's having a baby of her own! She won't want me in the way. 0:18:46.320:18:49.48
  - Your dad?
- He'll do what Carrie wants. She doesn't want me.
  - You don't know that.
- Don't I? What happened to Tracy Beaker
when her foster parents found out they were having a baby? 0:18:58.560:19:01.88
She got dumped back in the Dumping Ground! 0:19:01.880:19:05.08
Sorry. I didn't mean it. I was just... 0:19:08.320:19:11.60
No, you're right. Babies suck. 0:19:11.600:19:16.00
I knew what she was going through. I'd been there. 0:19:16.000:19:20.36
Being dumped for a new baby hurts. 0:19:20.360:19:23.56
Nobody deserves that. Not even Justine Littlewood. 0:19:24.840:19:28.12
BURP! 0:19:28.120:19:29.24
Go away. I don't want to hear your stupid excuses. 0:19:31.600:19:35.84
I just wanted to show you something. 0:19:35.840:19:38.76
This isn't any old baby. 0:19:40.800:19:43.52
It's Justine Littlewood's little brother or sister. 0:19:43.520:19:47.80
This baby connects us all. 0:19:55.480:19:59.00
You, your dad, me. It makes us a family. 0:19:59.000:20:02.92
And as soon as we get things properly organised, we want you to come home 0:20:03.920:20:09.80
and stay with us for good. 0:20:09.800:20:12.48
That's what I really came to tell you. 0:20:12.480:20:15.52
Aww, how sweet. Of course, it didn't last. 0:20:18.960:20:22.16
Justine's dad and step-mum kept going on about the baby, 0:20:22.160:20:25.88
and it wasn't long before Justine was totally sick of it again. 0:20:25.880:20:30.20
  - D'you want the baby to be a boy or a girl?
- Who cares?
You can't call a tiny little baby George! Tell him, Justine! 0:20:34.240:20:38.88
Whatever! 0:20:38.880:20:40.72
Did you know that one baby can create more washing than 10 adults? 0:20:40.720:20:45.28
Stop talking about the stupid baby! I'm sick of baby, baby, baby! 0:20:58.640:21:04.08
Hmmm. Difficult to tell which one the baby was in that family, 0:21:04.080:21:08.32
when "big sister" is throwing her toys out of the pram like that! 0:21:08.320:21:13.44
But, in the end she went to live with them. 0:21:13.440:21:16.08
I wonder how it's working out. 0:21:16.080:21:18.16
Imagine having Justine Littlewood as your big sister. 0:21:18.160:21:21.72
They're probably fine. I bet they share dummies and everything. 0:21:21.720:21:26.00
The truth is, being a big sister isn't easy, 0:21:29.040:21:32.16
even for someone like me. 0:21:32.160:21:34.04
I don't actually have a brother or a sister of my own. 0:21:34.040:21:37.88
But when Lily moved in, I got a ready made sister overnight. 0:21:37.880:21:41.72
Problem was, Lily had practice at being a sister. 0:21:41.720:21:45.00
And I had to learn it all as I went along. 0:21:45.000:21:47.96
It was great at first. But then it started to dawn on me 0:21:47.960:21:51.52
that sisters have to share. 0:21:51.520:21:53.44
Bathrooms, TV remotes and parents. 0:21:53.440:21:56.60
I know you're really bored, love. Let's do something special today. 0:22:00.240:22:04.48
Maybe I could go into the Dumping Ground with Tracy? 0:22:04.480:22:07.88
- Good idea.
  - What? Now? I've got to leave five minutes ago!
Moving in with you and Cam has been the best thing in years. 0:22:12.600:22:16.48
We thought you deserved a break. 0:22:16.480:22:18.84
Thing is, it was going really well, 0:22:18.840:22:21.64
and then you just started going really frosty. 0:22:21.640:22:25.96
I know. I'm sorry. 0:22:25.960:22:28.08
It was like you were punishing me. But I didn't know what for. 0:22:28.080:22:32.08
Yeah. I know. 0:22:32.080:22:34.44
OK, here's the thing. As an adult, I'm mature, sensible 0:22:34.440:22:38.32
and sorted in pretty much every way. 0:22:38.320:22:40.72
But when I had to share with Lily, I began to forget how to be grown up. 0:22:40.720:22:45.64
You're never too old for sisterly jealousy! 0:22:45.640:22:48.72
Hi, Tracy! 0:22:51.960:22:54.00
Hi, Tracy! 0:22:54.000:22:55.04
Hi, Tracy. 0:22:59.320:23:00.68
Is that my new top? 0:23:02.120:23:04.00
  - Yeah, Cam said you wouldn't mind.
- Not a problem, is it?
No, just don't get paint on it, OK? 0:23:08.320:23:11.92
One new top. One reluctant lender. One girl in a wheelchair. 0:23:11.920:23:16.56
One pot of pink paint. 0:23:16.560:23:18.44
- Hiya.
  - Hiya.
- Oh, nice top!
  - What you doing?
- I'll leave you to it.
You'll never guess what happened next. 0:23:24.120:23:27.04
What? Don't you like it? 0:23:27.040:23:29.24
It's not that, it's just...this is Poppy and Rosie's room. 0:23:29.240:23:33.12
  - Not any more.
- Yeah, but you can't just paint us all out, Carmen.
They don't live here and neither do you! 0:23:37.840:23:40.68
Yeah, but it still feels like home. 0:23:40.680:23:42.92
Lily, it was your choice to leave so don't have a go at me! 0:23:42.920:23:46.64
- Look what you did!
  - Oops.
- It's Tracy's, it's brand new!
  - It'll come out.
- You stupid mare!
I thought my luck had changed. I thought I had this new start. 0:23:56.280:24:00.48
And then it started going horribly wrong. 0:24:00.480:24:04.12
You was being off with me. And then, Carmen wrecks your new top. 0:24:04.120:24:09.08
I had to put things right. 0:24:09.080:24:11.00
  - Are you sure it'll work?
- 100 per cent!
Maybe use a bit more water. Oh, nightmare! 0:24:14.480:24:17.28
  - Why's it done that?
- Don't do it again!
  - She's so going to kill me!
- Nah, she'll probably laugh.
  - You're joking!
- It's only Tracy.
Yeah, but she's been acting weird with me, lately. 0:24:32.600:24:36.00
  - Oh?
- I'm not sure she likes me being at Cam's.
  - Why?
- I don't know. I really don't.
It's like...she hasn't got time for me. 0:24:45.120:24:48.72
You made things so much worse! Why didn't you just tell me? 0:24:50.320:24:54.00
You was in a mood with me. You'd go ballistic 0:24:54.000:24:57.00
if you found out I'd wrecked your top! I had to try and cover it up! 0:24:57.000:25:01.48
Is that my top?! 0:25:01.480:25:03.44
  - You just go into my room and help yourself?
- Yeah.
  - And then trashed it?!
- It was an accident!
  - We were washing it.
- I don't want to hear it!
Don't have a go! She's moved into your flat and you're never there. 0:25:15.960:25:19.92
She's all on her own, and you just want to go to work 0:25:19.920:25:23.20
so you can buy new clothes. 0:25:23.200:25:25.12
Carmen was right. So I thought about what she said, 0:25:25.120:25:28.44
and took a good look at myself and my behaviour. 0:25:28.440:25:31.40
Being a big sister turned out to be difficult. 0:25:31.400:25:34.96
So I decided to try a bit harder. 0:25:34.960:25:37.52
Look, Lily, I have been keeping out of your way. 0:25:38.920:25:42.56
  - Why?
- Because...this is going to sound so stupid,
but there's no other way. 0:25:47.120:25:48.76
  - I was jealous. It's always been just me and Cam here.
- Oh, come here!
  - Sorry.
- Sorry about your top, too.
Don't worry about it. I know you didn't mean anything bad by it. 0:26:01.160:26:05.96
I kind of did, though. 0:26:05.960:26:08.52
I thought if you were angry you might notice me. 0:26:08.520:26:12.56
Well, you got that right! Trouble is, 0:26:12.560:26:15.64
I've had no practice at being a sister. 0:26:15.640:26:18.48
But I think I'm getting the hang of it. 0:26:18.480:26:21.24
So, I messed up my first chance to be a big sister. 0:26:22.640:26:25.84
But I learned from my mistakes. 0:26:25.840:26:29.24
If you can do the same, things will usually work out OK in the end. 0:26:29.240:26:34.60
So what's the low-down on brothers and sisters 0:26:40.440:26:44.04
to upload into my Survival Files? 0:26:44.040:26:46.20
Sometimes siblings can be annoying, sometimes they can be brilliant. 0:26:46.200:26:51.12
They can be both at the same time. Ask Johnny and Tee. 0:26:51.120:26:54.96
Love them or hate them, 0:26:54.960:26:56.80
there's no denying it's a relationship like no other. 0:26:56.800:27:00.44
The way the Wellards look out for each other is proof of that. 0:27:00.440:27:04.16
When brothers and sisters fall out, it can be massive, 0:27:04.160:27:08.04
like with Bouncer and Lol. That sort of thing happens pretty often. 0:27:08.040:27:12.44
Because when brothers and sisters are close, they can be competitive. 0:27:12.440:27:16.84
In fact, it happens so often it has its own name...sibling rivalry. 0:27:16.840:27:21.60
But your siblings are there for the long run, 0:27:21.600:27:24.44
so it's worth making up. 0:27:24.440:27:26.16
It's great to have someone who really knows you, 0:27:26.160:27:29.56
and who'll always be there for you, 0:27:29.560:27:31.84
especially in a place like the Dumping Ground. 0:27:31.840:27:35.32
So that's the Beaker guide to brothers and sisters 0:27:35.320:27:39.00
safely uploaded to the Tracy Beaker Survival Files. 0:27:39.000:27:42.88
More gems of wisdom next time. 0:27:44.440:27:46.96
Another session of unmissable advice from big sister Tracy. 0:27:46.960:27:51.84
Remember, I've been through this so you don't have to. 0:27:51.840:27:55.32
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